Street Fighter V Stream Commentary Thread

So what are people’s opinions with mentioning frame data and stuff during commentary? I know from the competitive standpoint dropping knowledge on when you can challenge strings and punish attacks is useful information. However, from the spectator’s point of view it’s completely counter intuitive to trying to get new players or casual players engaged with the commentary.

During Winter Brawl X top 16, whenever Arturo/Sp00ky were on the mic they were referencing frame data constantly. I’ve seen some mixed reactions to this type of commentary and I find the debate interesting. I can see both sides of the argument and have no personal bias to one or the other. If I had to lean towards one side I think it might generally be better to leave out frame data from commentary to be more engaging for the viewers. There’s also different ways to phrase things to get the same point across without getting technical.

I would prefer frame data be mentoined. Frame Data IS a big part of the game and at minimum there should be a link to a video or website that can explain the basics of frame data for the nubs. Just like how all football fans at least know the basics of the different plays, audibles and hot routes called, it shouldn’t just be thrown under the bus because it sounds technical. Part of being a sport is pushing the casuals to learn those things. To be at least as adept with the technicalities of a sport as sports fans are.

You can just make sure to say stuff like “X move is negative 6 which means you have time to punish it with X move”. That way the hardcores get a visual of the number/time they can put things in and casuals can just hear “oh you can do MP shoryuken or s.MP after that ok cool”

Saying “This is unsafe” or “Puts him at a disadvantage/advantage” can’t be too hard and is easier to understand for the casual crowd.
It’s just hard for people playing the game and commentating on it, to not use the sociolect they are accustomed to.

Even as a new player (like when I first picked up GG) I loved when frame data was brought up. As a video game player, I inherently knew what “frame” meant. Every video game since I was like 8 or 9 mentioned frames per second or some shit like that. I imagine a lot of others know what that means, too, even casuals. So I love when frame data is brought up. It could be made simpler, like Art Vandelay (I hate writing your name because I feel duped) said, with simple phrasing like something is unsafe or something is safe. Still, it’s great when it’s mentioned.

Chris Hu fucking around > most commentators on their best day.

S-Kill bodies Chris Hu free.

Nobody can beat his pronounciation of Ryu!

I like Chris Hu commentary. It’s not anything that’s going to be found on professional Capcom Cup streams, but since I already know enough about fighting games and just want a laugh, he takes care of that.

S-Kill is Unbelievable!


Final Round


If Chun, Cammy or Karin wins I’ll be happy.

LOL at Skisonic with the KBrad impression. Almost as good as Yipes.

He sounds like hes eating peanut butter

Champ really needs to subscribe to the Tidwell family motto.

Please stop having Zhi on commentary.

Zhi is cool. I don’t like overly analytical commentary so he does a good job of mixing it up and throws in witty jokes that are less elementary than James Chen’s.

Yeah but he’s not really funny, either.

I think he’s funny. Our opinions cancel each other out!

So Team Zhi is still at +1.