Street Fighter V Stream Commentary Thread

Since we had one for SFIV, figured it might be a good idea to have one for SFV as well, to not clutter the General Discussion thread even further

And as a reminder - we’ve got the first official Capcom Pro Tour event of the year in form of Cannes’ Winter Brawl X, with Street Fighter V as its main discipline going on for entire weekend!

Here are the Stream Schedule of the event:

And it’s going to be broadcasted here:

Notable Player list:


Fchamp has been streaming for like 15 straight hours lol:

Gamerbee is streaming now.

Brush up on your Mandarin Chinese boys.

Winter Clash at Cannes.

great job,


Looks like they’re rebooting the stream to fix the sound issues.

@d3v I already had created a stream thread here. And I tagged you to pin it too and it was ignored.
Should you not close this thread as a duplicate? ** No one is above the rules right?


I also see another here:

Winter Brawl X SFV Pools are up-

it’s gonna be hype

But I already made a thread for this :frowning:

Mods control everything

Mods are OP in this game. North Korea tier.

Winter Brawl X

SFV team tournament starting soon.

Merged with the other Stream Commentary thread. Honestly didn’t see it since it was buried out out of the first page.

Hi all

Thought it would be good to have somewhere we can post live streams.

LIVE now

ArcadeStream Weekly After party - Beast of the East (Korea, Poongko should be on)

Teamandem casuals. Dawgtanian playing at the moment.

NOT live yet, but Daigo streaming soon today

@d3v any chance I can get this pinned? It used to be great to be able to see live streams on the front page once upon a time.

When does Winter Clash start again? Not feeling the Winter Brawl team tournament ATM. Looking forward to singles tomorrow though.

Cannes Winter Clash pools have started!

Big Bird and that lil Keo guy make me want to play Ken, he’s hype and looks strong!

I thought Alioune was supposed to be in this tournament? Be interesting to see Kindevu. He’s probably the only Japan native in it.

Kindevu just played with his Fang on stream. Lost to a very good French Vega player.

Also Gootecks going in with Mika, he is in top 8 winners now.

Kindevu had a pretty aggressive FANG. Was interesting to see. He played Rufus in IV so I guess he kinda fits into the quirky character design thing.

Gooby’s Mika is gettin stronk.