Street Fighter V Stream Commentary Thread

Definitely a character that’s made for him.

Top 8 will start soon:

Winners bracket, next round:
FA|Ryan Hart (Ken) vs. Gootecks (R. Mika)
Mordesai (Vega) vs. Mister Crimson (Laura)

Losers bracket:
VSL|Myakyo (Vega) vs. Melty|Will2Pac (Laura, Nash)
FA|Big Bird (Ken) vs. BX3TPL|Phenom (Necalli)

Phenom has a Necalli? Weird, I thought he mained Bison

Guess he has something else up the sleeve. Necalli isn’t too far away play style wise from Bison. Both characters that rely on being rather aggressive with normals. Except he has a command grab and a DP.

My man Myakyo was going in with Claw again. Won’t be surprised if he takes it.

I will always root for SRK’ers in a tourney over the field any day. GL @Myakyo

He uses both, but I’m sure you can guess who is his stronger character.

Mister Crimson’s Laura is SICK !

Laura = worst character in the game. Kappa

Laura doing work against Lord Bipson?

Best part is he’s doing this work without using her fireball at all. Which I figured was pretty vital to her gameplay.

Laura bottom 3.

Gotta love BS tier lists. Laura bottom tier. Ken bottom tier. Yet they were putting in work at the first CPT event.

That kid is good but Ryan Hart and Phenom didn’t know the matchup at all.

ryan hart looked like a little kid lost in the mall in every game he played that i saw lol

Li Joe taking Winter Brawl with Nash.

He also played Elena, Viper, Cammy and Yun. So he basically plays anything Bullshit.

Is this about streams or not? Because I want to bring something up.

Please stop letting Chris Hu commentate.

Yeah he’s a great SF player and really knowledgeable. But he’s impossible to understand. I know English isn’t his first language and I applaud him for going out and learning it, but being on the mic announcing a game during a major shouldn’t be where you practice. I tune in to listen to people talk about the match, but I find myself muting the stream whenever he’s on commentating.

Let’s get people with understandable diction on the mic. After all, aren’t these CPT streams paid events where the streamer/commentators get paid? Let’s put up people who aren’t impossible to understand for a more enjoyable stream.

Well I think Chris had a niche as that comic relief commentator that stream monsters will still end up liking. He tries to be wacky and informative at the same time and I think that actually resonates with a lot of the stream monsters. Its not like Skisonic where as much as im cool with him as a person, it seems the stream monsters just blast him for his Daffy Duck commentary. Whereas the stream monsters seem to more laugh with Chris Hu.

Also have to remember that Winter Brawl was not a CPT event. Less risk to have someone like him commentate. I would imagine Chris probably won’t commentate much during actual CPT events though.

I had to deal with a Cambodian lady who spoke like that at my job for 3 years so I guess im used to picking up the diction or jist of what was said.

This is coming from someone who doesn’t like commentary also.

I think people laugh at his FOBishness more than his jokes, which is sad and humiliating.

Nah people still bring up the old jokes like 15 is barely ok and such. The FOBness helps, but I think the stream monsters find him more witty and he at least talks slowly enough where there’s a chance you can understand him. This comes off a bit biased though since again, im used to having to interpret accents.

I do agree with you in that hes not good material for a CPT event

I don’t see Kazunoko on that list, he’s using both Cammy and Necalli.