Street Fighter rights sold to Capcom USA

On Akiman’s page it says (in Japanese) that “It seems the rights to Street Fighter have been sold to Capcom USA…” I don’t know what it means for certain but most Japanese are taking it as, “If you ever see another SF game, it will be developed by Capcom USA” and of course they are going nuts over this since Capcom USA has made such classics as Final Fight Revenge. Here is probably the best way someone explained it:

Capcom : SNK
Capcom USA : Eolith

Just in case you were wondering if Capcom could do any worse than CFE…

Maybe SF4 will come out sooner ?

How can you sell IP within the same company?

The words “Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge” keep ringing in my head, but for some reason, I can’t figure out why.

…well shit, wonder how, and why, they swung that. Ah well, I’ll continue to dream a dream that will never be.


LOL, good question.

Capcom USA made SF2CE and SF2HF. They also invented Evil Ryu. Don’t hate.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaacctualy I thought evil ryu came from a manga, just as karin did.

Maybe Capcom of japan sold the rights because they were afraid of possible legal problems. Maybe one of their games had hacks in it?

What-fuckin’-ever. We wouldn’t have CE and HF if Capcom JP hadn’t made SF2. What original fighter can they make that’s better than MK?

And no, they’re the ones who named him Evil Ryu. How people don’t get that but know about the Gouki -> Akuma translation is beyond me.

Maybe Capcom USA will do like SNKP did with the Samurai Showdown series and give SF over to another company to try to develop. Although I wonder why Capcom Japan did just do that themselves.

the gouki thing, i heard was something about the term gook…

shoryukenH2: he was saying something about some collection of pictures will become hard to put out, is he talking about it’ll be hard to get the art out to Capcom USA? And also do you know what Mikusi is I don’t have a clue. He’s saying please forgive him for being selfish and withdrawing the Mikusi. Then like saying he will draw the pictures as promised.

Talking about Eolith… they made one of the worst KoF games… :tdown:

Hahahahaha!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! God, Capcom…

In a perfect world, Capcom Japan outsources Street Fighter to Capcom USA, who then outsources SF to Arc Systemworks & Sammy/Sega.

Then again, what if Microsoft had gotten the rights?

Heh, well that’s that, Street Fighter is dead.


SRK should just bombard C-USA with SF4 mail.

I was just joking around but if you are gonna get all serious about it, i can too.

I never called CE and HF original. The point was that SF2WW became unplayable as soon as people figured out what was up and HF is still considered a classic tournament game. So at least Capcom USA succeeded in balacing an SF game, which is not an easy task. Then Japan released SSF2 which was slow as hell and nobody played it because people over here were used to the sped up HF. So you can thank Capcom USA again that ST was released with some good speed options (even though they weren’t directly responsible for ST, their influence is in that game).

And the Japanese version of SFA2 did not have Evil Ryu. Capcom USA created him, basically just using a color swap and changing some properties on moves, and fucking up his CC activation in the process. But they did create him. And they didn’t name him Evil Ryu either. His name in the game is still plain “Ryu” so it was really the fans that named him Evil Ryu. And if Capcom USA had somehow magically used his then-nonexistent long ass Japanese name, everyone would still have just nicknamed him Evil Ryu.

Why the fuck do you people waste your lives here if every bit of news that comes your way upsets and depresses you? This level of treatment and this direction of developer decision-making is nothing new to the fighting community. Either leave or quit being such a fucking hater. (And the emphasis is not on being nicer. Seriously, what the fuck are you still doing waiting for games you plan on hating?)

This is bad news. Capcom USA don’t have the artistic capabilities to create another SF game do they? If they do, it would be a 3D SF surely.