Street Fighter One

So everyone is familiar with Street Fighter 2. It’s been ported to most consoles since it came out, and 95% of all fighting games are based on it in some way. So I was wondering… what about the original Street Fighter? Now I’ve seen the TurboGrafix-16 edition, and I’ve looked at the original Arcade edition, but why did Capcom never give the original any more love? I know it had some flaws, like horrid controls, bad sound effects, and a lack of playable characters, but this is Capcom we’re talking about. How many versions of Street Fighter 2 did we get? You would think that a company that is known for refining their games would have come back to this. I’m surprised they never released an updated version, even if it’s just for XBLA or PSN. Maybe get to play as some of those lost characters, and fix the controls. This is the mother of the father of all fighting games. Where’s the love?

It had its strength but don’t forget, there are many fighting games like it all over the world.

I was told you can’t block in SF1. Is this true?

SF1 has block.

To the OP: Honestly, if you fixed all the flaws of SF1, what you would have left over is something that doesn’t remotely resemble SF1. The reason is didn’t have a ton of updates is that it didn’t have the popularity to justify it.

So is Yie Ar Kung-Fu one of the grandparents?

I wouldnt download this for free… I’ve played it before just to see what it was like… never again.

Someone makes this thread about once a year, I think.

If you tried playing it, you would immediately understand why no one actually cares about it. I mean this in the nicest way possible, both to you and to SF1.

Capcom will not waste a minute of their time on it, and I won’t either. :lol:

I think it’s available for DL on Wii VC

There was a street fighter 1?. . .

My hands hurt SO MUCH after trying to play it and just doing a fireball motion. My god it was bad.

What the fuck were you doing?


No but for real, I was using a PS2 pad and it was on emulator. My hands hurt after playing for awhile in SF2 or SFAlpha or 3s but this was like… rape for my fingers.

scrubs. i’m the best sf1 player on the west coast.

it wasn’t popular enough to justify it. remember final fight was going to be Street Fighter 2.

after fact checking, you’re right.


The second post should have read: It’s garbage. Close thread.

Anyone remember any glitches/exploits?

I remember vs Mike all you needed to do was land one hit then hold crouch block in the corner. His punches would miss you or you’d block them. I don’t remember what exactly cause you went into a weird animation.

The trick to playing SF1 and doing all those special moves:


Negative Edge them. D:

Still a shitty game though.

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That video has just now changed my life