Street Fighter JOKES

i’ve only heard of 3 street fighter jokes in my entire life, and i’m wondering if there are more/if anyone can come up with more???

  1. People call me Hadoken because I’m down right fierce.
  2. Ryu: Hey can I borrow some money? Ken: Shoryuken!
  3. My alarm clock doesn’t say the time when I wake up. It says “Uppercut”.

First time Ken players on SF IV.

That’s it.


Warning: Shitty jokes ahead.

Q. How does a Street Fighter breathe underwater?
A. By having a Gill.

Q. What’s the best golf score a Street Fighter could get in a hole?
A. An Eagle.

Q. How did Sagat cure Ryu from the measles?
A. By giving him a Tiger Shot.

Q. Who is the cleanliest Street Fighter?
A. Dudley, because he always takes out the gutter trash.

Q. What’s a Street Fighter’s favorite dessert?
A. Abel Pie.

Q. What’s a Street Fighter’s favorite car?
A. A '91 Honda.

Q. How many months are in a Street Fighter’s year?
A. Twelve.

Q. Why can’t Eliza ever get another child?
A. Because Ken kept shooting Blankas.

Ryu would make such a great dad, ‘hey dad, can I go to the mall?’ ‘SUREEEYOUUUCAN’

what do butterbean and rufus have in common? theyre both a joke

hahaha i LOVE that tiger shot one. keep them coming!

lol at game’s pronounciation

Why was Ryu such an inspiration to Ken?
Because when they trained he’d say “Gouken(Go KEN), you’re the best!”

so baad

When Rose taunts she throws Dudley.

Why didn’t Chun Li talk about her one night stand with Vega?

Because what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Q. Who is the most confused Street Fighter?

A. Chun Li (Eh?)

That Vega one kicks ass!

Why does Yun always see double?
Too much Genai-GIN (alchohol :P)

How did Twelve pass his exam?
He just copied everyone else.

Why did Guile think he had a garuanteed win?
Because he heard Zangief was just gonna throw the whole match.

Why is Chunli so photogenic?
She has alot of frame advantage.

What does Guile have in common with sakura?
Both have flat tops.

How does Necro catch his second wind?
Tornado hooks

Why was balrog so upset in Chun Li’s store?

Because he lost his fight money and couldn’t afford some kicks

Why did Bison fear being left as a child?
Because when he strayed from his parents they’d yell “Bison!(Bye son!)”

Why was Cammy a mediocre student?
She was fine with having killer B’s.

Why is it so hard to win a SF4 match with a pixel of life?
At that point you just can’t focus.

Why can Guile never reach his full potential?
He’s always holding back.

Why did Gen work construction?
Because he mastered the Crane.

Why do whiffed attacks make you gay?
Because you’re opponent can see your missing him like crazy.

Where does Blanka live?
Casa Blanka.

What time is it when Zangief will defeat you?

Why should you not give Ibuki your Doritos?
Because she mashes for chip damage.

Why do Ryu and Ken never where shoes?
Because their style is “show-toe”.

Why is Dudley good at packaging?
He’s got great boxing gloves.

Why is Dee Jay similar to a DJ?
He confirms hits when they come out.

Why does Elena’s standing short called a week kick?
Cause she has legs for days.

Why did Yun name his skateboard Dhalsim?
Because its also a stretcher.

What 3 moves do scrubs love using with akuma?
Raging Demon
Ultra Raging Demon
Raging disconnect

Why Alpha characters have roomy kitchens?
Because their counters takes one meter.

Why does Vega’s mask always get him into trouble?
It keeps poppin off at the mouth.

Why did Dan attacking opponents with insects?
He was told to practice “tick” throws.

What is Sodom’s favorite quote?
“Sai’s matter.”

Why is Cammy such a good burglar?
She’s great at crouching round houses.

Why doesn’t Ken’s Dragon punch form a dragon?
He didn’t want the hits to scale.

Why doesn’t Blanka rap?
Because he’s a biter not a writer.

Why is Rose so easy to get along with?
She was made to console only.

“Who was the victor between Sagat vs Bison?”
“I heard it ended with a Thai.”

How does Gief keep the pressure in a match?
He’s always rushin.

What is South America’s chances of winning the tournament?
One in Brazillian.

Why is Dhalsim the illest Rapper in India?
He spits hot fire.

Why can’t Chun Li drive?

because she’s a woman

Why was Dhalsim banned from baseball?
He would slide noogie all day.

Why can’t Cammy work in construction?
She can’t drill safely.

Why don’t street fighters shop at walmart?
They only have use for Target combos.

How can you tell El Fuerte cooks bad food?
He always has the runs