Street Fighter IV Match Videos: Top Players (+ 2009 US & World Champ Vids)

Hope this is helpful:

It’s a page with links to matches with top Street Fighter IV players.

I’ve posted this already in the character sections.
But I’m re-posting it here in the main page to make sure anyone who might find it useful can find it.

Tournament coverage:

2009 Street Fighter IV World Championship

2009 Street Fighter IV United States National Championship

2009 Street Fighter IV Japan National Championship

2009 Street Fighter IV Korea National Championship

(4 feeds: two Japanese ones, and two English ones from YouTube)

Here are the links to the pages for each character:



Balrog (Boxer)


C. Viper

Cammy Player Channel on YouTube

Chun Li



E. Honda

El Fuerte

Fei Long

Gen Player Channel on YouTube




M. Bison (Dictator)

Rose Player Channel on YouTube






Vega (Claw)


Other great channels with videos of top players:

I love it! Thanks a lot for the link. This is a really handy resource!

I’ve already seen this on the Bison forum and just wanted to say thanks,great help and very efficient site.

Awesome site.

Now it’s in ALL the char forums AND the main forum? You’re definitely gonna need some new servers :stuck_out_tongue:

and as I’ve said before, great job, great resource.

Some of the combos that these guys pull off on-the-fly during those matches are insane

Great link. Hope you update it with the console characters soon.

Loving the Pongko vids and how aggressive he is. It’s like watching a KOF match.

wow that site is amazing! Can’t wait to see how it gets filled out over time.

srk stalker confirmed

“Street Fighter IV Match… 10-20-2009 02:01 PM I figure you’re about due. – specs”

Favourited… great link.

Great site! I am saddened that one of my favorite characters (Vega/Claw) though has precious few vids of him actually winning D:

Are you running the site? If possible - can you also add dates? Or sort them in order of newest to oldest?

The game is still relatively new and people are figuring out things all the time - would be cool to know i’m watching a recent match and not some 6 month old match.

Site is great though - good job.

Derek Daniels


Yes, it’s my site.
It started as a spreadsheet of collected links to help me study gameplay from, then I figured I should put it online so others could benefit from it too.

I totally hear you on the date stamp thing.
I will go ahead and mark each new vid posted with a date. (most likely the date it was posted or footage was taken)
I will go and modify already posted vids as time permits.

Right now vids are ranked in this order:

  1. top player vs. top player
  2. top player vs. other player
  3. other player vs. other player
  4. unknown player vs. unknown player

I was thinking about tagging each of these groups with a different mark (colored medals, colored stars, etc.), but nothing has looked right yet.

It would be helpful to list how many videos are available by the character name link, so we don’t click on a 2nd character to find out there are no videos available for that match up.

You have Kensou listed as japanese. He’s from America. (c.viper player) he’s from texas specifically.

that blanka player is GARBAGE…

Very nice site with a well-planned layout, thanks for the link.

You should expand the top players list, since for the most part it’s just Japanese players as of now.

Yeah, there was an event, Bar fight or whatever that happened in so-cal a few weeks ago with many top players, might wanna check that out.

What are those match-up ratios based off?

And here are two Sakura vids found on niconico:

I’d tell you who they are, but I don’t speak nor read Japanese. The player is very good though.

I also found this site a while ago: Top SF4 players~ Don’t know how accurate that is but I was able to find a few matches from said players on YT so you might wanna check that out as well.

Very nice site so far :smiley:

Great idea!

Nobody likes clicking blindly and getting nothing, then dreading what other links will also be empty.

I don’t want to put the # vids notation for a few reasons:

  1. I want to keep the selection interface as clean as possible
  2. it would be a nightmare to update (I do all edits by hand)

However, what I have done is to put “NO VIDEOS” over the selection choices that do not have any match vids.
This way players will know there is nothing for that matchup, but still be able to click it if they want to see the “top player” or “matchup difficulty”.


Incredible site, keep up the good work. very helpful.