Street Fighter Issue Ten Discussion, Speculation and Spoiler Thread

Great issue! Gen fucking owns! I guess since Ryu is going to be the ‘best man’ at Ken’s wedding and all, he won’t be going to India right away to learn from Dhalsim like it was originaly planned. I love where the story is going and everything ties together so nicely.Hard to do with the street fighter universe,but you guys are handling it like champs. the backup was one of my favs so far,but a little surprising to see Geki die.Maybe it wasn’t him since it never once mentioned his name,but sure had the exact same outfit on though. Blanka should appear next issue and interesting how that goes with him and Cammy. Hopefully Blanka will somehow integrate his character into a friendship with Dan and Sakara,that would be cool. keep up the great work!

A very good Issue probably my favourite thuis far :slight_smile:

I like how Cammy didnt hog the comic this time. She is very overrated in my opinion.

Anyway I marked out for Yun and Yang the first sign of Street fighter 3 Characters though im guessing it will be awhile till they play a more serious part.

Gen was also awesome and i liked how in the short story you gave him his Street fighter 1 look.

My only problem with that story is that Gen kills Geki who is supposidly Ibukis dad. Ill wait for Ibukis debut in the comic to see if you continue from this.

Also it’s great to see that you have been able to use 2 of the 5 chars who never made it out of SF1. Should be interesting to see if you can somehow fit Joe, Lee and Mike in there at somepoint.

Anyway an Excellent issue.

The wait was worth it :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s the lack of “You are…BIG fool.”

Wasn’t sure if this was a typo, but during Gen, Chun Li, and Fei Long’s fight with the two chicks and their crew, he says a line that is something like, “You should take some time to concern yourself with OUR own life.” Shouldn’t it be “you should take some time to concern yourself with YOUR own life?” Didn’t know if they accidently left out the “Y” or not.

The Barlog fight: A one punch knockout, 5 second heavyweight fight? I bet the guys who paid $600+ to attend the fight were pretty pissed. Pay-per-view watchers ($60+) had to have been pissed too, assuming this one made it on PPV… big name comeback fights always do.

And after the fight, Balrog still has his handwraps on… these are cut off with the gloves, so he shouldn’t still have’em on.

I like the very last page with Vega, but what’s up with the long fingernails, I thought this guy cared about his looks? I also noticed someone else’s complaint about Chun Li looking too child-like in the main story and I agree.

I liked the backstory.

The issue was very good overall, sorry to knitpick so much. Boxing is a big hobby of mine, so that’s the reason for the boxing critique. Along with everyone else, I also noticed how there’s less Cammy and I like that. The issue also seems more focused on one particular story instead of several and I like that as well.

Due to other people’s negative replies to constructive critism in the past, I just want to note that I am a big fan of this comic and I think the Udon guys I met in Chicago know that, so they probably aren’t hurt by it. I also want to reiterate that I enjoyed this issue very much.


That’s why the audience was booing! I thought that part was funny. :clap:

The issue felt short to me again, but I guess that shows how much I liked it. I liked the backstory a bit more this time. I don’t know if Ryu would actually show up to Ken’s wedding, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens there.

I wanted the Fei Long cover, was that a power foil or regular cover? I couldn’t find it so I just got the Cammy and Chun cover. They’re drawn really well so although its not as cool as the Fei cover, its still nice.

I think the real fun of having all the comics is reading them through all at once sometime. I’m missing the first few since they were really hard to get, but now I should be able to read through all the way and really enjoy the comic that way.

Great issue, a lot better that (as stated) Cammy didn’t take the spotlight again.
Still, a bit quick paced on the story, but it’s noticible that Udon is trying hard to add in more of the story.

Yun + Yang made the comic for me, honestly. TOO. DAMN. GOOD.

And Gen was a monster. Really really well done, it made me like Gen’s character A LOT MORE (I never liked nor cared about him until this, honest.)

This sounds awesome! I always liked Gen but this makes he seem so much cooler :slight_smile:

issue 10 was awesome!

First off - this issue rocked! As most people have said, good that cammy was hardly in it, i like her as a character, but feel that her storyline so far involving thos eenglish special forces dudes has been quite weak script wise and not my favourite…but this issue was great, one of my favourites yet…I really iked Gen, he looks cooler than he does in the actual games, and it made me like him alot more, love his dark side and history. Also have to agree that putting in the SF1 characters is something i really love, we dont hear enuff about the guys from the game that started it all if u ask me.
The big fight scene was one of the best yet, nice compositions, real feelings of energy and motion, gens moves looked sweet, great to see fei longs burnin’ kick! And to top off the issue, what a fantastic last page, vega looked awesome, nice painting ( also loved the small painted panel of cammy and squad ). Keep up the great work guys.

On a side note, i cant remember who it was who posted those test pages for issue ten that they pencilled, but after seeing the final pencils i have to say that the test ones were also really good, better in some parts, maybe only thing that didnt come up to scratch was the final vega pose page. Anyways, cool stuff whoever u wuz :slight_smile:

Roll on issue 11 ( oh please dont take too long )

Something odd i noticed.

The Panel where Fei Long, Chun Li and Gen are all surrounded by the gang. I swear one of those guys was the same bloke who’s head was decapitated in the last issue.

Anyone else notice this?

Pretty good issue. I think I’m going to stop reading the previews though because they kind of set you up for disappointment. I was hoping Chun Li would see some real action because the writer of the comic said she’d be kicking tail in Hong Kong, but it looks like this was the last Hong Kong issue and she barely even fought anyone. Here’s hoping Cammy vs. Chun Li part 2 will make up for it. Gen was really cool. I thought this was the best backup story yet. The art and backgrounds just really came together. The best part was when Chibi-Chun said she was gonna be the strongest woman in the world :smile:
She was so cute!

i’d have to agree. i love cammy to death but the whole british investigators thing bores me to tears, in my opinion they should have just kept cammy as bisons doll for a full year before the actual change.

Maybe that’s it. That and he’s talked too much already. Gen never really seemed the talkative type.

Though I do hope he gets to say the above line at least once. :smiley:

Are they ever going to show Sakura in TRIANING? She seems to just be there for Comedy relief. If I were facing a possible Grounding for life for sneaking off to train with Ryu, I’d be Training like a mad man.

Yeah, I noticed that, too. Maybe he had a twin brother?

good issue. Gen will get his death match soon enough

Hey Udoneko, so the poster is due out for Christmas and you’ll be doing preorders huh? Are you going to be releasing another limited edition Christmas cover to retailers that preorder the poster much like how you did last year with the Christmas card cover? I put down $20 on ebay to get myself the Christmas cover since I had missed out on that :sad:

I think this is something I’d really be willing to do too since I’m more into posters then I’m into busts or figurines (plus the poster looks nice) . If there is going to be another Christmas cover and it’s going to be distributed the same as last year I’ll probably go and preorder the poster tomorrow.

Oh yeah and when is the Fei Long foil coming out? Glad to see you still post here.

We are not too sure what we will do for X-Mas covers yet. Thinking about doing MAYBE a DS X-Mas cover instead this year for internal use… but we are kinda too busy to even do any extra art.

No matter what, it won’t be something to go with any product this year even if we ended up doing one.

Still, I do strongly recommend go and pre-order the poster, coz I know it will be under ordered by retailers (as usual) and for them to reorder might take some time and could miss out the christmas date, let alone it might sold out…

The Fei Long foil should be out in a week or so last time I check.

Gekis appearence in the back up story was a big suprise for me.
The main story is coming along fine btw :tup:

over all, i didn’t think issue 10 was bad at all. but there is only one thing buggin me, the fighting scenes. they just seem dull. like when i read manga like naurto or one piece, that shit is very intense when it comes to terms of fighting. but with issue’s 10 fighting scene, it just seemed abit dull to me, like there wasn’t really much of a fighting sequel. other than that, the plot and dialouge is moving pretty good.