Street Fighter Issue Ten Discussion, Speculation and Spoiler Thread

A very good length for the Issue first of all.

In the comic Lee may be Yun and Yang’s father and Lee’s dead. The comic doesn’t flat out say he’s their father but it’s implied. As far as Capcom of Japan states, he’s a relative. And one of the SF2 Fanbooks also insists that the Mafia may have killed Lee for loosing the SF1 Tourney, so him being dead works.

Also, Chun-Li remembers Gen. In the games she doesn’t really, as if him training her happened long ago when she was an infant, but the move he taught her, the Gendenansatsushu AKA Gen’s legendary Assasin Kick is in there!

Ryu the best man at Ken’s Wedding? Good luck getting him out of that Gi! :rofl:

Haven’t read the backstory yet but the pencils look just like all of the Hong Kong SF Comics. Course it was done by Seto so rightly so. Really fits a Chun-Li Back Story!

Anyway, another great ish! :clap:

OK, read the backstory. Geki dies? Man, them SF1 characters are dying left and right! :rofl: Anyway, good Back up.

And Rey’s stuff is always funny too.

this issue was too good. Yang, Yun, Gen, Chun-li, Fei Long all in the same place!!! Old SF 1 characters, Balrog called Ken a scrub!!! Too good

PS: i hope udon releases a poster that connects the covers of 10 - 12, cuz that art is too good.

well good issue alright. this time not alot of cammy story and mostly towards gen, feilong, and chunli this time. i did like the email account part where ken makes an account for ryu:clap: i didnt like the back up story at all. too fast of a kill and nothing exciting.

i cant wait for the all-star cover, but still the all-star cover for issue 12 troubles me. why in the hell is akuma consider a bad guy in that cover?? Akuma is never a bad guy unless some people sees him as a bad guy, but I mean the guy never even kill anyone for fun or goes around destroying buildings. its true that he did destroy a submarine underwater, but that was his training and he wouldnt let anything interfer with his training. Akuma did kill his brother and master too, but that was his warriors code. Akuma is a boss character, but not an evil boss character:xeye: its like Evil-Ryu, how is he really evil when he never done anything evil, but its to set ryu and dark-hadou ryu apart, then capcom of japan corrected his name in capcom vs. snk 2.

SNH Ryu was never called Evil Ryu in Japan in the games. Kind of like how Orochi Iori is always called Iori in the Games. When Guidebooks refer to Ryu in Japan, he has a long name That’s roughly translated to something like ‘The Satsui No Hadou awakened in Ryu.’ Most of us call him SNH Ryu for short.

I will cop that comic really soon. I can,t wait to see it.



Ryu’s ignorance of the Net is awesome. He’s like “WTF is the Internet??”

Also, I love Balrog’s debut just for his conversation with Vega over the cell. And could that woman’s jugs be any larger??

Hoo boy, issue #10 had lots of my favorite characters in there…and damn did Gen kick ass! :slight_smile: Sad to see him cough out blood due to Lukiemia…and it was a surprise to see Geki in the side story! Gen just owned him!

And Ken just had one of the funniest e-mail addys i’ve ever…hilarious…even after seeing Sakura teaching Ryu about the internet! ^^ And also most of the titles on Kens e-mails! ^^

Hella quick match Balrog had, but Vega at the end…damn…he looked like he was ready to slice and dice! ^^

Issue #10 hella rocked! Now to wait for #11…and also the #10-11-12 cover poster as well! ^^ That is if my comic stores gonna sell them…

My comic store only gets the B covers…so no poster for me. :sad:

backstory was ill; dont frown
(i only buy for the covers and backstories anyway).

Did the Fei Long foil come out today as well? I didn’t see it at any comic shops.

The comic shop I frequent didn’t have any foil covers either. They said it should be in next week, possibly on Saturday, but most likely next week when the next week’s comics ship. Do yourself a favor and ask the shop to put a copy on hold for you. :tup:

good to see they took a break on cammy.

the back up story was well done, art and all. yea the fight was short but the whole point was gen’s shame not how he kicked assassin butt.

i kind of got confused at what was happening on the page during the doll fight.
the art wasnt consistent near the end, where ryu and sakura was introduced,

no offense to anyone at udon but i must say i preffered no know one’s test submissions over what was actually produced in the book.

overall it was a good read, nice and lengthy. i love the cover, i must say one of the best, very well done.
a poster must be made.

The script that I recieved (and I assume know-one also) seemed to have slight, and not so slight, differences from what was printed. Both in dialogue and panel content. I’ll admit that I don’t think the Udon second page (18) wasn’t as good as his, however, the other 2 were better. I especially liked the Vega pose.

Definately an exciting and pretty well paced issue. I really enjoyed the shift of focus from the story that was going. Eventually they lines all tie up, so it’s great to see other perspectives. Loved that we had a great deal of time spent on Fei, Chun, and Gen. Awesome action and story. Yun and Yang to boot! They even look a bit younger.
The art was fair consistent in quality and consistency. Some of the coloring and bg have a really nice, fresh feel to them. Awesome stuff.

what was up with all that crazy cosplay bs in the udon page? i fuckin’ hate cosplay.

other than that, this ish was mint!
It’s like the guys at udon read my mind about the gen situation and didn’t make him a god damn softie. it would have been even better if he had flat out killed one of the dolls or cripled her or something before they escaped. but oh well.

the whole thing with ryu was priceless
to sakura: "well, i guess my user name is B-0-R-I-N-G-R-Y-O-U"
that was just as funny as any of the funniest from the back so far.

I wasn’t too keen on just how close chun li was to one of the most feared assasins of hong kong but whatevs, i’ve overlooked worse things “coughcammycough”

all in all this was one of the best issues to come out, and it was worth the wait.


i’ve looked EVERYWHERE for the all cast poster, and noone has it, and noone seems to be able to order it…

I am glad that you all seems to like where we are heading on the story. As I have mentioned before, we are planning on taking some more time to develop the characters and story more.

The ALL STAR poster I know there’s still limited stock at diamond. So you can ask any comic store to order it thru diamond for you. If they said they cannot, they are lying.

The 10-12 cover poster will be released for X-Mas. Pre-order yours NOW! As I know most retailers are still not willing to stock up on these items!!! DARN!

So Balrog finally shows up. Bonus seeing Chun Li in her true alpha costume (with the vest instead of that jacket from before). And Yun wanting Fei Long’s autograph was funny. Something bothers me about Gen’s character though. I’m not sure what, but something just doesn’t feel right about how he talks. No big deal…

The backup was great, though I’ve always had issues with Andy Seto’s consistency. That first panel on page 3 made Chun Li look cute as a button, but throughout most of the comic she looks more like a shrunken adult than a kid. Oh well, at least Gen was cool.

So I could ask my comic store to get it through Diamond? ^^ Thats cool! Thanks for the info Udoneko, hopefully i’ll get my Space Cat to get me those posters! ^^

This was a fun issue. My favourite part was the Ryu and Sakura internet cafe scene. It’s fun to see a reversal of roles with the “student” (more like tourist, really) instructing the “teacher”.

I like how Gen’s moves were illustrated. Many of the drawn moves were straight from the game. I imagine it must be challenging to draw them from a different perspectives since originally you only see them in one plain.

Good work!