Street Fighter III: Your favourite game from the series?

Hi all, a new poster here.

I would like to know which SF3 game is your favourite and why?

SF3 second impact
or SF3 third strike?

What do you think of the Arcade Versions, the Dreamcast Versions (or other consoles) and/or the MAME emulated version?

Oh god. Not this shit again…

EDIT: You do realize that the first 2 SF3 games are broken beyond belief right? Any reverencet hat can be obtained from the bacgrounds are going to be nullified by NG Gennei-Jin(which is FAR more broken than its 3S counterpart). Tengu assrape(lol at how broken it is) and the Ibuki Channel(aka 2I).

I like THREE: New Generation of Street Fighter.

wrong, wrong, and wrong

ng yun was good but it wasnt because of genei jin. genei jin wasnt even that good in the past games. tengu rape was bad, yeah, but so was genei jin.

2i ibuki might be too good but so is 3s chun.

And my answer goes to 2i, I like it the best out of the 3 series. Its not more or less balanced than 3s, but it certainly is less turtle friendly.

IBL folks, should happen anytime soon

Um, no you’re wrong. NG Genei-Jin was a infinite that was brain dead easy to set up. Here it is at 21:55…:rolleyes:

training mode exhibition =/= competition play

besides, it looks like it alex only combo which means nil.

why does everyone think just cause a game has an infinite, some amount of bullshit, unbalanced tiers or something that it’s unplayable?

every game has some amount of bullshit, but do we have to complain about it? or are some of you too stubborn to learn to deal with it?

Look at a3, mvc2, mvc1, xvsf, kof 98, cvs2.

These are all highly competitive games that have varying degrees of brokenness. Just because NG and 2I are broken doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive, deep or fun to play.

What I was going to say. : )

… sorry.

But I like 2i. Go ahead and arrest me.

Thank you, callmeanewb.

3S for the gameplay, but it has the worst presentation of the three. I much prefer the visuals and music from the earlier two.

what he said.

2ND Impact. Definently

I’d like to see that Hugo Infinite, Supposedly dead easy to do.

This topic never ends.

My vote goes for 2nd Impact easily

I dont mind brokeness but when one or two characters can flat out beat majority of the cast without much difficulty, thought or execution then it stops being fun to me. This is why I dont bother playing any of those Marvel games you listed becuae god forbid if some says those games are boring(and I do find them boring in case you’re wondering). If you make a game broken then break at least 80-90% of the cast.

Yun/Chun/Ken are by far the best characters in 3S but they are’nt invincible. Chun’s priority is really stupid but it can be beaten by one of her easiest matchups(Makoto) and be dealt with in a very leathal way. Yun has no disavantageus matchups but it is very possible to exploit the flaws of a Yun player and beat him(even more so then the god tier in most games). Ken players also can be outsmarted and out maneuvered and just outplayed. In the first 2 SF3 games the top tier is just ridiculuos and they are separated by light years from the rest of the cast. Tier whoring should NEVER exponentially increase your chances of winning in my opinion.

Yeah…Just because its done against a dead opponent does’nt mean that its impossible(or even impractical) in a real match. As a matter of fact if you took the time to compare and contrast 3S Gennei NG’s counterpart then you would quickly realize the NG’s version is just fucking stupid, because you can keep it going after the combo is finished with little risk.

P.S. Thats not an alex only combo FYI…:rolleyes:

I thought this was a popular opinion, but apparently I was wrong…:confused:

It’s in here, Yet it still doesnt save him from being the worse character in the game.

2nd impact of course:nunchuck:

2nd Impact. That was easy. :wgrin:

CvS2? Broken?:rofl:

Can you not read? He didn’t say that CvS2 was broken. He said that every fighting game has some garbage that you’ve gotta deal with or stop playing.

This post does NOT deliver.