Street Fighter III Double Impact or Third Strike?

I recently found a used copy of Street Fighter III Double Impact for my Dreamcast yesterday, and after playing it I seem to like it more than third strike. After having the anniversary collection for over a year, it feels like a breath of fresh air playing DI opposed to TS. It feels as if its an arcade perfect game, when on the other hand when playing TS feels more like a console game. I wanted to see if any of you agree with me or oppose. Leave your thoughts.

The backgrounds are SO much better on 2I.

I overall prefer DI, but if variety is your thing (characters, etc) then 3S is where you’ll want to be.

I completely agree with you. Something else I dont understand about TS is why they decided to downgrade seans moves. He is a good character in DI, but in TS they completely screwed him up.

not to mention Ibuki… man did they fuck her over. I also prefer the comic book style of 2I, the win/lose poses after each match, the character select screen. After comparing 2I to 3S one has to wonder why they downgraded the entire game for the sake of a whole bunch of shitty characters nobody wants to play.

learning 2i is useless, its not a tournament game

Thats pretty sad it isn’t. I think that they should make 2I a tournament game instead of TS. TS is indeed a downgraded version of 2I. Who would want to seriously use 12 or Q anyways?


HYPOTHESIS: Only people from post-August 2004 and onward will like 2I over 3S.

Chikyuu Sodom uses Twelve seriously, while Kuroda (who got to the finals at this year’s SBO) and TK are well known Q players.

So I dunno what the hell you’re talking about there. =x

P.S. 3S > TS

I think he meant serious Q and Twelve players are few and far between.

I havent fought anyone that picked those characters that were actually good. But from what i hear, 12 is lowest tier in TS. And post August 2004 doesnt have anything to do with this. I have been playing TS vigourously for over a year now, and after playing DI it just feels like a better game overall.

2I bgs are way better, and of course playing pre-nerfed Ibuki and Sean is cool.
But IMO the presentation in TS was overhauled for the better (impact detection, no super bgs etc) and i like most of the new Chars.

2I BGs.
2I Win/Loss screen + win quotes
3S hit detection and parrying
2I Sean
Best of both worlds soundtrack
2I announcer
revamped 3S grade system

Does anyone have pics or links to those win/lose screens of Double Impact? I’ve been wanting to see them for a LOOOOOOOOONG time.

the only char that no one uses is sean, because he is too bad to be good, i dont care who uses him.
it doesnt matter, hugo is the best anyway.
as far as tournaments go, you should always play the latest installment of the game, except for when t4 came out, shit sucked

2I’s balance is even worse from what I heard.
Apparently Akuma just owns the rest of the roster for free.

Ryu has two stocks of denjin

You have not? This guy’s a Commie!

Just playin’ I recommend that you check out the prelim drawings for them from Eternal Challenge. Ryu looks badass in his. Ibuki’s got that staredown look on hers. Ken is truly evil in his winpose… I would scan a few of them if you pm me, if that is allowed, of course.

Second Impact was to Street Fighter III: New Generation as Turbo Edition was to Street Fighter II. Capcom was pretty inspired by something to create it. I still find SI to be the height of Capcom’s inspirational period over 3S, where Capcom was nearing its’hayday and decided to use their talents towards other games. The original producers are scattered now(one of them gave birth to Fatal Fury, which was no surprise.), so actually conceiving anything to that caliber could be as hard as recreating the entire game itself.

god i wish ryu still had two stocks of denjin
i think he was comparing the shortening of the names
3s is better than ts