Street fighter III: 4th strike

Not sure if this was posted here before but the author posted this under the strat section and its not getting enough exposure.

Street Fighter III: Fourth Strike BETA
Beta version of the ‘Rebalanced’ Third Strike.

[media=youtube]BmOjyB5j0jc"]YouTube - Street Fighter III: 4th Strike BETA [Part 1[/media]

[media=youtube]3vs8ateOoX8"]YouTube - Street Fighter III: 4th Strike BETA [Part 2[/media]

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pretty cool. I just hope that in the end, the characters that really need changes get them and the characters that are already good stay the same

holy fuck, urien is nuts in this version

also, needs a cooler name than “4th strike”. like 4th Assault or something

I’m going to have to agree with some of the suggestions/criticism in the old thread.

As Cheech Wizard mentioned, just tone Chun’s SA2 down a bit but other then that, leave the top tier alone and buff the rest of the cast. None of this giving them weird SFIV type shit.

This shit looks insane and broken as fuck.

Looks amazing, would play, Hugo looks like a beast and Urien looks fucking dumb as all fucking hell, crossup splash, amazing.

I wanna play this ASAP.

I hope it’s for Mame or Finalburn…

If it’s for FBA couldn’t we edit some file names or some shit for GGPO use?

If it’s that easy with other roms, then maybe.

What a waste of time.

Why does rebalancing mean making combos more ridic

This was apparently done for fun. Why does everybody act like a game is a travesty if it isn’t suitable training to have your money taken by Wong or Daigo? Too many salty tourney-whores up in this bitch. And then there’s the people who insist a game has to be tourney-worthy before they’ll even touch it…even though they never go to tourneys.

Haha my thoughts exactly.

I’m intrigued and I’d be instantly sold if the game introduced some Sagat or Dic.

Also, Urien is sexful.

it has nothing to do with tournies and everything to do being a whiner who hates fun

I can’t wait for someone to come in and post that this will still suck because parries are in it

^ That avatar…

My thoughts exactly.

This game will totally suck because of parries.

But seriously, it looks hella fun.

Eh some of the stuff looks way dumb. Chun ex-kikoken juggle, changing some of the supers (like Ken’s shinryuken, Gouki SAIII, his 222+PPP super, urien’s weird ground pound fireball) but I’d still play it cause it looks hilarious. Twelve genei-jin :rofl:

are you serious?
sf3: the game that reinvented the 2d fighting game wheel with parries,
will suck because the rom hack version of it will have parries?

This is bullshit. No matter what game it is “dont nerf the top, just buff the rest!” doesn’t work. Stop demanding this.