Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)

Ok it’s time for some highly anticipated 3rd strike online action:amazed:!!! This is official thread where all the online 3rd strike match-making and discussion will happen. We’re 1 day away so for now lets keep this post going and try and add new friends and share our skills.

I plan to parry/counter my way to victory and plan on using Akuma as my main guy and Sean (YES Sean) as my surprise guy. If anyone wants to add me and my friends list is full just send a message.


I can play most of the roster casually, but my mains are Chun Li and Yun . I’m planning on going a little deeper with Necro (maybe).

Me likey Necro!

I plan on being as cheap as I can possibly be… because I don’t have any skill.

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Does anybody know if Gill is going to be playable online?

@Slick Vic

Hope this answered your question and more!!

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Thanks EZ!

i like urien and elena the best,
i really need to get better D if anybody wants to practice kicking my butt add me here…psn: khashdollars

Is it out yet on psn in 'merica yet?

hi my name is rikkulouis PSN and i used to lay third strike at ffa with amir kentaro 5 star pyrolee etc etc etc my mains are chun yun and ken but i use everybody i look forward to playing with you guys soon add me if you want high level compition :slight_smile:

No not yet but it should be out on PSN store between 5pm-7pm when store gets updated. HOwever, one of my PSN friends already has game early and he was playing SF3 3rd Strike Online Trial so I assume it must be from his Japan account.

Somehow I’m not surprised you started this thread EZ. lol.
Any rate, I’ll get this eventually. I like to play Oro, and Elana, and Hugo. I never was much into this game, but I play it anyways.

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Sup yo

is the netcode good for everyone and is it laggy?

cause its kinda laggy when i played =\

Apparently the game itself, even in training mode is laggy… I was just going to download the game right now, but after reading this, I’m trying the demo first.

To me it’s not laggy at all. I find this game much harder then I originally thought in terms of getting used to the parrying system. I also find those challenges hard as hell for some reason. I’m working tonight so I’ll be on tomorrow to play this some more.

YES, I had to start this thread and to officially get away from mvc2 for a while.

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its probably laggy due to your monitors. lag is easier to notice in a 2d fighter than it is a 3d fighter(sf4 and especially mvc3, in this case).

also with online, you can change how much input lag you want in the options. but the less input lag you have, the more unstable the matches may be, online

Offline: x/10
Online: 8/10
That is all.


I never palyed this game before. I’m still trying to find a main. I like Alex, 12, Nerco, Sean, Hugo, and Elena.

sighs I’m pretty disappointed so far with the online play. The couple matches that I got were pretty good, but I have had problems connecting with people and when I do it’s people teleporting all over the place. In all honesty I don’t even know how I managed to win. I’m wired in and have all the necessary ports open, so I don’t know.

ggs to my boy Cimisis and the bad ass Ibuki player.

Game’s fine…
2 frames of input lag or not, the game’s fine.

Couldn’t connect to a single ranked match out of about 10… but that was expected this time.