Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussi

Little adjustment here because of the quarter matches. Post your good times with a group of people or a certain person. I won’t create a bad games thread until there is a need… it is the first day after all and we’ve yet to explore some features.


Wooooooooo! :rofl:

GGs Phix and the other peeps that made up the room. Dunno what was up with the establishing connection message, hope that gets fixed. My mic is broken in 3 pieces in a bag full of random controllers somewhere, couldnt be bothered to get it out. Im gonna pop out in a bit and buy the proper 360 one. We had some good battles mate, that double KO was funny, I came back from an almost near perfect only to be denied. Bah!

GGs also to Immovable Mind, thanks for the invite dude. I dont really know what Im doing, just stolen tactics BassVentura used to use on me with Turbo Ken on AE :rofl: I’ll have a mic next time. Take it easy :tup:

GG’s Dude that was some funny shit goin down i cant combo for shit pad’s suck im gonna make a 360 stick , yer hat double KO was funny as hell been a while since ive seen one of those …
But playing hyper brought back good memories of my school days man i used to rinse that game :lovin:
Hope ya get ya mic sorted asap Peace

GG’s Kneel, playing with a controller is a pain in the ass ^^. But I had mad fun. We can chat some when your mic gets fixed or you bought a new one. Your ken is absolutely the best in the roster.

Phix…we should play soon, it’s been to long bud ^^!

GGs to everyone that did not pull/drop. Again, there are idiots that pull and drop when the yare losing, and some are on this forum. I got robbed of 9 more wins today because of this bs!

GG DreamTR, its funny that there is no rematch option on the ranked games, and that you cant see who youve played until the match is over. If Id have known it was you I was playing, Id have chose my best character to lose with. Lol. Nice Bison :wink:

hehe, i got dropped on so many times today. At least you don’t get a loss when the other person drops.

Yeah, but it’s pretty bad today. I’m already hindered with this DOA stick as it is.

GG: Kneel!

GG’s to everyone today,
there that should qualify me for a legit post on this thread NOW let me start my rant BOY this is some booty ass shit!.first off let me complain about the whole Ranking thing. ASS, For one it seems to only count your total wins no care to the losses? 2nd You aren’t given a option to play a ranked person only a open game take a chance and see who u land on?? least you can see the ping of the random person. No rematch option?! ASS. and pulling on ranked games is gonna be waaaaaaaaaaay to common as i believe there is a achievement for winning consecutive games without a loss in ranking mode? now to regular match mode probably by far the best way to play the game due to being able to check out ping time response. thats only positive i can see. its stupid that you can hit B after selecting characters so u can counter character pick, i see that becoming more and more ASS. Oh yea back to pulling. 20 sec’s to wait to be able to get back to a menu is ASSSSSSSSS. it says 15 but its not i counted believe me some bulllllllshit there. NOT to mention the other RANDOM 15 sec. pauses here and there for god knows what…Now Quarter match. the idea had potential but falls flat cuz in this mode YOU CAN’T SEE the ping times wtF. So here you are going through 100 opponents and then joe shmoe from Italy joins yer game and it lags beyond belief. So now you are given 2 choices he drops or you drop well 3, or u try to finish the horrible lagged game. You get on the MIC you say HEY do u mind dropping? this is unplayable. of course he won’t drop so you are forced to abandon your 100 game win streak and start ANOTHER lobby and hope to god you remember who this guy is so you can LB and boot his ass out the room when u see him again. But wait it doesn’t matter cuz nobody knows you have a 100 game win streak cuz there is no WIN streak counter in Quarter mode. How could you have left this out?! the whole quarter mode back to arcade feel is left out without knowing who’s really running the machines. Now its basically a crap shoot to pick through 50 quarter/hosted games to find a person thats really good.

NOw to my biggest complaint W t F is up with the akuma dizzies? people can wiggle out of dizzy in .1 sec’s like it aint nothining now. this HAD to been changed from arcade it wasn’t that easy.

oh yea i also hate that when you win you automatically go to player 1 side, ass.
i’ll edit in more assness as i run into it

Okay. I don’t know how this is possible, but we have 5 people in one Quarter match room! Phi, Rob Sigley, Technical Monkey, Your Zombie Mom, and me… Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Rob if you didnt want me in your room you should have just said so. Played for like half an hour waiting to see if I was going to get invited.

GG’s to lots of people. Haha. Got to play Dream Theater and Sirlin Prime (I guess it’s Sirlin, I don’t know). Real fun and challenging matches.

People do love to drop. I played someone called LoserDog who dropped 2 or 3 times on me.

Hey Wilson, don’t know about you, but with that DOA stick it seems to me I can do walk up 360 or jump in 360 real good but I can’t tick into them too often. :sad:

Yeah I’m still getting used to this doa stick too, it’s not that bad though.

As long as theres no one lagging in the room everything goes good. Earlier in the day 90% of the lobby’s I was in were going smooth, except the disconnecting.

Anyway gg’s everyone I played with today. This is definetly fun with the quater mode.

Btw lol at all the losers dropping to save there record. No match get’s recorded if it didn’t finish.

GG’s to who I played today sorry for the bit of lag need to get a wires connection for my 360 =(

Holy fucking pulling bitches. 45 I counted today. 45 wins that did not count. I should just stay in Quarter Mode.

The no 2 guy dropped on me. He posts on SRk. The Martyr360 guy dropped on me (no 4) I mean, it’s one thing to be ambushed by droppers who complain about grabs, but run away and do Fierce Psycho Crusher from across the screen all day? There are so many people that have not played this game in years that think throws are “unacceptable” still, and complain about cheap that I was bursting into laughter.

Anyways, Max is right though. THis is booty. No one can do online right yet. How freaking hard is it to get a damned consultant who has played online games for years and years, specifically fighting, and get their ideas on this, huh? It’s so unprofessional that it is sickening.

Oh, and screw the DOA stick. I’m sick of jumping Fierce instead of tick into 360 =P

GGs to those that did not pull on me. I’ll be online randomly from now on, mostly in quarter mode because it’s just not worth it getting pulled on left and right anymore.

I just got done playing a ton of quarter matches and some ranked matches. Good times indeed! :rofl:

The dropping in ranked matches though is a bunch of lame sauce. The thing that’s funny about it, is the people who dropped were consistently scrubby Hondas and Bisons. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so annoying.

Anyway, GG’s to everyone I played in ranked matches who didn’t drop on me and GG’s to pretty much everyone I played in quarter matches. That was a lot of fun!

And Zeruel, sorry I couldn’t accept your invite. One of my friends had JUST gotten on and I joined his quarter match room. I’ll catch ya next time :wgrin:

I don’t think they post here but GGs to FogPipe and LIVINGxLEGEND, the only guys I played online last night who showed they can adapt to what’s happening on screen. Also a decent Dhalsim player, I can’t remember his name. I haven’t bumped into any droppers yet, just people who scream down the mic that throws are cheap, Chun-Li is cheap, blocking is cheap (!), etc etc.

Blocking is cheap…LOL! That’s pure gold right there.

On a related note, I was just messing around on the XBox360 dashboard and found out you can do something called “Submit Player Review” to basically complain that they dropped on you. It says that by doing this you’ll be less likely to play with them in the future.

As tedious as it sounds, it might be worth rating droppers, like a Honda scrub that dropped on me today called “pwn n00bs 4 fun”, to get them off your list. If enough people rate these guys, maybe this nonsense will slow down? FWIW, it’s easy to find these people in the recent people you met list or in the Leaderboard lists.

And Showbiz, it’s possible that I was that decent Dhalsim player. I’ve been playing him quite a bit on there.

Nintencats is a pussy ass turtling dropper.

Good games to anyone I played hours ago!

My gamertag is: Sensei Ukyo