Street Fighter II Turbo #7 Discussion Thread

This one had a lot of fighting and plenty of Final Fight characters so I was happy about that! :clapdos: Cody’s comment to Poison was hella funny! :rofl: The Guy vs. Maki backup story was nice too. Discuss!

It was decent but i though it was going to be better :sweat:

One shoryu to take Hugo out? I mean I love Ken, but shit. I did like seeing Bison’s “Kill you from anywhere” ray appearence.

Final Fight back stories where pretty sweet. But I cant wait for Oro/Q back stories :lovin:

Yeah, Ken rocked Hugo quick, a kick to the throat then a shoryuken. Now the part i can’t figure out was when did Bison get control of Deejay and Blanka again.

Yeah I got confused at first, but if you remember back, thats how he got Cammy brainwashed again. When Cammy, Hawk, and Rose fought Bison all those issues ago, Bison captured the plane that Delta Red was on as well as Blanka and Dee Jay. Then told her if she wouldn’t come with him, he’d kill them all. I thought Cammy excaped a couple isues ago though.

The coloring/inking was good for creating atmosphere, but I could barely tell what was going on. I wanted them to turn the lights on!

There was inking this issue? Finally! Chamba’s stuff really needed that.

Any backgrounds this time?

With inking and backgrounds the comic would look fine.

I thought it was pretty good. I noticed that the stories in Turbo are pretty short, but I can deal with that. The art is abviously great. Chamba is the fucking man.

The only thing that really bothered me is that Ryu “lost control” after only like two hits. But than again, I never did like teh whole “I can’t control my own darkside” aspect thats been goin around for awhile with him. I think its dull and a bit uncharacteristic. I think it’d be better if he just knew he hand that power and tried to embrace and control it bit by bit (occasionally losing some control) rather than that whole “It consumes me” thing goin on. Just my opinion.

The Guy story was cool because it gave some insight into his style of fighting as well as his relationship with Maki. It told volumes in just a few pages.

And that last page was just funny. I liked that. And hope to see more skits and shenanigans in future issues.

Next issue should be dope now that all the best fighters are finally ready to go at it. Hopefully, they dont throw gimmicks in there. That was cool for the qualifiers, but I don’t wanna see that for the finals.

Actually, I don’t think so. I’m no artist so I’m not sure if I’m using the right terms. But the process Chamba has used for the past few issues is the same he uses here, so if you didn’t like it before, you won’t like it here. In some ways it’s kinda worse. The shading or whatever he used, as I said, creates good atmosphere as everything is dark and muddy, but it makes things incredibly hard to decipher cause of the lack of backgrounds and the colors kinda bleed together. There was one part where Poision traps Cody in an elevator of some sort but it’s impossible to even see the elevator at all. It was like he was just being pulled up into some black abyss. I’m fine with Chama’s art style but for this particualr issue it didn’t serve the story too well at all.

Good stuff…I’m SO ready for the Q backup though!!

Good issue, of course the qualifiers were a bit obvious, but then again there were a few nice twists, nice to see Rolento!

Nice issue. For once I didn’t have a problem with how the qualifier proceeded (LOL @ T. Hawk attack, so random), though I really don’t understand why Eliza had to be there.

The only thing that bothered me is Cody didn’t fight dirty enough. Dude needs to throw some rocks, swing some lead pipes, toss dirt in people’s faces. The way he fought in this issue was just too technical. He’s a brawler, not a martial artist.

Rose on the next issue cover is interesting, though I don’t know if it has anything to do with the contents. Since Rose is now officially in SF4 I wonder if Udon will try to bring her back to life?

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Hugo got KO by a Shoryuken? The guy could withstand a Shin Shoryuken and he gets KOed by a Shoryuken?
Well at least you enjoyed it Sano, good for you :tup:

LOL well SF3 is 3 years later and it took a lot less then that to take him out during Final Fight.

Man I have fallen WAY behind on the Udon comics, I’m still waiting for the next TBP to come out…

These comics are great! I got two more people to buy them just by showing Udon’s comics to them.

Hugo and Poison were amazing and great to see them. can not wait for Oro and Q back ups! keep it up, Udon!

hate to be the hater here, but i think theres a real lack of content in this title. i unintentionally read the entire comic (#7) at the shop in under 3 mins- however not counting the back up story. i spend a lot of $$$ at comic shops and have never read a comic off the shelf like that- but it really was on accident- had no idea it’d be so brief.

i really like udon, but i cant bring myself to pay full price for what seems to have a fraction of content of what a normal title usually carries. the bare amount of story reminds me of the image comics from the 90’s.

and this is a big problem here. if you are a big street fighter fan, you should be THANKFUL to be getting anything at all this great that is street fighter by supporting it and buying it. It is the ONLY way you will get MORE of street fighter and if there are enough fans SUPPORTING it and BUYING it then we will see MORE content within the issues as they make MORE money. this is just strictly a business stand point.

Udon is doing all they can (being huge street fighter fans themselves and barely making profit ) and we just have to support them enough for them to put more pages, etc into it for little to no more money for us.

I, for one, am insanely excited for street fighter 3 nad can’t wait for Oro, Q and Ibuki! :tup:

i admire your enthusiasm for udon, but i DO NOT AT ALL feel obligated to support them. they are talented artists, not a charity case. the burden is on THEM to put out what i believe is a worthy purchase. to purchase their book as is currently, would only reinforce their practice to put out books w/ less than half the amount of content as the titles that i do buy.

thats wrong, especially w/ the overwhelming amount of great titles coming out these days. my money will always go to the crew that puts out the best book, not who happens to have the street fighter license.

their success/ failure is in their hands.

I love the SF books and will continue to buy them but I got to agree I go through these issues WAY To quick, I need to spend more than the 3 minutes it takes me to read it ( and I have to import them to Japan, so I spend even more money than the average person on these. )

with that said I think art wise they got the best book on the shelves, just no where enough reading for me