Street Fighter II Character Comparisons

While playing Third Strike I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in some of the new SFIII cast and the old SFII cast.

Here’s who I think are alike so far:


Ryu //Ryu
Ken //Ken
Akuma// Akuma
Chun-Li //Chun-Li
Zangief //Hugo
Dhalsim //Necro
Vega //Twelve
Guile //Remy
Balrog// Q
Fei Long// Yang

So far thats what I got. If you have any others please post them.

one thing i always thought about was… since ryu is in every sf right? what makes ryu = ryu? every game is different but the appearance of ryu in a game is constant… what characteristics r constant that make each character who they r from game to game?

i wouldnt go so far as to say remy is similar to guile as yang is to fei long… that kinda detracts and takes away from a character. also some ppl find it an insult if u think of them as replacements. i rather see them as completely seperate from past characters.

How about similarities between 3s characters and wrestlers?

Alex = HHH
Hugo = Big show
Yang and Yun = The Hardy Boys
Makoto = Molly Holly


necro is not a keap away char if you play whit necro keap away you loses all time

Watch Cole’s SSF2T Dhalsim and see if he plays keep away.

t. hawk = alex (think about it: air dive, anti-air uppercut and similiar command throw)
Cammy = Ibuki/elena (sorta a long shot but it seems close to me)

Dhalsim and Necro are way different. Necro players almost never use his long-range limbs, he’s played as an up-close rush-down character. The only thing the two characters have in common in how they’re actually played is their air raids, but again Necro uses his for more up-close action than Dhalsim usually does. I don’t know if that’s how Capcom expected Necro to be played, they might have intended him to be used like Dhalsim, but his rush-down game is much more effective than his distance game.

Alex = Hulk Hogan.

Think about it, Alex definately got the Hulkster thing going on. Blonde hair, Big boot, Rips his shirt at the begining of matches. “Real American” good guy thing going on.

Hugo = Andre. Just look at his face. Big show is kinda like Andre though so yeah I’ll buy that comparison.

One of Q’s outfits REALLY looks like The Undertaker …

Remy = Christian, or maybe a skinny Raven …

Urien = Batista

Gill = Rowdy Roddy Piper that one time (remember when he painted himself half red half blue lol)

Yun and Yang = The Rockers. Ok maybe not.

Dudley = Devon Dudley. J/k.

OH SHIT, I just thought of a rEALLY good one. Dan = Rob Van Dam. TELL me you don’t see a mad resemblance!

Yes. How does Vega score the majority of his damage? Pokes and throws. How about Twelve? Pokes and throws. Differences:

Vega takes alot less, does alot more and is faster. Even though Twelve can airdash. I duno I found them kinda similar.

Haha, this isnt a wrestler comparison… :wonder:

Very nice on T. Hawk / Alex comparison. The Cammy one is a little iffy but still i know where your coming from. More Elena than Ibuki because all of her special moves are foot/feet related. Thier SRK + Kick move is very similar too.

I wish Yang had a move like Fei’s dragon arc kick…instead of his garbage senkyutai.

And yeah Alex reminds me more of T.Hawk, especially one of his costumes makes him look like an engine.

I’m confused. I know Mike Bison as the boxer, Balrog as the guy with the mask and claws, and Vega as the boss of SF2 (I mean com’n. Even the name Vega SOUNDS evil). I always get confused when people still talk about them the old way that was made for America where they switched around the names. Balrog makes sense because he rolls around like a Ball…rog.

I usually stick to the American names because well…that’s what I’ve played on my whole life.

Vega = Claw
Balrog = Boxer
M. Bison = Dictator

Vega = Dictator
Balrog = Claw
M. Bison = Boxer

The reason this was switched around in the american version is so that Capcom can avoid legal issues with the boxer, Mike Tyson. Capcom thought that, M Bison (Boxer character in Japan) and M.Tyson (Real boxer in America) were too closely related in regards to thier names and looks. To avoid this Capcom pulled the ol’ switch a roo. Some people wonder why Sagat’a name never changed. Thats simple, he was already in SFI as the end boss, so they couldn’t change his name in II. Capcom also messed with Ken’s name too. Notice that not many other characters have last names unless you research them. Ken’s last name is clearly stated in the games to avoid a legal confilict with Matel. Capcom again felt that thier Ken and Barbie’s Ken were too closley realted and wanted to avoid contraversy so they gave Ken his last name, Masters. Capcom was just trying to avoid legal issues.

I’d say about 1/2 the people use American names and 1/2 use the Japanese names, depending on which games they’ve played longer. I think CvS2 players use the Japanese names more where as SFII players would use the American names. For my refrences I used American names.

Twelve & Vega, eh I dunno bout that one maybe, but by a longshot

I always just wanted to see the other SFII characters with such great sprites and animation. Guile would be badass, especially when he combs his hair.

remy = the lovechild of sagat (dominant trait) and guile (recessive trait)

One thing I like about SFII -> SFIII is that they actually put an effort to show that Ryu is improving his game over the years. He’s learned how to do shin-shoryuken, dejinn, etc. Its a nice little detail.

Alex = Hulk Hogan, Hugo = Andre. Fight them together, what do you get? The staredown from Wrestlemania III.

The proof? Pick Start + Roundhouse Alex.