Street Fighter Competetive Gaming Documentary trailer


Finally finished a trailer. PC had virii, had to buy a mac.

Please pass this link around to as many gaming websites where people would be interested in this. Trying to generate enough interest to make a decent documentary.

Thanks guys

that’s a nice start.

Does Justin cry to the Daigo video?

Nice… Good to see some SF docs coming up. I have one under pre-production right now :]

clank the machine

very cool dude nice job

thats awesome whens is the rest coming!

ill get more to you as i churn it out… your going to have to wait a few months for a full finished product, but i would say before summer. Its going to get a legit treatment though.

I was there on the day this was filmed. In fact, near the end of the trailer, you can see me doing the david blaine face.

Very Nice. I like the hype in that video!

damn i would liek to be in this lol

Justin Wong ftw

Can I be cast as Daigo? Would love to recreate the scene where JW got ridiculed at evo! =D

Daigo ftw…

I hope one of those Blankas getting their asses beat wasn’t me…

With SF4 revitalizing the fighting game community and all the major tournaments that will be playing it this year, Justin aims to take the crown as King of SF4. This weekend he will be competing in Sinsation (SF4 Major tournament in Virginia with some big names from West Coast coming), on Feb. 21 in Round 1 of Gamestop official SF4 tourney, next month Final Round XII in Atlanta, later in the year EVO2K9 and SBO 7. As a friend of Justin’s I have to say that Justin is working harder than he ever did in Marvel to be the best SF4 player so as a message to everyone who plans to take the crown, STEP YOUR GAME UP!! Every one has to get hype! This game is going to be bigger than Marvel ever was.

This year’s EVO is going to be insane especially with all the rivalries.
Justin Wong -vs- Daigo -the rematch-
East -vs- West
USA -vs- Japan
Choi -vs- Valle
Old School -vs- New School

Thank you for all the feedback. From some of the comments and rivalries, good and ill feelings on Justin, I have started to form an interesting direction for the film to move in. Of course I cannot let you know about it because it will ruin the film. All I have to ask, is if there is any possible way someone can get the video link on the front page of shoryuken. Anywhere else posted would be greatly appreciated. This is really helping me figure out where and when my the next steps will need to be.

Thanks again

PM MrWizard.

Justin Wong looks like a nice guy with all those guys surrounding him. He even says he ain’t gonna lose. I liek 'em.

I came in here to flame, but hey that was actually really good. Definitely want to see more :tup: What kind of plans do you have for this?

Whoops, looks like I still get my chance!
I feel so sorry for the mods of the SF IV section who have to clean this shit up all day.