STREET FIGHTER CLUB: October 24th in Brooklyn, NY

I wasnt sure where to put this but I figured the FGD forum would be the best so everyone sees it.

S-Kill posted earlier today about Sakura being playable in the states sometime next week. After a little digging I found that CAPCOM is throwing a Street Fighter Club event next week in Brooklyn so I am sure the two are related.

Check it out…

I think you need to be a capcom unity member to sign up for this. Go to and sign up for an account then go to the link above.

If anyone here is going please PM me.

edit: ah my bad, fixed the link. thanks.

page aint loading man.

what is suppose to be there tho? i live in queens and depending where and whats happening ill go and bring a few friends with me.

I get a blank page after clicking on the electrified bodied.

site dont work

blank page as well. MAD HYPE!!!

getting a blank page in firefox, and a broken link in explorer. fix, plz

I just clicked the link myself and it works… Try typing it into your browser.

I think you have to be a capcom-unity member to sign up for it.

Go there and sign up for an account and you should be set.

Nope, still blank.

we will get a blog update shortly on the main page.

keep in mind folks, before you go to this site, you NEED to visit and register as a member there, first. Once you register there and become a forum/blog member, then go to the SFC site and sign up, it should be signing you up with the username you chose on the unity site(the page is binded to capcom unity)

holy fucking shit, NINJAS!

Still not working.

ok so i got in and it asked me for something i forgot what i just put ken ryu and XL. now eveyrtime i try to go back in it says ur already in bucko. so wheres all the info?

AFAIK they will email you the info when the time comes.

o ok cool.wonder where in bK is it gona be. i would suspect somewhere in manh since thats like the main place for stuff like this.

i register and it didnt work

Yeah I dunno, I just heard the last one they did in LA was sick. I think they had like custom SF graffiti/art on the walls, give aways and all kinds of shit.

btw, if you guys are having problems you may just want to contact the guys on the capcom unity SFC page

or go to the capcom unity forums.

is there gona be like a sf4 machine there also?

I assume it will be the console versions they debuted at Tokyo Game Show last week, not the arcade, but I don’t know for sure.