Street Fighter CE > Street Fighter HF?

I’ve been playing SFCE on GGPO Not because i like the game but because it seems like everyone only plays CE & hardly anyone be on HF. Am i missing something?

No. People are crazy like that.

I don’t understand it either.

CE Bison mirror matches?

there was a somewhat long thread awhile back about which sf2 incarnation (not including super or st) ppl preferred, and the majority said sf2 hf.

doesnt HF not work right on ggpo thats probly why more ppl play CE if thats the case. theyre both super cool though and i like watching the matches that get posted in the sf2ce thread

I want to say first off that I consider the CE scene players, especialy ‘KoreaSF2CE’ to be allies and friends, and that CE offers its own experience, its speed makes for a different pace of game, and some people actualy enjoy the quirks, like Dictator. But that does not explain why CE is so dissproportionaly more popular than HF.

I think one of the main problems is that SF2 HF has had a long history of technical emulation problems. Even to this day, Mame does not run it at the correct speed, and this is a board (CPS1) that has been emulated since 1998. GPPO has sound glitches and continual desyncs, rendering the game unplayable. The only way to currently correctly play the game online is with Supercade.

Secondly, there are still alot of arcade locations in the world that still have large amounts of SF2CE cabinets, but never got the later revisions of SF2, including HF. This is especialy the case in Asia and South America.

Finaly, once a game gets a following online and guarentees regular competition, especialy on GGPO where you can only occupy one room at a time, it tends to starve other less popular versions off the map. These three factors I think have added up to CE being dissproportionaly popular compared to HF.

ce is good

CE is really really popular worldwide, I think HF didn’t get as much distribution outside of the US.

Also, HF is a bit too balanced perhaps. People like stupid bullshit.

It seems to me that ST gets more play on GGPO than CE and HF combined. Not tryna’ hate just sayin.

This thread has nothing to do with ST so why bring it up in the first place?

Someone from China (I think?) posted on here once that the reason that some people prefer CE to HF is that HF caters towards weaker players.

I like CE. But I don’t play neither online. In CE on GGPO the music get ugly idk why.

you cant play hf on ggpo , it constantly de-synches and you end up playing the cpu instaed of your opponent .
thats why no one plays it on ggpo .
nothing to do with people liking ce more than hf , 99% of people consider hf the definite sf game
you can play hyper anniversary edition speed 1 with hf charcters and then your good to go .


Someone from China (I think?) posted on here once that CE is the most balanced SF game and any bad match ups can be “overcome with good skills”.

We should believe every piece of crap they spout? No problem, right?

I mentioned he was from China because that’s where the game is still most active (saw it first hand). Why would I bother posting anyone else’s opinion besides those of people who actually believe CE to be the better game, AND still play it?

But anyway, you can believe whatever and whoever you want.

Alright, you want to play that card? That was pretty much owned in the thread a long time ago.

You like CE? That’s cool, I don’t care. I just think its wrong to tout the game as something that its so obviously not.

WTF. I’m telling you what people who actually still play the game believe. Why are you trying to argue with me? I didn’t mention anything about balance, or the game being fair or whatever. If you don’t think that HF caters towards weaker players maybe you should comment on that.

And FWIW, I prefer HF.

My bad, I thought you did.

Sorry. =[

And no, HF doesn’t cater to “weaker” players. I mean, come on does that even deserve a comment.

Sup Rocky Rose