Street Fighter Alpha Manga Volume 1 Discussion and Spoiler Thread

Just like we always do for Studio Udon comics I wanted to kick of this thread now that the book is out, but since it’s early and I’m still in the middle of reading it for now I’ll remain spoiler free more or less, just make sure you check out Masahiko Nakahira’s manga translated in English FINALLY after so many years!

Having lots of fun reading it so far. Love all of the comedic moments with Ryu and Chun-Li, my two favorite video game characters heh heh! The art is great of course and so are the action sequences, the dialog is really well written! Loved hearing Eagle’s name being dropped too, it’s things like that I missed out from having this manga only in Japanese.

Great to see all the stuff that inspired Capcom to include in their games too, manly the Satsui No Hadou AKA the Dark Hadou, heck some of things in here are very familiar to stuff that occured in the first Street Fighter Zero/Alpha anime!

Ken is the man too and of course Dan is hella funny! I liked how Masahiko Nakahira showed Birdie in a positive light, he really is a master storyteller!

This book is a little bigger than the original manga too so that’s an extra plus!

This goes without saying but THANK YOU Studio Udon for finally translating one of Masahiko Nakahira’s works! For years all I had for a translation was volume descriptions, not even script translations or scanlations, NOTHING and now I can finally read it! ME HAPPY!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I’ll talk about it more in depth tomorrow once I finish reading it. Great stuff, everyone who’s interested go out and get it, come back and discuss. :lovin:

Okay finished reading it. Slight spoilers. Not using spoiler tags because this is a spoiler thread afterall. :sweat:

Ack I forgot that Eagle had a physical appearance in the manga it’s been so long. :rofl: He’s a guy that Adon beats down oooh…

Ryu and Ken’s fight was excellent! I loved the entire bit about how Ryu was taught that the Shoryuken was a path to the Dark/Satsui No Hadou!

Guy being an avenger of justice was too good! There’s a panel talking about his past where they show one of the Andore/Hugo guys lol!

Nice to see Cammy in a variant of the Killer Bee outfit for the first time ever too, another thing that made it into the games of course - first in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and then the Zero/Alpha series!

Ah I see Studio Udon opted to name Nash Charlie Nash in the manga too heh heh!

Balrog(Ninja) was very cool even if he didn’t do as much as he did in Masahiko Nakahira’s Cammy manga.

Oh and the Onimusha preview was a nice bonus for those who haven’t checked out that manga yet!

Good stuff! The next volume stuff is really going to go down with Ryu and Guy’s fight that’s freaking AWESOME and Ryu’s fight with Vega(Cape) is BEAST! Oh and Gouki(Akuma) shows up too. Can’t wait for the next volume! :tup:

Finally Sano I’ve been meaning to speak to you about this. Well for starters I’m in Round 5 (if I’m right, was reading last night while downloading the ninja gaiden sigma demo and yes, I know I’m late on doing so even though I have 15+ down on it) Anyhow, for starters, how and what the hell is ryu doing being involved with narcotics with birdy as a bodyguard? 2) Ryu is the next highlander?? (shot + dark hadou = I am immortal!!??) 3) instances of v-ism apparent with chun li and ryu (kikoken^x power from below while ryu atop of boat fireballing madness) 4) chun li mashing on ryu calling him a chump aka (“you should be ashamed of yourself ryu”) and lastly the king of all lines in the book since reading ==>> “this is no normal drug bust, that’s for sure” so all in all, besides being comedy to me, I recommend it. and for kickers, I could have purchased the japanese version a while back but, I’ve been too lazy to visit my local Japanese book store here in san diego by where I used to work.

About him being Birdie’s bodyguard, hey he was in a dark place lol!

Regarding him healing himself up, it reminded me of Wolverine myself ha ha! HELL YEAH RYU IS GOD TIER BROKEN ROFL! :rofl:

Oh well creative license and all. Still lots of fun though. :smile:

Meh, this comic is alright - felt a bit flat and illogical. Udon clearly has alot of talent in making the characters three dimensional in their own works, which i guess stems from their ability to draw from prototypes such as this series.

How many volumes are there in total? It wasn’t great, but it was a fun read.


Does this follow along well with the current Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 volumes that have been released?

…looks like I have another book to read. :slight_smile:

…that went well.

Not sure what you mean but no I guess, if you are talking about storyline it’s a different story from Studio Udon’s Street Fighter comic. The manga came out in Japan several years prior.

If you mean follow along and not in a storyline sense, (like weither they tie into each other because they don’t) I’m not really sure what you mean there. As best as I can answer I like both works, both have things I like and things I don’t like (mainly for things I don’t like I’m talking about his ‘Sakura Ganbaru!’ manga where the author favors Sakura TOO MUCH in terms of fights for my tastes anyway and Udon fast forwarding through SF1 and not having Ryu and Chun-Li meet yet which are minor gripes I guess lol). But his SFZ(A) manga is my favorite of all of Masahiko Nakahira’s SF works, followed by Ryu Final. :smile:

I bought it for the art. And was more than satisfied. :smiley:

Where can I order this? I can’t find it on club udon and my store didn’t get it.

You can find it at a few places online like First volume’s available now, the second is up for pre-order.

Has UDON released any Sakura Ganbaru or Ryu FINAL volumes yet?

Also, is the SSF2:Cammy GN still available from Viz?

Finally, does anyone have any ideas as to what UDON is going to do to bring back their SFII comic? I’d imagine that at this point, no one cares about UDON SF anymore seeing as it’s been such a long time since issue 6 came out.

A tie-in with SSF2T: HD Revival perhaps?

Sakura Ganbaru and Ryu Final are not out yet.

The SSF2: Cammy GN is out of print. Best to go the online route for that if you don’t see it in a comic shop. Not that difficult to find online.

I have no idea when Udon’s SF2 comic is coming back, it’s supposed to though. Udon said their new HD ST endings will tie into their SF2 comic in some capacity - check Udoneko’s last post at SRK… I’m working on 2 hours of sleep so pardon the laziness of me not finding a link lol! It’s in the “When is the next issue of Street Fighter coming out?” thread.

Good news from a friend on the SFD forums. He spoke to UDON on their DeviantArt account and got word that there are going to be updates on the RS and SFII comics this summer/fall: *

They also said that it would indeed include everything Rival Schools. That includes the Summer Special story, the back stories in SF and the main issues!


Good to hear thanks. :tup:

So what’s the word on this? Is it worth picking up? I flipped through it in Borders last week and while it seemed decent, I wasn’t sure if it was worth $13. Is it a buy or should I pass?

is anything done in comic form canon?

Only the very first SF1 manga was completely canon, before the Zero series overrode it. Most SF comics, manga and movies will have at least a few canon elements incorporated into them, and a select few would actually inspire future canon for the SF universe.