Street Fighter Alpha Anthology announced!

This is some great news, hopefully the A3 they include is the Upper version.

Why the hell would you want them to port Upper, a game nobody plays, over the hopefully first arcade-perfect port of A3?

Given that shit like this iwll likely never get released on the next-gen consoles, this is actually the last bunch of SF games Capcom have to re-release, isn’t it? Could be the last fighting game release from Capcom in some time.

They should put this shit on the xbox with live capabilities. Too bad its only for ps2.

alpha 3 should’ve been on anniversary edition…but i’ll take this…i’ll hope for a xbox release to be announced soon…and maybe after they’re done whoring all of these old games they’ll make a new fighter…haha…yea right

Holy shit! Alpha 2 Gold rerelease? Count me in!! :tup:

Does that mean A3 official tournaments at EVO again? :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^ Not if the A3 on the disk is upper. And even if it isn’t i doubt it.

Maybe nobody plays SFZ3U because it was only released in arcades in Japan ?
As for an arcade perfect port, imo the DreamCast version is pretty much that.
And as im a completist, i would want to have the Upper version too :wink:

cosign but if it’s only 4 ps2 i’m still obligated to get it and hopefully i’l at least to play it online on ps2.

what a surprise i didnt see this game comming…

rehash rehash repeat after me rehash.


yes capcom have sucked dried all their classics oh wait theirs still the Marvel vs collection…

no online = who cares

Most reports state nobody in Japan played it either.

Uh, no. It’s not even the closest.

People like me who don’t play consoles online.

I’m willing to bet $100 that these are all just the ps1 versions of each game.


What was the problem with it?
And which one is closest then?

Well the press release says differently at least:

The collection features direct arcade conversions of StreetFighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Oh well time to preorder i guess, as i doubt Capcom will produce that much of these.

I have no doubt that an Xbox port will come out with XBL play also sometime afterwards. I mean they have done it before with every other Capcom fighter that landed on the PS2, why stop now?

As for the DC game, it wasn’t a perfect Arcade port…you’re kidding right? I hope that these are the arcade ports and not the PS1/DC stuff. Although they should also throw in the DC verison of Alpha 3 also.

Capcom announces: more of the same crap that we KNOW you’ll buy!! Reserve yours today!


They said that Alpha 3 has 25 characters. That’s a clue as to what version of Alpha 3 will be on the disc. Which version of Alpha 3 had 25 playable characters total? Was it the arcade, PS1, or GBA/Double Upper? (serious question, I don’t remember)

oh goody same games and new packages