Street Fighter 2 Turbo Issue 10 Discussion

I loved it. Especially the Balrog vs Cammy match. Nice rematch between Sagat and Ryu and it looks like they went down the route of brainwashing Ken like the SF2 Anime. Wow Honda and T.Hawk also are brainwashed. Q back up story was pretty good. and looks like next issue Akuma shows up. Drop ur thoughts peoples

Was pretty cool and the tourney is not turning out like I was expecting! :tup:

And LOL at the Q back up story. The agents Ono, Crislip and Landon are based on people who have worked with Capcom.

Yoshinori Ono - Producer of Street Fighter IV

David Crislip - Assistant Capcom Producer

Reuben Langdon - Mo-Cap and voice of Dante in Devil May Cry 3 and 4, Mo-Cap for Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5 but not his voice, Dante’s voice in the English dub of the Devil May Cry anime, Ken’s English voice in Street Fighter IV, Ken’s voice in the English dub of Street Fighter IV The Ties that bind AND Mo-Cap for Avatar that comes out this week man GO SEE IT! :cool:

Yeah I read ur post in the other thread. I noticed Guile and Chun Li are still working in the shadows to shut shadaloo down. wow only 2 issues left

The only problem I have is the art. The people and the action scenes look fine, but it can’t be said enough: What is going on with the backgrounds? There’s no detail in them. And they’re all blurred, usually only have about two color schemes, and are hazy. People are fighting against colored backgrounds and nothing more. I wish Chamba would focus more on backgrounds as they shouldn’t be looking like this. I thought this was a 14 issue maxi series though? Are there really only 2 more issues to go?

just check the udon website. 12 issue max, i wish it was 14

the Q back-up was interesting as it was hinted that Dorai was under the mask. i enjoyed it:wgrin:

BTW since I’m friends with Reuben Langdon on Facebook (yes, I am very awesome/lame like that ROFL! Well he’ll befriend anybody) I told him about Landon appearing in the Q back up story. He apparently didn’t know about it and thinks it’s cool! He wants to know where he can get a copy! Sent him this link. If there’s a better site out there for this kind of thing let me know and I’ll pass it on!

Oh on Facebook Reuben said he saw Avatar the other day and it was amazing. Again, everyone go see it. :tup:

So was it a typo that the agent’s name in the story was Landon?

Oh Landon lol possibly. Or I’m way off on this one. :rofl: Does like him though. Perhap’s it’s mispelled on purpose for usual parody reasons like MAD Magazine, Cracked, etc. do all of the time. Hmm…

Cammy Balrog double KO was lol. Was that part of her plan? I was hoping Balrog would yell something about his fight money.

Nice of them to redraw the Rose disintegration from SF2. I wonder if they redrew it just for me since I wasn’t sure what happened in that scene and had to ask Matt in the Q & A thread. If so, thanks and <3 to ya Udon! lol

My only problem with this issue was that the main story felt shorter than usual. This could probably be attributed to the fact that there was a lot more action than dialogue, but even taking that into account, it felt very short.

Oh, and the Q story… to be honest I’m not a big fan of it. I think the style could have been better utilized for a more light-hearted character like Ibuki or Sean.

You’re right about that. Her fate was a lot clearer to see this time around. The in the older series, I wasn’t sure what happened to Rose either without looking at it a bunch of times.

That scene where Rose had Master Bison chained up anime style but with her scarf was great!

I love the artstyle for Q’s story because it both reminds of the opening credits for The Incredibles and Justice League: New Frontier.

Couldn’t really get into the Ryu/Sagat fight. The SFIII manga spoiled me good with how well the fight between Ryu and Sagat was handled.


I expected little from Udon, but come on, this is the SFII tournament. If they don’t get serious now they never will…

I don’t think T.Hawk and E.Honda are brainwashed. My guess is Guile and Chun-Li got to them first and they are playing along.

Heh, Ken turned out to be brainwashed during the SF2 Tourney in Namco x Capcom’s world also.

u have a point

So is Rose dead or still alive somewhere messing with Bison in his head?

In Udon’s comic Rose is dead and messing with Bison in his head. The energy that flowed into Rose long ago when Master Bison killed their master flowed back into Master Bison when he killed Rose. Rose’s soul merged with Bison’s that way.

That is a good possibility of T. Hawk and E. Honda not really being under Shadaloo’s mind control.

After all, Chun Li found T. Hawk being brainwashed at 85%. There’s a good chance that she and Guile stopped “Dr. Wily” and saved him.

It doesnt matter whether the brainwashes succeed to actually happen or not. The point is that, from what I see (I havent read the latest four of five issues yet), they took the story of SFII and they made it revolve around (successfully or not) brainwashing a good chunk of the cast. The stories of SFA and SFIV suck anyways, but doing that to the SFII tournament

A bit much brainwashing, maybe. Won’t know for sure until the story ends. But once you have a story with a guy who brainwashes people - Master Bison - you almost have to include that aspect. This is why it is used in Masaomi Kanzaki’s manga, the SF2 Animated movie, SF2V, tons of SF2 HK mahnwa, etc.

In fact if Udon switches things up or increases decreases things like brainwashing, well it’s only because SF2’s story has been told so many times and they have to find a new way to go about things.

I honestly suggest reading the issues in question first. Lots of things sound stupid if it is just someone explaining it to you as opposed to experiencing it yourself. You may be pleased or dislike it, but at least your opinion will be more valid.