Street Fighter 2 Turbo Issue 10 Discussion

Mhyeah, but Udon comics have already cost me a few facepalms (as in, literally bringing the palm to the face while reading them) in different matters, so I expect the mass brainwashing part to actually be as corny as it sounds. -_-u

I’ll see when I can borrow them.

Fair enough. :smile:

Im subscribing to this , but my shipment is still not here :frowning: cant wait.

Would be nice if they had a Dudley back-up story.

After reading it again, I am still not so sure what exactly took place in Q’s back up story.

Was it basically the same as his 3rd Strike ending except that Q was going to possibly kidnap or kill the two CIA agents?

Although they hinted at Chun-Li’s father possibly being Q under Bison’s influence, I’m wondering how that is possible in the comics since we saw Cammy as Killer Bee break his neck, thus killing him.

With the Q story I think Udon put out a lot of theories out there (similar to theories fans of the games have had) but they were trying to say he was really that guy that Ono and Crislip were looking for. Though yeah that’s basically what I came away with. Definitely different ways to interpret the story.

Who knows if Q was going to kidnap or kill those two agents. I’m leaning towards him killing them and possibly hiding the corpses. But who knows.

What do you think? That’s for the readers to decide. Usual cop out answer. :rofl:

Q might just beat them up really bad and give them the message not to fuck with him. But he could of killed him. I dont know, its hard to think of Q as a killer but maybe.

That could’ve happened too.

Is there a CBR for this yet? I want to read this. Im not from the states and the comics arent that cheap as the online page in page1 damn what a deal. I will be heading to the states next month and Im looking forward to buying those novels they have, I cant remember what they are called. Does anyone know what they are called? It contains like multiple issues into 1 book, how much are they in US just so I know if its worth it or not?

You mean a TPB, as in Trade Paper Back? There’s one for the first half of the new arc -

  • but not one that covers this issue just yet. 2 single issues need to come out first and then the sixth TBP should come out. This one’s still not out yet. Issue 10 will be collected in there.

Anyway the entire series can be found below if you are missing anything prior.

CBR is a file format for unofficial comic scans. In other words, it’s as illegal as roms or rips on this site, so don’t ask.

I see. Yes please don’t ask for that sort of thing here. Thanks.

I live in Japan and love these SF comics so much I import them , and yes they cost DOUBLE the amount

BTW David Crislip is using the drawing of him in this comic as his avatar on Facebook. :rofl:

I’m a bit disappointed in Q’s backup story. I must stay i was quite impatient to learn even the tiniest bit about him but they chose to go with “hey Q is mistery, let’s keep him that way m’kay ?”. I guess they tried to ask capcom for info about him but they refused to give any… Oro’s backup was too awesome and gave me too much hope !