Strange Problem with modded SE

Ok so I have a MadCatz SE stick which is modded with all Sanwa buttons and a LS-32-01 stick. No PCB mods or anything, just buttons and the joystick.

TLDR: Two buttons (LT & RT) stop working seemingly randomly between sf4 matches, but work once the stick is unplugged then plugged in again.

A little problem has arisen twice so far, and that is that the buttons mapped to RT & LT will completely stop responding. The last time it happened I finished the current round and in between rounds I unplugged the stick and plugged it back in and the buttons in question started responding like normal.

The first time it happened I checked the quick disconnects to the buttons on both ends making sure they had an optimal connection and they did. Then the problem just happened once again.

It was my first time modding the stick, but I can assemble a computer and am pretty tech savvy (although new to stick modding) so I really don’t think I damaged anything during installation, but I guess its possible.

I’m kinda confused because its two buttons at the same time. I thought maybe the microswitch was damaged, but two being damaged simultaneously is kinda improbable. Also if it were damaged buttons, why would they work after the stick is unplugged and plugged back in?

One of my other thoughts is that the button configuration was being reset to something where LT and RT had no function, but since it happened between consecutive matches where it worked in one and not in the other, that theory doesn’t hold water. Also the unplugging and plugging back in procedure debunks this theory also.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening? I kinda just need some ideas on what to look for. Maybe its something with the PBC? Which connections should I check?

Usually I’m a pretty solid trouble-shooter, but my noobyism to sticks has me stumped on this one.

I’ve had the same problem with my RH, then I took the breakaway cable off of my guitar and put it on my stick and it works fine… I haven’t had it happen again… but it was already pretty rare.

Hmm, I guess it might be the cable, but wouldn’t know how to test that out. That might be why plugging it back in fixes the problem. Still weird that its only 2 buttons though.

Maybe its the xbox USB? Anyone else have ideas?

I have this exact problem with a non-modded SE. A few others on here have had a similar problem. One guy had modded his with sanwa parts and i think the other guy had not so I don’t think it has to do with new parts.

That first guy (the one with a modded SE) sent it back to madcatz and got it repaired for free even though he voided the warranty. I’m not sure what they fixed.

BTW: all 3 of us have the 360 version.

breakaway cable for your guitar? little confused

He took the little connector (breakaway cable) from another controller and used it in place of the one on the SE. Don’t be confused by the Guitar wording. It’s just another 360 controller.

I’ve had the same problem with my TE and using a different breakaway cable didn’t fix the problem but has lessened the frequency of it’s occurrence. Mad Catz support told me it was most likely a problem with the PCB.

Hmmm. Sounds like an XBOX-only issue. If it is the break-away cable, maybe swap out the cable with a non-break-away one? Might require soldering though…

Yeah I had the same issue (I had a modded SE with Sanwa parts) and I sent it into Mad Catz.

They couldn’t duplicate the problem, but they did replace the security chip and the breakaway cord and everything seems to be alright.

Had to pay for shipping though because I didn’t have the original stick, only the buttons, plus I didn’t want them to remove the art and what not, so that might be a concern for those wishing to sent it in.

Hmm, I guess for now I’ll see if the different breakaway works at all.

same here. gonnna switch the breakaway and see what happens. mine usually disconnects once every day (usually play for couple of hours).

been playing the last 4 days or so (couple of hours per day). no disconnects with a different breakaway cord.

I’m sorry guys, but I see absolutely no way that a breakaway cable could fix or cause the problem described.

What’s really weird is the frequency that this problem comes up on those specific buttons. I have a hunch what it may be, but I need something answered first.

If someone(s) could plug it into a PC, and leave it there, plugged in, without turning the pc off or hibernating it, overnight, the symptoms should be there in the morning. What I’m mainly concerned about is whether the problem buttons show up as always pressed, or always unpressed, in the control panel applet.

If someone can answer that for me, I’ll try to have a fix for what I suspect the problem is for the brave of you willing to try.

okay i left it plugged into my pc overnight (about 8 hours), but all the inputs seem to be working fine.

My stick has had this issue in the past with buttons not working. Another thing to note is that when it happens all turbo functions for that button also stop working (no LED light up or anything.)

However I think the issue may be related to something physical, because the one time it happened to me was one of the only times I ever started really button mashing while playing a game on my PC. I usually keep my stick plugged in to my PC but when I pick it up and play throughout the day it usually doesn’t have those issues at any time.

Regardless, I’ll keep the stick plugged in and tell you if anything happens.

ya know, i did start to notice the LT and RT problem happens when i get lagged and start mashing …

After literally keeping it plugged in all day long it showed no signs of the same issues.

I was thinking the problem might have to do with the capacitors on the signal lines, but since it seems constrained to the triggers and doesn’t show up over time, then I’m betting I’m wrong. Sorry about that.

It has happened with my various kick buttons at times.

I’m still banking on some physical defect with the pcbs.

Interesting…how frequent is this issue. Do i have to be worried when my SE stick comes in later this week?:sad: