Stop begging for ONLINE fighters . .this is driving me crazy

I cant even fathom a word that would sum up the crime that is online play for fighting games.

It’s literally RIDICULOUS. LAUGHABLE. ABSURD. I personally make fun on people who take online fighting games serious.

What I really want to know is, are the people who are ‘pro online’ actually playing the current online fighters? Or are you just blindly backing up the claim that all fighters should be online? Either way shows a lack of brain power on your part.

Now I have a PS2 and a Xbox but I dont have either online enabled. But I do know it’s not a “skip” like people try to pass it off as, it’s literally a stop in heated gameplay. It fucks up juggles, strings, setups, startups . .anything that can possibly cause you win a match ONLINE play can prevent. And people seriously think a game like Tekken 5 or Soul Calibur . .or Marvel will survive online? Whats the point of a 1fs? Whats the purpose of negative frames?** What IS the meaning of disadvantage in online play?**

X-Play even showed footage of DoAUltimate on Xbox live and i literally had this “what the fuck” expression on my face the entire time. That was the first time I saw online play and it makes me wonder what Itagaki was smoking to have the gumption to slam Namco for apparently not bringing their franchise into online. That shit looks TERRIBLE.

I cant think of ANY reason why people bitch and moan like they do over why these recents fighters are NOT online. If they all look like Deception and Ultimate then we shouldnt even THINK about online play until the average household has a decent broadband connection and the next generation systems are released.

People didn’t learn from Resident Evil: Outbreak’s lag-loving teleporting zombies phenomena.

You’ve got to be kidding …

The lag in outbreak caused the zombies to slip through the fabric of space and teleport right next to you? LMAO

GOLDEN! :lol:

I could see it being fun if you don’t take every game seriously.

game with online > the same game with no online, even if the online sucks.

Thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

You rather a game suck with online rather than have the same game without it. Go somewhere and practice falling down.

So because people get mad when they lose and disconnect, and frame skipping that fucks up my win/loss ratio. . I’m taking the game too serious?

really. .

EDIT: I knew it was only a matter of time before the stupid ass comments came rolling in. But those still caught me off guard. Almost like the girls in the pornos that are never quite ready for the money shot.

A good game with an extra option that sucks that you never need to use and probably never will and in no way affects the rest of the game if you don’t use it is somehow worse than the same game without said extra option then? Oh wait, there is a difference. OMG U NEEDS TO PREZZ DOWN 1 MO TIEM TO GET TO DA OPTONZ TO TURN DIFICULTIE TO EZ!!!

Edit: Isn’t caring about your win/loss ratio the very definition of taking something seriously?

Seeing that Capcom doesn’t support the local arcades with more fighters and arcades are slowly dying where else do you suggest we play for competition? I know for me it gets boring to play against the computer too many times. You don’t get better at playing a game by playing against the computer, you only get better at playing against other players that are better than you.

Why? If the online sucks, don’t play it. Then it’s the exact same damn game it would be without online. How is a game with an additional feature EVER worse than the otherwise EXACT SAME GAME without the feature? If you don’t like it, you can just fucking ignore it! That doesn’t make the game worse! What fucked up logic are you using?

Why would a game have a mode that nobody would actually play?

idiots not included

Whats your point? Online isn’t playable. You’re better off playing with the AI than a laggy ass “person” over in france.

That made no sense at all. LOL. . what does difficulty have to do with online play?

And you just pulled your own card by stating a win/loss record means nothing to you. When it actually means everything playing online. That same laggy as online that tarnished those scores to begin with.

You guys are making it way to easy.

I used to like online, but now I’ve realized it SUCKS after playing 3S on XBL. I can barely parry shit and it’s just ruining my regular game play, I’m better off playing my friends offline.

How on earth can you take yourself seriously? Why does it matter to YOU if there is a mode that you wont use that does nothing to detract from the rest of the game? And again, you CARE about records, probably because you’re a scrub. Its all casual play in the first place, I dont know ANY good player who cares about there record in casual play. Funny thing is, you’re the only type of person who’s taking online seriously, by caring about your record. Its not about getting wins, its about being able to play with people you couldnt play otherwise, either cause you cant meet up at that moment or your too far away or whatever. I still cant believe your complaining about ADDING something to a game that doesnt detract from it at all. Its like if you were looking at 2 identical houses, except for one house has an extra room, you’d take the house that doesnt have the extra room, that’s an entire other plane of moronic thought, not even bender mk2 is that stupid. Shut up scrub.

Well, there are some issues involved when making a game online. Primarily, enabling online gameplay does need resources and development cost, meaning that a. the game could be released in less consoles b. the game will be published later c. resources used for online gameplay could be used to further improve the game itself or to add a different feature that could better enhance gameplay.

I understand that, which is why I said if the game was otherwise the same. I doubt stuff like Anniversary Edition would have a great deal many extra features were they not Live-enabled.


**What is the point of adding online if it’s going to be shit again? Oh yeeeeah . .they might as well add it because there is no reason not to . .even though consoles arent ready for online fighters. **:tup:

Of course it takes away from the game dumb ass, they can do a lot more with the game rather than push out something thats online enabled. Maybe do a in-depth check for bugs that ALWAYS seem to slip past the testers and perhaps GASP add some more content.

It blows my mind how people are being oblivious to this.

…would reply to everything you said but the bulk of it was you calling me a scrub like I’m going to take anything YOU say personal.

Stop confusing “I don’t like it” with “It sucks,” thanks. Some people like to play online despite the lag, because they aren’t bothered about 1 or 2 losses they might not have got otherwise, because they aren’t faggots that have to take every single casual game seriously.

Can you name any online-enabled fighters that had bugs that weren’t in the arcade version (and I mean BUGS, btw, not CHANGES)? Also, considering the amount of extra content that is in the majority of non-online-enabled fighters, I don’t think we’re missing much, if anything.

Mortal Kombat 6
Dead Or Alive Ultimate

And for the record casual or not casual. Nobody wants to lose over some bullshit. “good game. . even though I really won since my side started skipping.”

I don’t know what the bugs are in those games because I’ve never played them as their earlier installations sucked ass, so I can’t really comment. I’ve never heard of any bugs in MK6 though, just easy infinites and etc, which aren’t really bugs. I wouldn’t have expected those to be fixed even without online play, seeing as MK is a poor series made by people who know nothing about fighting games.

Of course nobody wants to lose because of lag, but most people don’t care enough to refuse to ever play online and start flaming anyone who likes playing online (or hell, even anyone who is just fucking LOGICAL about it.)

All the bugs that were ‘fixed’ in console fighters were requested to be put BACK in by the gamers, unless your taking a series exclusively console, fixing the game is wasted effort. Same with added content, hell noone even plays the extra modes they put in anyway unless they are online.

If your going to say that online play is a waste, your going to have to put something in that is more worthwhile, and i can’t think of anything. The most important thing in fighters is fighting people, and if you can’t, nothing else matters. VF is dead solely on that fact despite having arguably the best ‘everything else’

Now the only real response has been ‘well online play isn’t the same’. But i beg to differ, noone is smart enough to play a completely different way online, everyone i’ve played plays about 90% the same way online as they do offline. They are the same people, just some of the in game rules have changed. Of course they make posts and talk shit to try to fool themselves into thinking it’s just a game or it’s just online play, but don’t be fooled.

Every person has examples of what to do and what not to do, and if you can’t play people, all your learning is combos and tricks, if we’re gonna do that we mightaswell just play DDR or something.

You think its bad now, try playing online during the Genesis days.

I dont mind online play, the only thing I hate is when reviewers intentially lower the score because there is no online mode, that in my opinion is retarded.