Stop and Frisk nerf. Officers to carry in uniform DLC. Enforcement input lag. Win % to drop?

A judge declared that the NYC’s stop and frisk policy in its current form is unconstitutional (4th, and 14th amendment rights violation), and changes will be made to its enforcement. Some officers will now wear uniform cameras so searches can be reviewed. Officers must now have a tangible reason to enact searches. The NYC murder rate has made a precipitous drop concurrent with the enforcement of the policy, so perhaps it can now be seen how much of a direct impact Stop and Frisk really has.

Awesome, some of those dudes looking thirsty as fuck at train stations waiting to check bags

Yeah, we all know what bags these police officers really want to check…


Your girlfriends funbags

I thought white people were immune to that shit but little did I know that it isn’t just the color of your skin. I was stopped by this female cop. Why? Because my bag was black. That’s what she said. My black bag looked suspicious. She ended up touching me everywhere except my pockets, which was like the only place they needed to check besides my bag. This was in the god damn train station in front of everyone. People walking by while she’s rubbing herself all over me and touching me everywhere like I got WMDs. This bitch noticed I was getting pissed off and stopped just in time. I was about to take her badge and slap her with it and then throw her down the escalator stairs. They were going up too so she would have gotten ROM’d for at least like 40+ hits.

Sure she wasn’t a trick who was paid in advance by a friend? Sounds like it.

How does an uniform camera work exactly? A shirt button or a helmet cam.

They’re on their vests. It wouldn’t be on a hat because that would come off too easily.

Stop and frisk works though.

At least you weren’t “packing”:


Officer stopped and frisked two guys at my bus stop last week. The jake just pulled up hopped out and frisked. Dudes were just waiting to get on the bus to go to work.

Is getting a weed charge on a nigga that much of an accomplishment in the eye of urban justice?

good news, always blew my mind they could get away with that kinda shit

From the Daily show or somewhere this week:

Why don’t they stop, search, and seize on all the Investment bankers on Wall Street, those guys definitely have cocaine on them all the time!

Stop and frisk is meant to deter weapons. You guys going on and on about drugs, I don’t even think they’ll bust you for a small amount of weed on you. Are the crime stats on stop and frisk out yet? I want to see what actual confiscations/arrests stemmed from.

Never experienced it first hand when I go down to Manhattan but I’m glad this fascist shit has been defeated.

Oh it hasn’t been defeated, just nerfed like the topic says. I’m sure they’ll use the decrease in murder rate to justify using it even though that may not even be the case. I remember in that Freakonomics book, the author argued that abortion was responsible for the decrease in crime in the 90s because a lot of kids that would have grown up mean and fucked up and would have been turning 18 around then weren’t ever born. So there may even be something at play that has nothing to do with stop & frisk responsible for the decrease in murders.

This summer has been kinda crazy in NYC tho. We had babies falling out of windows, stabbing sprees, violent sprees, bodies found in trashcans, “sharks” on the train, old ladies and yuppies getting cr.short xx cr.short and A2’d then having their ipad/jewels taken. Not to mention a 14yo raping girls in Mcdonalds playpens.

This is why I don’t like heat. Shit gets weird.

Heat alone ain’t much of a problem, it’s the humidity here that gets the rage going

It seems that humidity increases crashing risk and 911 response time too.

The humidity makes me short tempered.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s the drinking that does that.

7 train during rush hour in the summer is close to gitmo level torture