STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

The new Fresh thread. When events are posted I will update the OP so people can see it more easily without going through pages and pages to find info. If I need to add or remove anything just tell me.

Aerial Rave Ranbats STL

Aerial Rave Ranbats
4501 S Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63109

1100 - Registration begins
1100 - Casuals begin
1400 - Street Fighter IV
1500 - Tekken 6
1600 - BlazBlue
1600 - Arcana Heart 3
1700 - Tatsunoko vs Capcom: UAS
1700 - Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams
2300 - Casuals end
0000 - Venue closes

$5 - Venue Fee ($0 if you bring a full setup - $2 if you bring a TV or System)
$10 - Super Street Fighter IV RANBAT- 70/20/10
$10 - Super Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams - 70/30 ($10 per team entry fee)
$5 - Tekken 6 - 70/20/10
$5 - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - 70/20/10
$5 - Arcana Heart 3 - 70/20/10
$5 - TvC - 70/20/10
$1 - Arcana Heart Full Round Robin - Winner Take All!!
$1 - Street Fighter III: Third Strike Round Robin - Winner Take All!!
$1 - Any other game that 6 people want battle Round Robin style in - Winner Take All!!

Kurasa will make a Event post about the dates.


RJ’s Corner O’Fallon IL

RJ’s Corner
102R W State St
O’Fallon, IL 62269
Google Maps Directions: 102R W State St, O’Fallon, IL 62269 - Google Maps
Downtown O’Fallon, behind “Papa Vito’s” and directly across from “Mandy’s”

1PM: Gameday starts
2PM: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (XBOX 360, PS3)
4PM: Super Street Fighter IV (XBOX 360, PS3)

$3.00: Venue Fee (FREE if you bring your own setup, which is system+game)
$10.00: Tourney Game Entry - Added to the winners’ pot and split 70/20/10

Depending on turn-out, we may conduct these as Double-Elimination Brackets OR Round Robin (everyone plays everyone, whoever has the best overall record wins).

Arcade games will be available to play on FREE PLAY. 3rd Strike confirmed. We will also be streaming NEC on our digital projection screen.[/details]

Upcoming Events

Aerial Rave 3.4 - Coming Soon


Weekly Hookups

(Anyone who has Round Robins or hooksups just PM me or Kurasa and we’ll update the thread.)

Rexor Bi Weekly HookupsBi Weekly

Danno Pub Bar fights


Kurasa - xxKurasaxx
ILPremium - baddog9000
Psychoshot - DeadpoolKillsU
Fred Rammin - CatchiestCarton
Rexor - RExTR0
evilben - thevilben
Chounard - Chounard
Bebop - Phatbeazie
Sempu - Genesisx19

Nobody - aceinyaface3
Kurasa - Kurasa
Psychoshot - HASNOGAEMS
Kikuichimonji - MagmaFisher
Rexor - fuck the 49ers
devildigimon - digimonemporer
Kogas316 - Hell-Kaiser
Mune - PSN: Mune-sama
Sempu - Genesisx09


Player locations

psychoshot - St. Ann, Missouri
Kikuichimonji, SpinkyMouse - Ballwin 63011, Missouri
gllty, dc1902, danomighty, rex0r, nobody - St. Charles Missouri

Mune - Alton, Illinois
Kurasa - Belleville, Illinois

Raoul Duke STICK SERVICES ([COLOR=“red”]360 Dual Mods and Custom Sticks)[/COLOR]

Raoul Duke information
PM’s on SRK (i check SRK more than my email)
or Text me at (314) 807-9824
Get them sticks people.


Aerial Rave Current Standings

Current Standings SSF4
30 JJJ
22 German Luger
21 Rexor
9 Nobody
7 Big Dick Fuerte
6 Gllty
5 Troofgod
5 Kurasa
4 Scamp
4 Mr K
4 Kiet
4 BlackBlazeQ
3 Metal
3 Deathmonk
3 Starcharger
2 Psychoshot
2 Warden
2 Axiom
2 Dookeh
1 Jessurugi
1 RamenNoodle
1 Koga
1 Chounard
1 Manny

Current Standings MvC3
9 Kiet
5 Gllty
4 Sin Nitron
3 PJ
3 Raeli
2 Kurasa
1 Valkyr
1 Koga
1 Vandal Hearts
1 4GottenKazama

Random Games

Here are a couple of games that are weak in players. Post what games you play and I’ll add you to the list. This will help people know who plays what.

Arcana Heart 3:Kurasa, ILPremium
Melty Blood Actress Again: ILPremium
BlazBlue Continuum Shift: Evilben, Gagagen
Hakuto no Ken : JJJ, Kurasa
Kamen Rider: Kurasa(So far he is the undefeated champ…)
Vampire Savior: Gllty, Psychoshot, Kurasa, ILPremium, Sparkster, Raeli
KoF Series: Sparkters, EmX, Bebop


Useful Links

STL Facebook "Get yo game on peeps"
St. Louis Fighting Game Community | Facebook

Local Hot Spots
Dannos Pubs
Orge Games
RJ’s Corner

Aerial Rave partnerships.
Kurasa tells us, “Aerial Rave is now partnering with UCSC (UPPER-CUT Southern Championships)!! From now until UCSC on May 7th, every AR Ranbat will double as a UCSC Qualifier. Your placement at AR will count towards seeding points for UCSC. Get hype and get crackin!”

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I’m calling him catsup then.

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Well, if no one will look at the old thread, then I’ll post in this one. Hook up at my place today. Call or text me if you want to come. 314-413-9746.

Nice, now maybe just need to work on compiling a player list with xbox and psn online tags. For randoms who stumble across the thread i’m sure that’d be the easiest way to play first.

Gllty- gg’s- you got one hit KAY OH’d! :stuck_out_tongue: Good look on the pajama pants! They fit perfect.

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Why are those spoilers though? Upcoming events sounds like the perfect time for me to toss my hat into the ring again. Where is this Dahlsim? I want a re-match with him especially.

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Of course Manny Ramirez isn’t dead.

I use the spoiler function to collapse the boxes there no other way to do it.
Everyone give me your gamer tags.

PSN: Kurasa

I’m hardly ever on PSN (twice a month maybe?) and I won’t be on XBL til MvC3

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I might be at Anime STL. If you see a big black guy cosplaying as Coach from “Left 4 Dead” or Rude from “Final Fantasy VII”, there’s a very good chance that’s me.

As for doing a tournament up there, I might join. Not sure yet.