STL Garbage VII: The Return of Garbage!

New thread fools, with the return of GARBAGE!

hmmm, should be stl garbage v2. all new garbage now, the og garbage men all moved far away.

add a funny subtitle on there too! i know brad and shaun have provided infinite quotes, the akakakaka laugh would be good too lol.

finally, a thread title with ‘garbage’ again…:rofl: Akakaka Akakaka…lol <— aaron is too good at this.

memories. oh i miss the days.

within the next coupe hours it will be flooded with new school. carry on.

the days when you actauly played? :arazz:
games wednesday-9 oclock? lets see this new ROO

I would’ve put a funny subtitle on it, but I think we need to emphasize the RETURN of GARBAGE.

good shit! finally, someone makes a title the right way. i was starting to forget how to take out the trash.


Alt title: Klaige’s Ryu!

See wut I did thur?

But seriously i need more beatdowns on SF4, i’m not gonna learn anything playing these g3 scrubs online.

Hey Chounard, if you see this… I was just wondering if you can put me on the waiting list to get my 360 stick dual modded :P. Lemme know what you tax too, I don’t remember your previous postings on the older threads.

If I was in the area Josh, I’d be more than happy to do so, wouldn’t charge too much at all. But I’m sure you’d need the stick sooner than I’d see you again.

See this is what Im talking about I forgot what StL actually is I WILL post here YAH!!!

garbage reporting in

KoF12 seems kinda fun.

I agree. Dave showed me a ton of cool shit on Sunday and I now I actually like it! Joe/Andy/Leona baby! Kyo and Terry are tight too.

How was KoF? need to get some in on hookup friday.

Friday- 8pm-2am

good lookin out rex.

oh, just a heads up to those who are seeking…

i will not make it to AR, but will make team tourney again. figured its not a bigger wait as singles so ill make a team appearance again.

Clean up in isle VII…

Terry needs more powa duck, and Joe players piss me off…god damn hurricane uppers and shit

hey chounard, since you’ll probably see this here rather than via me getting in contact with you…

TE problems again, my guide button isn’t functioning at all, and no i don’t have my lock switch on. I can’t switch boards, either.

edit: also, turbo is not functioning, so i’m guesing it’s something with the lock switch… ugh.

double edit: and through the headset i hear nothing but static… wtf.

8/22, MAX OUT

Time for STL to come get some more of that SF cake. The turnout last time was massively disappointing, so this time, I’m enlisting some locals to help me advertise this. I think we’ll add KOF to the roster of games also, and maybe even Marvel if there’s interest.

Jeff, I thought I saw somewhere you were doing AR on the 22nd (I read that just now), but there’s no thread up for it? Is this date going to clash with your plans, or is it possible you guys could do this on the 15th? (I imagine that you don’t want to clash with Springfields Ochio Throwdown on the 29th) I’ll work with you to make sure no one gets left out in the cold. Just let me know what you plan on doing.

Okay, you’re on the list. It’ll be a little while, though. It’s $70. (I provide all parts required for the mod.)

Okay. I’ve got your other stick with me and will try to work on it over lunch. You can bring the TE with you when you pick this one up. Hit me up on AIM later.