Stick vs Pad = Preference Vs Preference

Ever wanted to tell someone ‘Go fuck yourself’ when they told you to play on a different format because ‘Only real players play on stick/Pad Sucks Ass’ or something like that? I feel that way a lot these days. People are constantly telling me ‘Shinku, You’ll never be good if you don’t play like its the Arcade.’ to which I reply ‘I’m not at the arcade, and I just won 5-0.’

Aside from my little ranty bit up there, we really shouldn’t be telling players to do this because X sucks, we should encourage people to play on other formats just to see how they like it. Myself, I play on Pad, and I’m the second best in my area, and can beat everyone else in an area an hour away. 1st best is a Stick player, but so is 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, so on, so forth.

So, what do you think? Should people just shut the fuck up about the ‘X Sucks, learn Y’ stuff? Or What?

I didn’t know people were saying things like that. But yes, you’re right. It is about preference. You shouldn’t have to use a particular controller just to be considered good.

Who is he to tell you what controller to use if he can’t beat you? lol sounds like your opponent is salty about the loss and taking shots at whatever he can. This case, you being a pad user was the perfect target.

Arcades are dead outside of Japan and pad is a legitimate way of playing a fighting game. There are some amazing top players that use pad (wolfkrone comes to mind)

i used a pad, until i got tired of getting blisters on my fingers, only time i don’t use a stick is with games that aren’t for the arcade

You Know Banshi, People say that it gives you blisters, but just like sticks, Pads also offer a lot of variety, I use a PS3 Afterglow for the Playstation, which is set up like an Xbox Controller with the way it looks, which means I don’t have to use the Direction Pad for movement and moves, I can use the Analog stick, which is all the Arcade Stick I need.

Shinku, You’ll never be good if you don’t play like its the Arcade.

See my sig, play how you want to. If someone you beat tries to give you advice, then tell them your advice is only to give advice after they win.

Salty advice is just another way that sodium can get into your diet.

Hey man you can’t make a gamepad out of a cardboard box that says “American Freedom - made in china” though, can you?

Why are pad players so insecure that every time someone tells them that stick is better they come here and make a thread about it?
It’s also possible to play the game with your tongue (ask brolylegs) but does that mean that it’s the most suitable way?
Playing Mishimas on a stick is more convenient than on a pad. Playing Eddie on a on a stick is more convenient than on a pad. etc. etc. and that is why a stick gives you a bit more freedom of choice with characters than a pad. (While I don’t recall hearing about opposite cases.)
But why would you be offended by that? lol

I play on pad because whoever I play, I can do what I need to with them on a pad. Execution can be a pain(getting FRC combos with I-no) but it’s never enough for me to drop my pad and shell out some bucks on a stick. I trained enough with Kazuya in Tekken to be able to get down EWGF for 3-4 reps on pad. That’s how it is for me. As long as I can get what I want and need, I’m good.

Wrist > Thumb

The fact that some dudes do very well with the hitbox blows the whole theory that stick is better than pad right out of the water.

Use what you’re comfortable with using. Don’t make excuses that you need a stick and you’ll automatically stop mashing SRK/Super on wakeup.

Hitboxes are cheating.

I use kinetic. Suck it.

I want to see a dude use a Guitar Hero controller at Evo.

To answer, I’m not offended by it, Pad players just want people to shut up. Yes, we know, you want us to play stick, you don’t have to remind us every time we win/lose/drop a combo/do a combo/do a hyper/tatsumaki/RUNITBACK or whatever else we do.

Stick is the superior control method technically but that’s not to say pad users can’t be great players or
that a pad player should switch to stick if he doesn’t want to.

Pad = free


Fixed that for ya.