STHD Regional 5 on 5 exhibition!

This post it to announce the first exhibition event at Evo 2009, a regional 5 on 5 tournament!

[]Each team is made up of 5 members
]Each team can only have one of each character. No 5 Bisons on a team.
[]Players must stick with their character throughout the exhibition
]Players must live in the region they represent. Devote all questions to Mr. Wizard or inkblot.
[]Single elimination tournament
]Matches are done elimination style. So team member 1 on each team plays, winner stays. When one team is out of members, they lose.

Each region is appointed a team captain that will pick the team. Captains must report their teams to inkblot or MrWizard by the end of the first day of Evo. The regions and their captains are!

  1. North CA: John Choi
  2. South CA: Alex Valle
  3. East Coast: Justin Wong
  4. South East: Jason Wilson
  5. Northwest: Jason Cole
  6. Midwest: Wes Truelson
  7. Southwest: Sabre (AZ, NM, CO, NV, TX)
  8. SRK Wildcard: SRK

The SRK Wildcard team will be made up of players not chosen for any of the other teams.

*Edit: Replaced Team Japan with Team Southwest. The exhibition is about what region of the US has the best STHD players. Adding a Japan team makes no sense.

Get hype everyone!!!

Team SRK Wildcard FTW!?!

This is hot. Great idea guys, though I’d prefer it was Player A vs Player A, Player B vs Player B, etc, so we saw more of the players in action and more variety in characters.

Yes, but that introduces a huge meta-game. We could have done round robin with fewer teams, but wanted to give all regions of the country a shot.

It does, but as this is an exhibition, I think it would be nice for the spectators. On top of that, you can keep it simple by having the teams submit their team order in secret ahead of time, and just let it play out .

To specify,

Team-1 Player A vs Team-2 Player A = Team-1 wins
T-1 P-B vs T-2 P-B = Team-1 wins
T-1 P-C vs T-2 P-C = Team-2 wins
T-1 P-D vs T-2 P-D = Team-1 wins
T-1 P-D vs T-2 P-E = Team-2 wins

That would leave Team-1 with players A B and D, and Team-2 with players C and E, so the next match would just go back the first player left in the list…

T-1 P-A vs T-2 P-C then
T-1 P-B vs T-2 P-E

Edit - So when a player loses, he is still eliminated, its just the winner goes to the back of his team’s line instead of staying on, and two new players come up to bat.

I dunno, I think it would be worth the variety in matchups and seeing more of the chosen players play, instead of the possible single man shutouts you see in these fairly often.

nothing for southwest? =(

all good, sounds like a fun exhibition

Can we pick players from other regions? Where would Texas and Arizona players be under anyone grabbed players from those areas?

Iiiinkblot you are awesome!!! :smile:

Not unless you can stop me from :grrr: your face. :rofl: Well it’s up to Jason how he picks SE the team.

Big Things :wow:

4 TX players if you want to win IMO. :coffee:

Any restrictions on duplicate characters?

I thinks so.

Not sure where Southwest players go to but there are 2 majors coming up with FR and the new major at ArcadeUFO with a lot of the Southwest players attending. If the captain of whoever chooses southwest players needs help choosing, the results of these tournaments might help, also if the captain goes he might find some players he’d like, I guess u could say it would be like scouting.

Good shit with this exibition. This is one I definately wanna watch. Oh and just out of curiosity are all the captains confirmed going to EVO?


all regions except the south west

this will be fire

The Southeast will have at least 2 qualifying tournaments, and we can have one for the Southwest to be on the Southeast team if SRK is ALLOWING that to happen…I want people to earn their spots, and it’s definitely not fair to just have one tournament if everyone can not make it. Tournaments in succession would be best. FR having round robin for the final 8 to find 2 qualifiers, one in Nashville at my arcade a month later or so, and the other spot coming from Southwest regionals is what I would propose to get members, but again, I have no idea if we can get people from other regions or not, and it’s slightly out of the way for Arizona to get to Texas, and Florida/VA to get to Nashville/Atlanta but you go to where you can when you know the tournament dates ahead of time.

Jumpsuit should just be given a spot if we can grab him, honestly…

So I assume, no duplicate characters on a team, yes? Also, I assume that the team vs team elimination format will be an 8 team single elimination bracket? If this is the case, could we simply draw numbers from a hat the day of the tournament to decide the match ups/seeding?
I’m also curious about the whole recruiting “ringers” thing? Can we recruit players from other regions? If the answer is yes, how about this for a rule: You must have the qualifying tournament for team spots in your region. If players want to come to that region from a different region to qualify, they can do so.
For example, I’d probably just give a spot to Jesse based on his past tournament performances. I could then hold a qualifier tournament for the remaining 3 spots at the MWC in Chicago. If you want to come qualify for a spot, show up and enter. Obviously this way isn’t perfect, but it’s an idea.


Plus, you have to consider who qualifies vs who shows up to evo.

id like a spot in this for midwest, but if i dont get one ill get the mic and rock it instead.

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