Steve Jobs resigns


awfully biased article

guess this proves they havent found a cure for cancer…no way someone that rich would get it lol.

Just as a warning, if ever this devolves into another Mac vs PC debate, bitches are gonna get banned.

Didn’t he retire a couple of other times already?

how unfortunate

his designs were elegant and simple. i doubt apple will ever make anything as brilliant and revolutionary as an ipod, ipad or iphone ever again. oh well!

EDIT: maybe his cancer will be cured and it will be ok

Sell your apple stock now! I wish I had some.

Lol threadkiller

Besides it’s obvious I’m a fucking moron.

He’s the Jay-Z of the computer world. Give him 6 months and he’ll make a new iPod because the game called him back.

My pops has like a hundred shares. Idk what he’s finna do tho

If I meet u at Evo next year Val, I’m giving u the gayest hug ever

Can’t leave Silicon alone, the Valley need me…

I’ve always hated MacOSX

i had a mac in like 93 when it was impossible to do anything on. That made me hate them and i’ve hated them ever since. Iphones are pretty sick though. but i’ll never touch one of their computers.

Their computers are over priced junk that fails to support a lot of useful and common use features…their portable products are still a bit over priced, but their damn brilliant, user friendly, and nice. Their Ipods an shit are totally worth it. i’d skip out on the Tablets for the same reason as the PCs tho.

Anyway good luck to Jobs I guess. Being sick sucks.

Apple certainly won’t be the same without him. Stock plummet incoming?

hahahaha horrible

you can probably short it. look that up.

Fail to see how Steve Jobs leaving will cause a stock crash, Yo.

Also, What’s with the Mac hate? Can you really base an opinion from an experience in 93? That’s like saying I hate fighters because I couldn’t beat Akuma in SF2

When it was publicly announced that he had cancer the stock took a fat ass hit IIRC. Hence the doom and gloom.