Steve Jobs resigns

Their computers aren’t all that great. They are typically behind in the actual hardware that goes into them, and the quality of the hardware they use isn’t all that great. Plus in the end all macs contain the same guts that come from Pegatron and Foxconn that HP, Dell, or any other large manufacturer uses. Apple just stays behind the curve on hardware and charges more to put it in a flashier case… that often has heat problems due to their love of asthetics and you get to use their OS.

So for what you’re getting, there isn’t much to like unless you’re a diehard for their OS or care a ton about how your computer looks. From an IT professional standpoint, dealing with their stuff can be a nightmare and their networking and other items could use a ton of work, and none of their junk is enterprise friendly. Which is why anything apple will cause a tirade from your IT department.

I’m not a fan of most pre-made out of the box computers regardless of brand, but I’d rank apple pretty near the “burn it with fire” end of the spectrum from having to deal with them.

The thing is though Apple is not really a computer manufacturer or a real IT player at the enterprise level, they are a consumer electronics maker when it comes down to it. And their success in this area is almost entirely attributed to Steve Jobs here. They didn’t have the first or the best mp3 player, but Jobs was able to make the ipod triumphant. Their smartphones have always been lacking but Jobs was able to turn them into an icon. Their tablet isn’t that original but Jobs was able to spin it as a revolution. Without Jobs odds are all of that stuff would have gone the way of the newton or apple TV which were abject failures.

They’ve lost their best salesman and visionary who singled handedly (with a ton of Microsoft cash) was able to fix things for them. Their going to need someone as good to continue going and they are starting to get desparte, see the lawsuits they throw at anybody who starts to beat them. It’s not good news for them at all.

Jobs will leave the Apple legacy behind. He has let the world know this Manufacturer is the richest company in the world. All of it’s new products break record, and I think with Jobs gone, Sales will fall slightly, Tim won’t have the worlds trust right out of the box. But I can only see Apple becoming stronger with this new Focal point of creativity.

Whether it will be good or not remains to be seen.

Also, Nice post acerbic. I agree.

Try again.

Besides, why would that be something to let the world know?

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting something like this. Though I’m not big into Apple products, Jobs clearly had drive and passion, and a wardrobe full of jeans and black turtle necks. Cool guy.


I used to work at Apple, and believe me he wasn’t the only one with a closet full. After a big keynote like an iPad announcement, the next day I would see many people walking around campus with black turtlenecks and blue jeans. It was like that Real Slim Shady performance at one of the MTV VMAs. It was hilarious, yet kinda sad at the same time.