State College - Episode V: Dennis Strikes Back

So here we are, a small band of rebels, trying to restore pride to State College. After a quite summer, a new threat arises. With THE FIRM no longer with us, who can stand up to the brute force that is… CE GUILE!

All challengers are welcome tomorrow around 7, my place. If you don’t know where that is, post up! With all the thousands of new students coming in, there’s got to be at least one who knows what a psycho crusher is.

Always remember: when the sun goes down, that’s when the projector heats up…

Use the force Scott!

Err… must practise Magical Drop… I will avenge you Obi-Savonne!

^^:slight_smile: may jarvi be with you

You cannot escape me.

sixth post in the most important thread… since the last one

gbursine, I’ve never met you before, but I have to say, judging from your Marvel 2 remix disc, you are one bad dude!

Anything this long weekend?


was it my good bad mix? or my bad bad mix?

jebus… where is state college 0_o

playin eve

or at least i am

also i hope that mix was your megaman mix

It was the first mix the gbursine gave me (with the Mortal Kombat homage)…reminds me of watching Sean and Savonne play Marvel in pollock.

Chris, come out of hiding next Tues.

Scott tonights is not good for xbox gamin… lots of junk to do. I’ll be back on Sunday so we can game then or next week…

Andy also rises from the grave. What is going on here… everyone leaves then magically starts posting again.

And in the death,
as the last few corpses
lay rotting
on the slimy throughfare,
the shutters lifted in
ancient Temperance building,
high on poacher’s hill,
and red mutant eyes
gazed down on Hunger City.
No more big wheels.
Fleas the size of rats
sucked on rats the size of cats
and ten thousand peoploids,
split into small tribes,
coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers, like
packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of love me avenue,
ripping and rewraping mink and shiny silver fox,
now leg warmers,
a family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald.
Any day now
the year of the Diamond Dogs.

Hey what’s up will any SC players be coming to NEC this year.

did you mean today scott?

anything goin on

Sounds good to me.

Boleslaw: Yeah, Tuesdays have been our best day for a while. We usually meet at my place around 7. I have multiple setups now:woot: If you don’t know where I live, catch me on AIM.

Carmen: If you want, we can swap Tekken sticks tonight. My second upcb is ready to go.

Cool, if its not raining I’ll bring it tonite, I don’t have any bags it’ll fit in, so I have to use the box, haha.

much fun was had tonight, i am also claiming the title of “King of CVS2” take that chase even is keith beat the pulp out of me last fight

also thanh wasnt playing he was too busy with 3s which i am not the king of