Starting him young

Being one of the older guys here (31) I thought I’d share a pic from this past weekend. I was showing my son (he’s 3) the in’s and out’s of Fei Long.

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I also like to show him the classics:

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Go little gamer go!

I love it. Although this might be better suited in the Image Mishmash section. If I ever have a kid of my own, being able to play video games with them would be an absolute joy.

my parents never played games with me…but to be honest i can never even remember my dad touching a computer when i was young. Different times though

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Bonus points if anybody can name the game I’m playing with him in the 2nd image (even more if you can identify the stage).

I’ve been gaming since the Atari 2600, and I still play a lot today, so being able to share my hobby with him is a blast. Or it will be until he turns into one of those twitch FPS shooter types :).

Nice. This is one of my daughter from a few weeks back.

statistics show that 97% of kids who parents post pictures of them on the internet when they are young turn to drugs

so good job guys

You should introduce him to a good fighter now :tup:

Fei Long is good :).

My main is Guile though, but the concept of a “charge character” is beyond him. He likes to spam QCF moves.

Airman stage from Mega Man 2. Anyone on srk that’s not super young can identify that one, since we’re mostly Capcom fans.

I remember my uncle first introduced me to MegaMan with MM2. He advised me to start at Airman’s stage first, because you get the cool hoverboard upgrade from beating Airman. (I hope I remembered that right) But man, I remember being blown away by the Atari home system. Being able to play games at home! That was the ultimate…

My first game system was the Sega Master System. It was because my cousin had one, and I was really into it. I knew that the NES was more popular, but I tried to be different, I suppose. Eventually was able to get an NES. And of course, MegaMan 2 was my choice as the very first title I picked up for it.

My buddy’s(27) daughter(who is around 5) is loving MvC3. I remember when I was a little shit, my mom and dad got me a NES with Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. Though my mom would hog all the playing time, I wasn’t too stoked.

lol i remember my dad playing street fighter wit me on super nintendo

he hasn’t messed with the new ish since he’s retired

As much as I want my future child to enjoy video games as much as I do I’ve read from several sources that introducing tv to kids 2 and under makes them have shorter attention spans and can’t help but wonder if kids playing games at an early age might have a similar side effect. Oh wait he/she will turn out like the rest of SRK =P.

Rsigley is back!

:pray: :woot:

My kid is 3, and he has the attention span of a goldfish, so I’m not overly concerned right now… he’ll play with me for about 2 or 3 minutes, then move onto something else.

As for the Mega Man 2 guess, it was bang on. However, any Mega Man veteran knows that you always start with Metal Man in MM2, as the weapon you get there is pretty much broken in terms of power.

that’s very cool.

It’s Megaman 2. Airman’s Stage.

Edit: Oh darn someone beat me to it. Should have known.

Make sure to show them to rage at the game, not the players… haha

thats awesome though

as someone that entirely regrets playing video games in my youth at all, im going to say please for the love of god teach your kids some more useful skills.

im sure youre a loving and competent parent and i know im being an ass right now, but im only saying this because i just dont think kids should be playing video games at young ages for various reasons.

there are plenty of other activities that are better.

for example:

-singing (will get him bitches someday)
-guitar/instruments (will get him bitches someday)
-physical education aka sports (will keep him healthy and get him bitches someday)
-science (will encourage him to progress the knowledge of mankind)
-art (will get him bitches someday, can be used as an assist for other activities that require rough sketches/models/designing)
-vocabulary games (will increase his knowledge of words to apply when reading textbooks)
-reading (good like wheat bread)

im sure someone could think of a better list.
there are endless things that are great and fun activities that will grow someone as a human being over video games. imo.

if i hadnt of played so much video games in my childhood, i wouldnt have taken so long to arrive at the other interests i have now, and that is regrettable for me. id hate for anyone else to have to go through all the same as i did and have the same regrets.

absolute truth. i’m a gamer and such now, undeniable, but gaming in general is just a massive time sink. i would not make another me.