Stark Industries Marketing Division: The UMvC3 Ironman Video Thread

Yea so this thread is made because we’re all more or less too lazy to make more Iron Man threads with a new game out after 9 months. I won’t lie.

But use this thread to post up; new tech, matches, and anything UMvC3 stuff related to Iron Man. I’ve never created a thread on srk before, so this si sort of new to me. If there’s anything required of me in this thread let me know. Feel free to also use this thread as place to get your matches critiqued.

I don’t think it’ll be necessary for me to add videos into the OP, since this thread SHOULD BE EXCLUSIVELY VIDEOS.

So I guess that’s about it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’ll edit it if there’s anything needed to be added.

here are some vids of me vs my good friend joker (who uses iron man)

if you like his iron man you can find more vids of him on my channel

Damn he gets great mileage out of drones assist with Iron Man. I love the use of Repulsor Blast to cover Sentinel and then follow drones in, and I like the custom combos where he works in two Repulsor Blasts off drones also. He makes Tony look like a legit threat and it’s fun to watch.

I also appreciated what Doom’s Foot Dive for people who raw tag or eat your unblockable setups. One hit and they’re back in a huge combo. Your old thing with Magneto’s Hyper Grav worked but the timing was really tight compared to that j.S. Good stuff all around :tup:

Orgasmic Iron man

That is a good, solid IM player you got for a friend, Badguy. I find it pretty cool that he’s using MvC2 team Combofiend.

Yeah, he made IM look aggressive and scary which is a first.

That said, I do see some things he could do to improve his game. He’s not using Fly/Unfly stuff in the neutral game, and he could further max out his combos if he wants, including hit confirms from further away. I noticed quite a few games in his sets on YouTube where he gets punished for getting a launcher stuffed, or where his cr.M’s hit too far away for a launcher to connect. I could PM you the better combos if you wanted to pass them along.

Thanks for the comment guys
I the fly Combos well but I’m just not used to putting it in my game yet cyz I never used it in vanilla but I’ll tu try to put it in I use it once in a while…

Yeah it sucks that his most damage combos are limited by range. I mean I enjoy the Krispy Kreme combo, it is flashy, but we could be doing better in the damage department. And when I say “better” I mean better in regards to stronger combos not that IM’s damage output is subpar or anything.

Assists can help you offset the range issues. Joker’s Iron Man gets in close because he’s got drones to help him in, so he’s able to get some bigger combos in.

Hi guys I’m new to ironman and shoryuken so please be gentle lol. Just though I’d share a simple BnB for ironman that uses a light smart bomb relaunch (which to my knowledge is new tech, apologies if not) hope this inspires some new crazy combos as I was just going for simple and easy to execute with this one, enjoy.

I went for max damage here but the combo can be scaled back to save meter & x-factor.

Corner combo


Mid screen combo (starts @ 0.20)


Joker’s Iron Man is back… you definitely need to watch the ending of this match…

i uploaded a few more sets on my channel

^“You can’t improve on perfection”

So here are 2 air-to-air combos I came up with. They’re relatively safe if you’re able to dash cancel the second hit if the opponent blocks as well.


This Iron Man and his fullscreen confirms are ridiculous.

Doom can do that from a shorter distance with his level 3 also. I like the range on that with the beam though. Definitely see some clutch situations with that working when he’s anchor.

Magneto can do it, Viper can do it, Zero can do it, PW can do it (but who cares about him), it’s not that special, people are just too lazy to hit confirm properly a lot of times in this game. I’m guilty of this too, the game almost lulls you into laziness as a lot of it kinda plays itself.

To be totally honest, all these vids (Joker and the most recent), Iron Man really just looks like dead weight. I know that’s not what you guys want to hear, but if anything these vids almost prove that IM should only be picked for his assist, and that’s not that special.

There’s untapped potential in everyone on point bro, any character with a couple of decent tools can find a way to leverage them with assists, team makeups and new technology. Just because another character is clearly better doesn’t mean you should necessarily pick them. I like ironman because he has a lot of cool tools, some unique, some not. And a tooon of untapped technology, useful or not. I play the game for fun and not as a career to make bank, so I use ironman as opposed to Wesker/Doom/Strider or whatever other high tier teams.

Not tryin to have beef with you but while I understand your disappointment with Ultimante IM it just seems like your kinda being a downer sometimes and maybe you don’t fully understand that some people wish to use him on point because he is low tier or unique.

In other news your mvc3 ironman vid is up at least one view

I have no shame in using Iron Man for his unibeam assist/anchor purposes because a lot of people use Sentinel just for his drones assist because that’s just how good the assist is. Plus beam assists are pretty much a counter to drones assists (especially ones with the durability and active frames of iron man’s beam) so I really am not afraid at all when I see a team where the main space control assist is drones.

The closest thing assist wise that counter beam assists are tatsu/drones assist because of projectile durability at close range. Most other ground based assists have a lot of trouble vs. beam assists especially ones with long active frames and durability like iron man or doom. Iron Man having the most active frames at 25 frames which means once you get Iron Man out he basically stirkes a lightning bolt across the horizontal screen for almost half a second.

I’m not really trying to be a downer, but that is my honest analysis after watching those vids. But I am aware that analysis isn’t good. All of those teams would be better with any number of other beam assist characters.

And that’s the problem with IM in this game. Even though his assist is very good, as a characters he really can’t do much of anything. At least in Vanilla, despite all his issues in that game, IM could actually be threatening.

Trust me, I want him to be good, that’s one of the reasons I’m still posting in this thread, I want to put IM back on one of my teams. However, at the same time, I’m not gonna lie and say, “Holy Moly! Iron Man was so GDLK in those vids”, because quite frankly it looks like Iron Man was akin to a boat anchor rolling slowly around on screen until he fell overboard and drug his team to the bottom of the ocean with him, where all three drowned and were never heard from again.

At the same time, those vids show Iron Man players who aren’t even doing the right combos, who aren’t using his strongest neutral game tools, who aren’t using optimized teams for him, etc.

It’d be like looking at a Viper/Zero/Skrull team or something where the Viper can’t confirm off half her hits, isn’t using Seismos and only gets about 700k off big expensive combos and saying “well, she’s not very impressive.”

That’s not to come down on those Iron Man players to say they’re bad or anything - I love seeing what they’ve done with him so far and I’ve picked up a lot of good ideas from Joker especially. But everyone’s just hitting the starting point on what he can do.