Stark Industries Marketing Division: The UMvC3 Ironman Video Thread

That is fair. I was more looking at how the character was fairing in neutral and the setups.

For example, Joker’s snap setup with Repulsar and Drones was neat, but it didn’t really get him much because IM has such a hard time maintaining an offense.

I also agree that I do like the creativity and ideas that I am seeing, and look foreword to seeing more, especially from Joker. But I also didn’t see anything that would make me think any different of Iron Man’s Viability as a pick.

joker’s iron man combo is usually the hardest hitting thing he can be doing in that situation and one of the better bnbs for ultimate tony. i don’t see how you can be knocking him for that man

i was a huge proponent of the guy in vanilla, but fuck ultimate iron man. i’m a training mode junkie, and to be honest that’s why i loved vanilla iron man so much. this new armor just has nothing fun or worthwhile in the lab and is never going to have that swag in matches that vanilla iron man had. he’s not worth the trouble because he’s not going to progress much at all. if you want repulsor assist, play dante jam session (repulsor is still pretty unique though). if you want unibeam, play task/hawkeye/doom/magnus/etc

That’s kinda what I was referring to too, though. If you aren’t using his fly/unfly j.H’s, or his cr.H rockets, you’re missing out on some of his best neutral game tools IMO. Though in Joker’s defense he was using drones, so it’s often better just to call those and get in there. But cr.H xx Fly with a Drones call is still good.

Eh I’d disagree, there were a few games where that’s basically all he was doing and it was generating combos or pushing people safely to a corner. Mono’s Iron Man used Repulsor Blast a lot more in the neutral game, in many cases unsafely I’d say because it wasn’t setting anything up. And that was his only “mix-up” on incoming characters, which is pretty weak I think. IM gets a lot more off j.H option select airthrow into air dash (like Magneto in Vanilla). That punishes them for pressing buttons, or blocking with advancing guard.

I don’t think he’s a great character at this point because of how particular he is, but I think he’s better than most give him credit for.

Oh don’t get me wrong, Joker did big damage off his combos. But he also whiffed a lot of launchers off cr.M’s that were too far away to connect, or got launchers blocked because he didn’t have enough time to hit confirm before going into them. Using a better combo solves both problems, and he’ll get comparable damage at the least.

I agree with FlyingVe that IM is a dead weight on point. The only thing he has going for him is his assist (arguably replaceable by many better character), fast flight and damage (something every character has with a bit of execution and creativity). But I am still going play him despite all the rage and loses I get from him, because he and Hulk are my favourite super heroes.

But as it stands, unless something stupidly good discover for him, he stands deep into the low tier, better than PW, Tron and Hsien-Ko, but probably worst than everyone else.

Just because another character can do it doesn’t stop the useful technique from being useful for Iron Man. His unibeam>Iron Avenger gives him the ability to convert a combo if the person is grounded or is in enough hitstun. Not many character have followups to their level 3. Iron Man just happens to be one of the few who do have practical followups. Thus enchancing his zoning game, and making people more cautious of getting hit by unibeam.

Just because insert Contenders for Top Ten to make Iron Man look like he is shit tier doesn’t mean that Taskmaster had that option too . Taskmaster sure as fuck who would love to convert combos like Iron Man just did.

For cripes sake, this isn’t a tier talk thread. This is showing effective Iron Men winning, and showing what the character can do. Ease the pain, pick somebody else if you think he sucks. Downplaying Iron Man, and while a Iron Man player wins a god damn tournament just makes me salty…

Anyway Mono also made a old Combo video with Iron Man as well. I’m not sure if it was in this thread.

Hey I too, am not trying to downplay IM, although you won’t need a top 10 character to make him look bad, but that why this discussion is here to help. Every person that plays him has pretty much accepted his weakness and just love him in general, that is why we all try to make him work somehow and change the opinion of the tier list. I have picked up a lot of good ideas from joker’s video too, with the team composition and use of the Drones.

Since I watched some of his videos, I changed my team to Dante, IM, Sentinel now. Basically Dante’s role is the same as Magneto in his video, and my tactics are go nuts with him with the backing of the beam assist and drones, deal as much damage as I can and DHC into IM for a sure kill. If Dante is still alive when IM is in, use Jam Session and Drones to suck them back on to floor, mix-up them up and kill.

I will try to post my own scrubby video to try and help and get help, when I get my recording equipment sorted.

The only thing that’s going to help that is to do your own work and make Iron Man better for yourself. I’m not waiting on vids cuz those vids will probably never come any way. This is a game where there aren’t a bunch of guys in Japan sitting in an arcade all day so if you see potential or want to make potential you gotta do it on your own. Especially if it’s with a brushed off/underused character like Iron Man. Can’t just sit and wait for somebody else to do it. Only one real top player (former best MVC2 Iron Man, J360) has said they would be picking up Iron Man for UMVC3 but who knows if he’s even actually playing the game or just said that.

Viscant had already established in Vanilla that he didn’t feel much reason to use Iron Man even in Vanilla. It is true that you could just use any of the other air dashers and get more immediate results but if we want to see any potential at all out of Iron Man…it’s not going to be waiting from X top player who denounced him any way.

There’s people even crazy enough to denounce nerfed Dante when overall he got even more tools if anything and his game in DT was basically improved.

I generally feel there’s more to Iron Man’s potential than “low tier hero” especially considering he carries some of the game’s best assists any way. Assists are a big part of the game even if the character is garbage but I really feel it’s more so people being lazy with Iron Man than him being a truly low tier bad bad character. There’s definitely people who swear by anchor Sent in tourneys any way just for how good the assist is even though Sentinel anchor is probably about as hit or miss as it gets now.

His worst issue is there plenty of other air dashers that you get better results with when you face roll on the stick but…that’s a lot of this game in general.

Don’t worry about it, that post was meant to be a general post for people thinking he is useless.

Like I said before I get salty when people low tier hero for the sakes of being different.

Ironboy knows what he’s talking about… It’s MARVEL anyone can win.

In other news I might start recording some matches, offline and online. If ANY IM player wants to play me please message me your GT mine is Untitled, I’ll record the matches to level us up and level others up. So far whenever we can find some time I have a long set scheduled with kei :slight_smile:

Also sorry flyingve if I came off rude, appreciate what you do and I’m just a little salty tbh.

I wish we could’ve got it in while I was on vacation (we just had 11 days off for the holidays lol), but either way I should be on tonight after 5pm (est), and well…probably every night same time, until the weekends which I can be on at basically anytime starting early morning.

A friend and I had a stooopidly long session over break (helping him level up, and giving me some practice on some areas), we ran 2-3 matches less than 150 the first day, and then the next day without even realizing it…when I finally had to go meet my brother for dinner, the two of us had been in session for over 10 hours O____O

It was a sweet day though, and we both got A TON done (he’s not 100% free to airthrows anymore lol), so I can’t wait to get in some more even if it’s not nearly as long lol.

That goes for anyone with a xb360 of course, and once i finally pick up a ps3 (cuz I’m a marvel crackhead) same to you. :smiley:


Haha hope to see all the tech you developed from playing for 10 hours… Jeez. I’ll be on xbox live in like 20 mins, also I hope you can help me level up myself because I’m meh at this game lol.

You should also give Aurthur a go similar assist in golden armor. Iron is heavily underestimated but there are times when you feel like given up. The amount of times i have dropped and pick iron man up again he work so well with my main team it’s stupid.

He’s my anchor any way so I’ll never have the feeling of “giving up” on him like I would a point character. The only character I felt like that with was Chun Li in Vanilla but I already see Iron Man has way more to him than she did in Vanilla. I feel like Chun Li is a legit character now (even if she’s still gonna struggle to get in) but…still just doesn’t do enough for me overall. Iron Man gives me enough of what I want and I can always get at least 1 or 2 kills out with an XF3 Iron Man for sure. If I was able to do it with Vanilla Doom I’ll surely be able to do it with Iron Man. In general though I don’t really have the same sense of entitlement to him. He’s not my X-23 or anything like…he just gives me what I want on my team and just happens to be a character that I have to learn on top of that.

I thought about Arthur but he just doesn’t fit my play style at all and I prefer the screen coverage and active frames of a beam assist.

i hardly get to play ironman cause he’s my anchor on my main team but i got some matches on peaceful jays stream .my ironman is still bad i was just practicing my ironman combos online. i pulled it off tho around 1:04:00 of part 8 i was trying so long to get online i was pretty happy i landed it.

How long you been playing Iron Man DJ?

Completely off topic, but try j.H instead of j.S somtime for Spidey. It has better range and is great for air to air confirms, plus it option selects for air throw.

On Topic: I really like your IM triple relauch corner combo, I’ve been using it for the past 3-4 days. Have any tips or better ways for making it work mid screen? I’ve only been able to land it midscreen on a couple of chars. I just really like the feel of the combo, super fun.

What part are you dropping the combo? all i can say is make sure you jump forward on every relaunch .it feels similar to Dooms buk tooth combo you can take your time on the first relaunch but on the second relaunch make sure you hit light asap when you leave the ground. or you can make it easier for mid screen by just using :l::d::h:ADD:d::h: for every relaunch.

The part I miss mid screen is the c.M. For most chars I’m too far away for it to connect. I can do the combo pretty well in the corner though. I’ll try :l::d::h:ADD:d::h: for every relaunch. Thx

Edit: Okay I just tested it out some more and I guess I wasn’t jumping up forward after the relaunches. I guess doing it in the corner gave me muscle memory for going straight up =/.

Only since like last week. I picked him up mainly because I prefer the way the unibeam works for mix ups over doom beam. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll feel comfortable with Iron Man himself and go from there.


8 minutes 45 seconds in on point Iron Man with Jam Session and Tatsu assist. Does super jump ADDF S cross up from like full screen.

Is it bad that I’m watching that vid, and the main thing I’m thinking is “so this is what the game looks like without every character being able to teleport”. Its a lot more interesting to watch to be honest.