Star Trek

Also, did I see Jem’Hadar in that trailer?

That def. looked like Jem’Hadar. Time travel cameo by motherfuckin’ Ben Sisko?

Naaaa… they wouldn’t.


Funny RockB was saying when the BvS trailer dropped how important the score is for trailers, this is great example how much our perception of the movie can be changed. You could keep all the action and change the score and it would feel like something quite different.
Even Simon Pegg has come out saying the movie is nothing like the trailer

Looking back at the ST:Into Darkness trailer it still had plenty of action


Worf’s father was actually the fall man for the father of the Klingon High Council’s leader. Worf’s dad never sold out his planet to the Romulans, but was set up to look like it to prevent civil war.

I love the new Star Trek movies, but I honestly don’t care about spoilers as much here as I do for Star Wars. I’ll definitely check this out in the theater though. Love the reboot, love the new cast, and I’m intrigued to see what Justin Lin is going to do here. It could be really awesome, or really bad but still awesome.

@spudlyff8fan you can’t just wrap something in spoiler tag and not state what it is regarding.

It’s Star Trek spoilers.

Spoilers on my previous spoiler:


It’s funny because I talk about TNG instead of the movies.

okay I’m just going to make something up Spock has a baby

are we really spoilering star trek stuff thats 15+ years old??

If its stuff from the original movies there’s no point

are we really spoilering star trek stuff thats 15+ years old??

so edris is a jem’hadar?

Hope this is better than the prequels fuck that midichlorian shit.


Sisko joins the Prophets and ascends to a higher plane of existence at the end of DS9.

Ben is one of the prophets now based on Deep Space Nine

That trailer reminds me of Independence Day.
Damn wouldn’t it be cool if there’s a crossover between those 2.

The fuck?
When did Star Trek become a fucking action movie?

It’s a fucking communist soap opera in space about scientists and diplomats seeking out new life and learning from them in the process.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Up next:
Citizen Kane reboot directed by JJ Abrams with lots of explosions and people running and fighting with a rad 90’s pop song playing.

Fuck my life…

DS9 was underrated. Sisko>>>>>>>>>Janeway.

sisko wasnt above carpet bombing jem ha’dar for shits n giggles. sisko is the best military leader lol.

When were the Star Trek movies ever about that?

That’s what the TV show was about, but the movies have always been full of explosions and phaser battles and death and destruction.