Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Thread

$6 to watch on a CBS/netlfix interface. I think theyre overestimating their audience.
Hopefully its good enough to check out the pilot.

I hope it takes after voyager and a more militaristic ferderation.

For $6 I could be swayed

…i really wanna support a new trek show but not if its anything close to the enterprise mess.

and have them use the borg as a plot device and rating chaser for every season ender?

Who said it had to be Borg? >_>

Could just make a new crazier race from another galaxy… or hell, just push the series waaay further in the future than the previous shows (considering that especially right now, Star Trek Online is doing the majority of the storytelling of after what happened in the ‘Prime’ universe).

borg, federation schism, romulan fallout… doesnt matter. I just want more space battles like the dominion war and less “planet” of the week.

when anyone says voyager all i can do is groan and think how the borg went from a cool idea to the most played out plot device that was involved in 80% of voyagers major plots.

i personally want something closer to a warlike feel like ds9 got to…but i know and understand they need to go back to the essence of star trek and do more adventures and scientific exploring shenanigans.

Didnt think Enterprise sucked that bad, it was the weakest entry for sure but meh, I think the deal with Star Trek is that its pretty campy without you knowing its camp. Like TNG was 100% cheese but was pretty bad ass at the same time.

Would defo like to see a new show chronologically like a century down the line with a new cast and a new alien menace to fight, but damn Ill be happy for anything I can get.

DS9 still the GOAT.

But if it can get to TNG level at least, we’ll have something cool.

Needs to take place after Voyagers return to alpha quadrant and post-dominion war

Ask and you shall receive! I called it last week in either The Flash thread or the Superman VS Batman thread about that new Star Trek series coming soon!

Yeah, unfortunately it sounds like just a new show, with a new story and cast. I’d really have liked to see a series taking place after the Dominion War, as well.

Hype. Now I have a reason to keep CBS Live outside of Survivor.

Captain of the new series will probably look something like this:

Personally, I’m hoping for an old to middle-aged Asian dude.

Well if you are a Voyager fan, you won’t be seeing Kes any time soon.

[details=Spoiler]Because she’s going to jail.[/details]

Jesus Christ. How often can yout say a Star Trek alien actor looks better WITH the makeup?

wow she really let herself go physically and mentally.

Nicholas Meyer, director of the Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country, will serve as writer and consulting producer on new ST series


I’ve heard more about the tv show than the movie that is meant to be coming on in a month or two :rofl: