ST Remix "Scrub Killer" Tournament CANCELLED


ST Remix "Scrub Killer"
Tournament date: Sunday, March 29, 2009, 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST, 1AM GMT

Double elimination
Speed 3
Time On
Best of 3 rounds
Best of 3 matches
Loser allowed to counterpick
Winner must stick with the same character
Winner’s and Loser’s Finals Best of 5 matches
Grand Final Best of 7 matches

Banned: nothing

Brackets will be seeded based on the results of the previous tournaments, so that previous champions do not play each other in the 1st round:

Previous Champions:
1st Tournament: Syxx573 (Cammy)
2nd Tournament: Syxx573 (Cammy)
3rd Tournament: True_Old_School (Guile)
4th Tournament: True_Old_School (Dictator)
5th Tournament: TheGreench (Zangief)
6th Tournament: Lone82Wolf (Cammy)
7th Tournament: jeffhizzle254 (Hawk)
8th Tournament: jeffhizzle254 (Blanka)
9th Tournament: blitzfu (Ken)

This tourney is 16 players ONLY. If someone else wants to step up to do a 32 double elim, I will gladly step down and/or help out.

We’re going to be using mIRC online. Go to this website, select IRC efnet webirc, type in your PSN nick, and type in the channel name #hdremix. To download and install mIRC locally, go hereor use your favorite IRC program. The server you want to use is any Efnet server. Once you have come up with a username, choose an Efnet server and join the channel #hdremix . To join a channel, simply type /join #hdremix.

If you don’t have mIRC, just use PSN msgs (msg PSN ID blitzfu if you haven’t added me or don’t have any space). Keep track of the brackets at the website I will add later. I’ll post the brackets the day of the tourney or sooner if possible.

If any disconnects occur, or if both ppl in the match claim to have won, there will be a rematch. If it can’t be decided amicably, both players are disqualified and the match will be invalidated, and the next opponent gets a free pass to the next round.

Is it gonna start on time this time? :clapdos:

We were waiting on you. Use mIRC if you’re gonna join.

Blitzfu you’re awesome for running these. I’d like to join in again, if that’s alright. :wonder:

I’m a scrub killer :sweat:

Anyway, sign me up please

Can I join?

European players are allowed?

Put me down on the bench. If no.16 is a no show I’ll take his place.

Do you have bad connection vs west coast players? I’m on the east coast and I get lots of skippage and rollbacks vs players like Malkturbo and Lordmandark (UK). So west coast to EU would be even worse. It’s not massively bad for me like connections to Japan or Hawaii, but still bad. If you have bad connections to west coast players, I suggest not joining cuz the majority of players in this tourney will be west coast.

lol it started on time bustahwolf, you ALWAYS drop out before the tournament finishes. I have never been in one of these where you haven’t dropped out or no-showed

oh ya i can do it this week because of work :frowning: next time

I didn’t know everyone was on IRC, I was on psn/hdr for like 3 hours straight before the tourney. Come tourney time, 30 min go by after 8 pm and I notice Blitz logs off, so I thought the shit was cancelled :wasted:

I’m a scrub, and you can’t have a scrub killer tournament without us, so I’m in, with one caveat, I’ve already commited to band rehearsal that day, but its not set in stone. Thanks Blitzfu for putting these together!

LOL. Syxx is dodging blitzfu!

sign me up

maybe i wont get scrubbed by lag out this time.

no ireally have work lol and then an offline tournament the next day that i’m gonna try to win

Count me in…

i’m not good but i would like to play. thhhaaannks.

It depends the player I fight against. But anyway that only would slow down the tourney. So I’m going to follow your advice.

Happy fight!!

So if I join I’ll be killing scrubs?

me me me…I will be the scrub and try to throw everyone with jab+short :frowning: