SSF4AE2012 online avoid list

trying to make an updated list of the avoid thread, I’ll put them in alphabetical order and such, this included people who feel the need to rage at you and people who use turbo etc.

AR15 Bronco (turbo)
Laughingorr (hate/rage mail)
xProject SikX
xRenegade K1llax (turbo user)


nickdekline (dude is a wussypuss)

woodenTEETH (Akuma user that mashes teleport while blocking, he is also banned from SRK right now so he must be a bad person)

i agree, guy seems like a douche.


He sends me abuse every single time we play
I kick his ass on a regular basis.

OverSource Guy (Complains about pretty much everything you do with hate mail)
artemzzz (EXTREMELY vulgar and insulting hate mail. Insists that you suck even when you kick his ass.)

One of these threads again? What do you hope to accomplish, here? Just block the jerk and move on.

I will be sure to check this list every single time someone joins my lobbies. thx bro.

Gattsu or something

he always kicks anyone better then him, and sends hate right after. He did it to me and 3 of my friends without knowing they were my friends.

Do you mean XxGattsuxX?? He has a JAPANESE flag next to his Gamertag?

I’ve played him before and he can sometimes be likened to a feminine cleansing product (and the bag that comes with it) if he feels you’re a n00b and will kick you from the lobby “because he’s better than you”… Otherwise he’s a pretty decent SF player who I try to get a few sets in with whenever I can. I had one with him a few weeks ago actually, and I won my fair share of matches against him. Never got any hate messages back…

On the flip side, I don’t think you should be avoiding people online based of one bad encounter, though I have my own “rule” when I play ranked: I never play anyone more than once per night unless I feel they’re good enough (better than me) so that I can learn from playing them again, even if I do end up losing matches.

thats him alright, bodied him a few times, kicked me for as he said “being a scrub” he did this to me and a few of my friends.

I’ve seen him get wrecked a few times, but he always came back for more (with a different character of course). At the same time I’ve seen people with laggy connections “body” players with 10K+ BP 3K+ PP, and then get beaten by a scrubby 4KBP 2K PP Akuma (that’s me…) and rage quit before the match win KO… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hey venom we have the exactly same stats :slight_smile:

Edit: Can someone explain how bad players manage to keep their BP so high?
Like that Robocod7 guy I mentioned earlier in the thread, he’s almost 8k BP yet
I absolutely destroy him every time we play and he tries to land so many raw and
punishable attacks.

depends on who your using, if your using an easy mode character then that could be it.

or he could be like me where if i know im better then someone i barely try, because if i win i beat a scrub, if i lose… i don’t care.

Maybe ur just that damn gd lol.

Nah as pathetic as this sounds people do boost on this game (not saying he does but others do). Also there r a lot of laggers online and wat makes it worse is the better u r the more lag affects u (try playing a random Blanka player in lag it’s not a fun time).

I play Akuma, not exactly easy mode and he seems pretty angry at the concept
of losing at all.

depends at which lvl, at certain lvl’s akuma’s pretty easy, im not here to argue tho.

This guy sounds like a hoot :slight_smile:

Some guy (had it set to one round in ranked with a laggy blanka) cussed me after he won smh saying I had a hack that took his points lol. I’ll post his name when I get on later. Total asshole though.

If you’re better than your opponent, theorethically you should win, regardless of your choice of character. Problem is, Akuma is one of those characters that doesn’t fare too well with lag thrown into the mix. We don’t have spammable normals we can use, like Ryu’s cr.MK or Bison’s st. MK/HK. Add to that our low health and stun (850 pts), our nerfed damage and stun output, the need to re-learn all our setups after the AE 2012 nerfs to our fwd throw and DF Palm… Not to mention our only good poke, the far standing roundhouse was nerfed in damage, stun and recovery frames (we’re -2 on block where we used to be 0).

No, Akuma’s never easy. He can be annoying, yes, if you don’t know how to deal with him.

Anyways, back on topic: SLiveXx

This guy’s not that great. He plays a very random style E.Ryu, but what is really “bad” about this user is his LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGG… And he knows it too. I’ve met up with him a few nights now in Endless (room is SRKLive) and even GOOD players have trouble handling him with his weird antics and laggy connection. If you meet up with him in Ranked, I’d advise you to avoid him unless you have your anti laggy-scrub tactics down pat. In Endless, have a go at it. If anything just to practice up on your laggy-scrub tactics. LOL!