Ssf4 weekly zangief challenge ....... Lets get it!

Well, like i said, i will be doing weekly challenges, for people to achieve to bring some life to zangief board and some actual skill to it.

First Challenge for this week, " The Don’t Move a Inch Bitch " challenge.

Must Keep your opponent locked down, in a corner, with nothing but normals for 10 and up seconds

Reason for this challenge:
This will force you to not rely so heavily on gief’s, ex hand,command throws and build a solid ground game( footsies the most important part about gief and the most lacked skill in most gief players ) , also forces you to have an objective, the most rewarding objective because most characters can’t get out of a corner once they have be locked into one, especially by zangief.

An example for lock down:
vance vs justin wong

we have our first person to complete this challenge!!!


Challenge 2:
The " Get Scooped…bitch " Challenge.

Successfully atomic suplex your opponent, 5 times in a single round.

none, just scoop that fool lol .

**Reason for challenge **
To successfully pull this off, you are going to have to focus on mixing your opponent up, because 5 suplex’s will kill most characters.This allows, your opponent to keep guessing on what your going to do, and this allows you to focus on creative ways to land atomic suplex.

Challenge 2a: The " Someone call a fucking medic !!!" Challenge.

Succesfully combo headbutt ex hand 2 times in a single game, or twice in a single round.

Reason for challenge
Maximizing your damage, in a single combo.also, teaches you to learn to space, because this will only work at a certain distance. Also it does insane stun and damage, this is probably the highest stun combo for 4 hits and it’s well worth it, since you won’t be landing it too often.

Giefs that completed the challenge




3.Chief713 scooping people on reaction lol … MINT FUCKING CHOCOLATE GIEF … THATS GOD LIKE …


Defeat your opponent using no command throws, NO FUCKING LARIAT THANKS and no ex specials. Beat your opponent with pure medium attacks only, but I practically speaking, it would be better to just beat your opponent with just normals.

Reason for challenge
Makes, you stop abusing lariat, ex hand and focus on footsies and defense. Even, if you are fighting a fireball character, your not allowed to use ex hand or lariat at all not even for a antiair.

Giefs that completed the challenge**


reserved lalalallalala

I’m practicing for it currently. I’ll see what I can do :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna try and bang this out today if I can remember to.

where the new challenge???

just posted them son get to work lol.

hmm, seems like a challenge up my ally…not execution reliant hehe…

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OK, this is my attempt at the “5 Siberian Suplexes” Challenge. Are these challenges supposed to be performed on top level competition?

It may not really count because this is Vanilla SF4 and, well…just watch it. If nothing else it’s humorous. :rofl:


^ LMAO. I wouldn’t think you have to do it against top competition, but probably not against total scrubs either. LOL, that shit is gold though. You scooped that bitch.

lol omfg that was so hilarious man… i needed that lol … damn i forgot about vanilla gief being so powerful. Time to add your video to the highlight… come on people where are those videos at, i know the gief forum is kind of dead but man… let’s get it … lol. I don’t play online anymore but if, i have to record something in person, i will just to keeep the hype.

i know you guys are here… come on, worstgiefever, chief713, hcm batman, crapface, sswyu, unreallystic, trini-judoko, forgetfulness, wutongshu, guruprimo, and all the other frequent giefs that come to this forum…let’s have some fun post up them videos

I been having a lotta schoolwork lately, but it ends today. So expect my vids tomorrow at the earliest.

made my day LOL

Does it matter if the other player sucks? :rofl: I just got 5 Suplexes on a pretty crappy Fei in one round. I have never before built so much super meter so quickly. I will save the replay and see if my camera can record the round.

Yeah, here it is: sorry for the shit quality


edit: aw dangit, one was a RBG.

Lol, That was PRO ragequit. I need to stop being so lazy, I’ve got vids of for both of these. Let me try to get off my ass and upload them.

Eh, I’d say it’s close enough. That RBG could have been a suplex.

GOOD stuff man… thats fucking awesome.

That rage quit was AWESOME :rofl: I need to get my ass into this, only have a camera to record though sigh

I’m just saying…all medium attacks next week.

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Get Scooped Bitch!! - COMPLETE

Video uploading now.

Here it is.

I wish more character threads had this!