SSF4 Lessons with Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Marn and Gootecks

Just received this e-mail from

Turns out these guys are charging 40 dollar per hour for online tuition.

Anyone gonna take this up? Anyone think it’s ridiculous?


LOL 50 dollars? Fuck that gay ass shit.

Why is it so much money? This game only costs about $26 so one hour of lessons costs almost double the amount of the game.

My mistake, it’s $40, but still…

I’d pay $40 to eat hot dogs with all those guys while laying in a dogpile- no homo.

(its expensive because people are willing to pay for it, and it is something that can lead to earning money [from tournaments and such]).

Notice you said something regarding being there with them in person. You never said about learning online. There is a difference between in person training and online training.

Not really sure how much you could learn online and in only one hour. Especially if you play a character that these guys don’t generally tend to use.

justin said on twitter $35 x hour
And marn $30 x hour

I’d pay Gootecks, Jwong, or Marn $35 to have them teach me how to eat hot dogs faster via webcam.

Not from gootecks anyways…


I don’t have to say much more, in addition I have seen him lose to this lol.

Talk is cheap and $35 isn’t. Let’s see you do it then and get back to us and let us know how it went.

He’s joking… Calm down, man.

I’m pretty sure hardly anyone will pay. And if they do, they won’t be rushing anyone to tell about it. I know i wouldnt at least. I did pay for the SF secrets pod cast from which was $20. I would have to say it wasn’t a total waste of money, but it was 99 percent things I already knew. It just felt good hearing them confirmed by a pro.
It is funny to me however when I see all these people on SRK all the time and playing SF daily that still just don’t have it. Maybe it will help those people out if they are willing to pay the price.

Much love to those guys, but they done lost their pea-picking minds!

Shout out to the two players (Guile and Sim) who blew me up earlier this morning. *****y play on my part.

Lol if it aint capcom money grabbing its these guys. $35-40 just to play online with these guys for an hour then they have the nerve to justify it by calling it “training”.

Thanks but no thanks i think i will stick to training mode as i hav already paid for it and im sure putting it on hardest will be just as good as “training” with those guys.

If it was daigo i might consider it as i would love to fight against him.

Lol, this isn’t something new, and honestly, I am not surprised that they are doing this. Lessons has been around for a while, and their price range is average, pros in FPS games like CS and Halo have been doing this for years. Not everyone will get a chance to play with a pro.

price is pretty good. that’s a lot less money than it would cost to MM them for an hour’s worth of games.

and $35 ain’t cheap? get a job

I know I would not do the lessons but think about this for a second. Say you played them in the Arcade for an hour and you had to shove in $1 to 1.50 it is possible that would cost a bit more than say the 35 they are asking for. They should drop the price. I am sure somebody will pay for it though.

I lol’d.

edit: also, with all the loading screens that this game has before the match and after, you’re gonna play 30 min only. LMAO

I wonder if Mago and Tokido charged Gootecks $40 when he asked them about what he could do to level up his game?