SSF4 Gen Arcade Changes

Lets collect and discuss 'em here. NO WISHING, only facts…(and rumors)! :3
Will keep the thread up to date. Post away all news you catch.


? Two Target Combos have been added for Mantis Style.

  • 1st: Crouching Light Kick into Crouching Medium Kick.
  • 2nd: Standing Hard Punch into Standing Medium Kick.

? Standing Light Punch’s hitbox during active frames have been resized, so it’s harder to get hit out of.

? Crouching Medium Punch’s start up is faster, so it’s possible to Link from Standing Light Punch and Crouching Light Punch.

? Standing Hard Kick’s range improved a bit.

? Ultra 2 downward hitbox improved, so it has less chance to whiff.

? Traveling speed for Crane Style’s Ultra 2 is faster.

? During backdash, he’s airborne right after invincibility wears out.

? Gen received no nerfs.

Player Testing

Mantis Style
? Mantis Standing Hard Kick is a high move and the range seems to be similar to Mantis Crouching Hard Punch.

? Mantis Super into Crane Jumping Hard Kick connects, this could have been the case previously, though.

? Any Jumping Attack, Standing Medium Punch, Standing Hard Punch, Standing Medium Kick, Cancel into Light Dragon Kicks was tried on dizzied Ryu, and the Dragon Kicks whiffed but connected on Ibuki without a jump attack.

? Crouching Light Kick, into Crouching Medium Kick seems to be less useful than Standing Hard Punch into Standing Medium Kick, Target Combo. If you put a few Crouching Light Punches before hand, Gen’s Dragon Kick will whiff.

Crane Style
? It’s really easy to do a Focus Attack crumple into Crane Ultra 2.

? Something feels different with Crane’s Standing Hard Kick, but it wasn’t elaborated on.

New costume:

7:34PM PST-Gen mantis medium kick and medium punch do less damage. Crane medium punch and hard punch more unsafe. (Anonymous Location Tester)

  • Ultra 1 was a fancy ass version of Gens Punch Ultra 1, (it looked f’in cool though).

i think that was meant to describe yun/yang ultra 1. they also have some kind of gen’s foot stomp ultra 1 in their animation.

also I doubt the “mk / mp information”. doesnt seems trustworthy.

Where did you see this? That seems a bit… goofy.

I don’t see the mp/mk thing anywhere…just trollin’

Yang and Yun in SSF4 arcade, new balance changes : News :

it really doesn’t matter any ways. almost every thing right now is just speculation. What is in this test arcades may not be in the final release. But any findings right now aren’t from the beasts mouth, they are from testers and people who get their hands on the game. So everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

And who’s to say the anonymous testers are even versed enough in Gen to even make that claim?
“More unsafe” to them may actually be the same as now.

once again. take with a grain of salt. I wasn’t backing them up at all. take it as it comes, it doesn’t have to come from a large site to be possible. does it really matter what is speculated right now? Once again it’s not even the final build.

we need way more informations…

we just going to have to wait and hope for the best. I dont think we are going to get a lot of info, just like when the xbox and ps3 version

i dont believe that rumor about MP and MK, lol, they already do crap damage

don’t believe it gets any worse than this, talking about damage output


Give us some practical buffs please. Like our old EX Oga. :(. Or giving us some normals that aren’t - on block. I’m not clear on the easier to combo with normals, does this mean I can combo a crane normal with a mantis normal? Is the timing for MP MP changed up?

i would rather have his chains, and the thing about faster crane ultra 2 is okay so i can now get my ultra 2 traded even faster now lol.

9:12 PM PST- Gen mk~hands is completely removed. (Timothy Location Tester)

Is this certain information…? Silly that sounds…

u dont know irony when it hits you dont you? ; )

We need an actualt Gen expert to really know the differences. I mean people were complaining Guile was hardly buffed until SSF4 release date.

Hopefully they’ll make Gen’s special moves more reliable at least. It’s just so frustrating when an opponent fights aggressively against him, and he has almost nothing he can use to fight back.(Except for the EX Gekiro, which sucks too, lol) If they would give him back his EX Oga with full invincibility, along with giving the Oga good recovery, as well as making his normal Gekiro more useful, it would be so much easier to get out of tough situations.