SSF4 Complete Guile Punishment Listing

Everyone: These lists are all over the place in Tekken forums where I’m originally from, but I haven’t seen anything like this here, so I thought I’d start this project and keep it updated daily.

What I’d like to do is create a page where we list any guaranteed punishment for blocking each opponent’s special moves. Yes, there are other threads where things are mentioned, but they are scattered about the entire forum. Speaking for myself here, having a consolidated printout which simply lists specials and their block punishment helped a LOT when trying to up my game. Before a match, I’d review my sheet real quick and be ready to punish properly.

As a final note, I will not be listing full combos. If c.MP punishes a move, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what combo to tack on to the end of it. Lets just stick with punishment.

I’m at work right now so I’m kinda busy, but as an example I’ll start with one I know below.

NOTE: A sonic boom or flask kick listed without a strength means that any will work. If you can only punish with a specific strength attack, it will specify it.

d+HK (sweep): c.HK, FK, Super, U1, U2
f+MP (overhead): c.LP, s.HP
Any Dragon Punch: df.HK, Flash Kick, Super, U2
LK Hurricane Kick: c.MP, c.HK, any non-EX Sonic Boom, U2
MK Hurricane Kick: c.MP, c.HK, s.HP, U2*
HK Hurricane Kick: Unpunishable*
EX Hurricane Kick: f.HP, U2
Jumping d+MK: U2
Demon Flip ~ K: Unpunishable
Demon Flip ~ P: Unpunishable
Demon Flip ~ neutral (low kick): c.HK, Flash Kick, Sonic Boom, Super, U2
LP/MP/HP Fireball: Flash Kick, Super only if point blank in the corner, otherwise its safe
EX Fireball: Unpunishable
LP Red Fireball: Flash Kick, Super only if point blank in the corner, otherwise its safe
MP Red Fireball: LK Super only if point blank in the corner, otherwise its safe
HP/EX Red Fireball: Unpunishable

  • = Start crouching on block, and he’ll whiff the last kick, so you can punish with anything.

Balrog (Boxer)
Dash Punch: LK or MK Super

Blanka Ball: EX Sonic Boom (must be blocked standing)

Criminal Upper: LK Flash Kick

LP Machine Gun Blow: LK Super
MP/HP Machine Gun Blow: Flash Kick
EX Machine Gun Blow: U2
All Ducking --> Uppercut: c.LP, Flash Kick, Super

El Fuerte
Tostada Press: c.HK, EX Sonic Boom, U2
Quesadilla Bomb: f.HP, HP/EX Sonic Boom, Flash Kick, HK Super, U2
Calamari Slide: c.MP, s.HP, c.HK, Sonic Boom, Flash Kick, Super, U2 (slide is safe if he hits you at the very tail end of the slide)

LP/MP Headbutt: Unpunishable
HP Headbutt: U2

EX Dragon Kick (+ LP Kunai): (destroys kunai), c.MP, U2
Neck Breaker: c.MP, s.HP, c.HK, Flash Kick, Super
Spinning Kicks (2 hits): LK Flash Kick, Super
Spinning Kicks (2 hits, 3rd low): Flash Kick, Super, U2, U1 (in between 2nd and 3rd low hit)
EX Spinning Kicks (if kicks goes from mid to low): Flash Kick, Super, U2, U1 (in between mid and low hit)
Jumping Double Kick: EX Sonic Boom

LK Pinwheel: Flash Kick, s.HP
MK/HK/EX Pinwheel: U2

f.MK (from 3/4 max range): LK Super

M. Bison
HK/EX Scissor Kick: c.MP, s.HP, U1, U2

EX Messiah Kick (+ lk): Flash Kick, Super
EX Messiah Kick (+ mk): Flash Kick, Super, U1, U2
EX Messiah Kick (+ hk): c.HP, Flash Kick, Super, U1, U2
EX Messiah Kick (+ late lk): Flash Kick, U2

LP Shoryuken: df.HK
EX Tatsu: LK Flash Kick, LK/HK Super, U2

Tiger Knee: (only when TK does one early hit)

T. Hawk
Condor Dive: Sobat, Backfist, any Flash Kick, EX Boom, Super, U1, U2
Condor Spire (>1 character distance away, otherwise can be safe): Flash Kick, LK Super

d.HK: c.MP, s.HP, Flash Kick, LK/MK Super
df.HK: c.HK, c.MP, s.HP, Sonic Boom, Flash Kick, Super, U2
Green Hand: c.MP, s.HP, Flash Kick, Super
EX Green Hand: c.MP, s.HP, Flash Kick, Super, U2
Quick Double Lariat: df.HK, Flash Kick, EX Sonic Boom, Super, U1, U2

Reserved #1

Reserved #2

cool idea, but i highly suggest anything that is ultra punishable be listed as such.

ex scissor is punishable by both U1 and U2

Also, I recommend to put a special corner for EX sonic boom punishes, since it punishes a LOT of long distance stuff like Bison devil reverse or Blanka balls.

Sure thing guys. I just want to make this as comprehensive as possible. I’ll keep updating if people keeping throwing information out there!

Some T.Hawk ones off the top of my head…
Dive - Sobat; Backfist; Any FK (EX only one hit AFAIK… RH flash does more); EX Boom; Super; Ultra1/2
Condor Spire - Safe from correct distances ( > 1 character distance away)… For a point blank Spire, reversal FK/Super are the easiest punishes. Not sure if Forward / Roundhouse Supers connect. I’m assuming it does. I only ever use Short super.

Guile - BnB block string (c.lp, c.lp,, hp boom) - Short FK / EX FK goes through boom; Roundhouse FK trade to Ultra or EX Boom; Super
EDIT: This works on a lot of FB hit confirm block strings IIRC.

Let me know if any of this is incorrect… been too busy with real life stuff to play SF lately and my PS3 is packed up trying to move.

This is a good idea. Once it gets filled up, we should merge it with the matchup thread once that gets updated.

I’m pretty sure you all know this, but Super Flash Kick punishes Boxer’s Dash Punch.


whats a kara flash kick?

**Regarding Blanka Ball punishes; I believe there’s a drastic difference between crouch block, and standing block. (SF4) I personally have an easier time punishing Blank Ball after standing block. If that’s the case, it should be included in the intro or something. **
There’s some moves that can’t be punished if the spacing is perfect too (Blanka Slide), so that should also be included in the footnotes.

Criminal Upper: LK Flash Kick

True. EX SB on standing blocked Blanka Balls.

qft. probably the best ‘new’ thread since super was released (along with syngin’s).

Good stuff

Trying to come up with a list of safe, distance-dependent (or meaty) moves.

Rose “drill”, Bison Scissors and c.RH, Cammy Cannon Drill, Dhalsim slide, Balrog Dashes, Viper’s electric dash thing, DJ slide / horizontal kicks (I think…), Sagat Tiger Knees (deep 2-hitters are punishable).

Is Honda’s headbutt safe? I haven’t played any Hondas in months.

Put a in the fk motion: db b+mp~u+k
Only works when the mp is the mini-uppercut.

I’m an ex Tekken player as well, lol. I was hoping to find a thread like this, I know I lose alot of my matches because I don’t punish properly. Man I suck >_>

Anyways whenever I block a shoryuken against Ken/Ryu I punish with standing fierce to flash kick, does heaps of damage. I know it’s a combo but I see alot of Guiles do crouching medium to flash kick, basically giving away free damage, so I thought I’d mention it

IIRC, also if Blanka does that long slide thing (that goes under sonic booms), you can punish with crouching medium to flash kick. Sorry if I’m typing the notations wrong, I’m new to SF4 scene/talk.

EX Dragon Kick (+ LP Kunai): (destroys kunai) -> Ultra 2,

Green Hand:

Tiger Knee (one [early] hit):

Everyone, two things.

1, I’m just going to post up the things people write here; if another player sees something that is wrong, please correct it!

2, hopefully starting later tonight, I’m going to go into practice mode myself, set up a dummy to playback moves then block, and test the punishments myself so I can update daily. It’ll probably take a good 20 days or so but I’ll get a solid list here.

Yup, I felt the same way, thats why I wanted to start this thread. I was surprised that none of these character forums had straightforward punishment threads. Well, no more freebies, now people will get properly punished for trying things.