SSF4 Arcade/Console now @ Lloyd Center Tilt (Portland,OR)

Tilt just got a Hybrid 360/Arcade cabinet that currently houses SSF4. Here are my Pro’s and Cons about this system.

Pros -

1: SSF4 Console, on an Arcade cabinet.

2: $1 per 8 minutes.

3: Games can be switched out via disc. Tekken 6 anyone?

4: Multiple matches can be played in 8 minutes vs $1 per game.

5: Left analog/trackball joystick can also be used for movement (which is awkward, imo).

Cons -

1: Players may feel entitled to spend 80 minutes on the Cabinet w/o letting others play because they dropped $10 into the machine. Please be courteous and share, dickheads.

2: $1 per 8 minutes is only good if players continue to feed the timer. Not a good value if you’re trying to beat the game/arcade mode.

3: $1 per 8 minutes won’t allow for 20 win streaks, maybe 4 or 5 at most. Your game ends as soon as time runs out.

4: There is a right analog trackball right below the short and forward kick buttons. Thankfully this isn’t active during play, but is still annoying.

5: The game doesn’t pause when the timer hits zero. If you don’t insert more bills before time runs out, the game resets. About the same as hitting the power button on/off. Keep this in mind if it’s your first time trying it out.

6: RROD while playing could be a future problem since it is 360 based.

7: Not everything is unlocked yet (Characters/Colors/Costumes).

Controls are Sanwa joystick (Japanese style) with somewhat generic buttons, which will be swapped out later.

If you’ve seen the Tekken 6 sitdown cabinets, this is an upright version which also uses an HD monitor.

I’m very happy to see Tilt being an option for SSF4. 4/5 Stars

EDIT: Image here -

This is kinda cool, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure about how I feel about it yet.

I mean yeah, the standup feel is kinda nice, but yeah :confused:

Play console SF4 at home for free and endless minutes with your own shit with everything unlocked or waste fucking time on console in the arcade to play on parts that will brake down in a week like everything else in there and wait for the 1 person that can actually fix anything in there to come in, and pay $1 for it… yeah fuck that, ill pass.

More SF4 access is a good thing. Most of us already go to Versis each week and pay for something we have at home. This isn’t much different, except the controls issue.

Maybe we can get a special rate on a certain night (wednesdays?)

Thats koo and all but i wanna get of the sticks when i lose, not when my time runs out, and its just gonna really add a bunch of high school kids playing Ken, which is something i can get on XBL. Sorry cant be sold on it.


agreed, sounds like a great thing and at least an option to set up nights there(on the cheap if a group gets together and pitches in) definitley could be fun and im glad they put the money into SF to set up SF4 in the arcade.
imo i must say it is a bit late in SF4’s life span now so it probably would have been a better idea to set this up earlier, the talk of SSF4(and the inevitable commercials) could either help or hurt the flow of money it gets.
either way id be down to play for a couple hours on a couple bucks, but that does require other players.

What the WHAT?

I mean… obviously console SF4 is more desirable than the arcade version but this is such a ghetto system. And I wouldn’t expect Tilt to get something of such obvious illegality. Wow.

This system is a 360 and games can be changed by swapping out discs.

As for it being illegal, I wouldn’t know.

If I get Tekken 6 tomorrow, I’m gonna try and test it out on this cabinet. Stay tuned for results.

This is a quality cabinet, check it out!

I don’t really care but how is this setup illegal? Is legit so people stop hating. This is the best cabinet idea IMO. U can change games, play on a real setup compared to uncomfortable console setup. Man these Chinese are smart

Hey, that’s pretty cool, I’ll definitely check it out.

$7.50 an hour isn’t too bad.

I think it’ll be very helpful for the scene. Let me know how the game swapping goes (does Tilt have to switch it, or does it swap between a disc you insert and a default disc that it has in the machine already?).

I’m guessing they switch it for you. Would be a theft issue if it wasn’t like that I think haha.

But this is pretty cool I think. I’ll check it out next time I go up to Portland. Gotta go to Fry’s anyway, may as well make an extra half hour trip to do more shopping.

$7.50/hour is in line with Versis normal rates with 2 people sharing.

It has to be mentioned that 10 people can share the machine, rather than pay $3 or $4 an hour each.

Versis is still a better deal with Fight Nights, and I would still rather go to Versis to play. More options is always a good thing for the community.

This thread will not be a “Tilt vs Versis vs Home” discussion, please.

Support your local arcades/lan cafes, everyone!

Almost has a feel of “lets go here before Versis on thursday’s” kinda feel.

What I’m more concerned about is the condition the stuff will be in when it gets played on/how players would treat it.

That’s always a problem with any Arcade.

I hope the USB ports will be installed later on. It may not be since it complicates things and we’ll also have people wanting to plug their pads in as well.

No USB ports will keep it simple. I don’t wanna stare at the clock running down while someone is configuring their pad/stick.

Aww, you don’t want to play button checker 4?

I think usb ports would complicate things. I mean if there was a way to plug in MU’s that would be cool, but I don’t see that happening.

I want to make it clear, I had no intention of making this a Versis vs. Tilt thread. Those were my honest statements that 7.50 an hour wasn’t a bad price at all and that I thought this would be another good thing for the community.

It’s much like how I’ve always supported the weeklies, Random Select, Ground Kontrol, and Tilt. And I don’t think anybody has questioned my honest mentions, acknowledgments, and even personal pitching of those events.

So I apologize if someone thought I was making any suggestions beyond how nice I thought this setup seems to be and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

I personally think it’s cool that Tilt got this machine.

To break it down, $7.50 an hour is terrible price if it’s just 1 person. Might as well get a console and play at home. With 2 people it’s something else.

If you put a $1 in, you could probably get up to 5 matches in w/2 players. Assuming Tekken 6 is in the machine, this is a bargain.

Regular T6 stands at $1 a play, per person.

I’m sure you were honest with your mentions, Nick. It doesn’t seem people understand the value of this machine yet. Time will tell.

EDIT: Because they already have T6, I’m not sure they’ll allow for the switch (to console T6). Maybe just temporarily.

Hey Ray, have you had a chance to mess with the machine yet?

Something else that made me curious is how is the lag between the controls/monitor and everything?

It felt fine to me. The main problem is the buttons seem generic (but they’ll be swapped soon).

Also, you might run your palm across the right analog stick by accident, too.