SSF4: AE slower gameplay than SSF4?

I don’t know if its just me or the gameplay actually got slower on AE than on Super. I play on the PS3 and I don’t know if its the same on XBOX. It seems my timing for combos has to input a slight delay. I’ve never switched monitors or anything so if someone could confirm that would help.

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Don’t listen to him, you are in the good section.

On topic, friends found it a little bit faster, but I don’t.

100% I noticed a slowdown too. On two Xboxes on two different TVs.

I don’t find it faster, but I’ve read a few other forums where people have mentioned this as well.

your all trippin, some people say its faster, some say its the same, some say its slower… capcom would of said something, is normal to me.

Frame data would have changed across the board if the game were faster or slower. Clearly that didn’t happen.

I have noticed that the game pace has changed courtesy of the new characters and some of the changes to existing characters. So the pace of the game may have changed but the actual game speed has not.

There’s a slight difference in input lag between xbox and ps3. If you’re used to the ps3 timing, then yes, going to the 360 would feel slower.

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erm… what ? lool

Considering the PS3 has 1 more frame of lag input than the Xbox, you are entirely incorrect. The 360 version feels faster and is the superior version.

Probably shouldn’t laugh when you’re clueless. PS3 version has 1 more frame of lag input than the XBOX. Meaning players going from XBOX to PS3 would have to adjust because the game simply is a touch slower on the PS3. This isnt a small deal either as it can screw up your combo timing.

Anyone who feels the PS3 version is faster in regards to this issue is simply misinformed.

No it doesn’t. The less input lag, the slower the game feels. This is because you have to press the buttons slightly later than usual for certain links/techniques, so it gives the perception of slower gameplay. The arcade version always felt the “slowest” to me.

Sooo in other words… 360 > PS3 for SF4?


He’s laughing because the guy he quoted talked about the difference between “xbox and 360”.

I would say so but everyone is going to differ. I know listening to some of the conversation from the upper echelon of players have commented on the fact that the XBOX version is more responsive, however they went on to say that adjusting to the PS3 doesnt take long.

Internet chatter on other forums pretty much heads in the same direction, with people basically saying they have a harder time hitting links that have stricter timings on the PS3.

No, the OP was talking about hitting links, and with less input lag on the 360, you have to hit the links later, i.e. slower.

Or what ilitirit said:

Though, with less input lag, the game feels more responsive, but that wasn’t what the OP was referring to.

whoops, typo on my part.

OP was discussing responsiveness not overall game speed.

Input lag affects reactions and other visual cues, but the timing for links will always be the same regardless.

Take Bison’s c.LK link … no matter what system you’re on, it’s always going to be 3f startup / 2f active / 8f recovery. You’re still hitting LK every 12 frames, even if there’s 100 frames of input lag.