SSF4 AE Guy Changes

Thought we could use this for videos and new stuff now that AE is out in the wild.
This is what has been said before

Here are some Videos of AE Guy



Guy Vs Yun at 10:55


I won’t believe it until I see it… but why would they even drop the hitstun on it…

Unless the recovery is faster ?

I think its coz of the new Super buff… maybe>mp.houzanto->super did too much damage??..also had 23f of hitstun reducing even 1f makes mp.shoulder not comboable… :frowning: I hope Hp.Houzanto is faster…

Posted by USD from Gaf…

so it is true that lp hozanto is safer on block. Doesn’t it have to be -1 since it can escape gief’s spd?

it might just push opponents further on block . so he cant be spd’ed.

Close s.MP -> MK Shoulder doesn’t combo <—??? xx mp hozanto?

guy was able to connect lp hozanto in alpha 2-3 after, far mp, & i would be happy with those buffs. far mp connects now? was it possible in ssf4?

even , bushin chain seems like a 1frame link. (its a sexy link) but hard to land.i would remove link into bushin chain to bc all day.

and i would like to see that elbow in bushin chain instead of the s.hp of the target combo it is to similar.

Yea me too…the elbow like in the original FF…

Cl.Mk is +4 in SSF4 …So its either +5 or +6 in AE… which makes Mk->FF chain a solid punish on everything since mk does 80dmg…

So Cl.Mp is proly +3 now eh??..Hmm man i hope its still at +1 on block… or that Run-stop is 1f faster…

Edit : someone needs to chk out Kiryus Twitter… hes uploaded some info… google translate aint helping :frowning:

cl.MK>FF chain is the sexyest link Guy has IMO.

i guess we’ll find out pretty soon… any news about when and if AE changes makes it to console???/

can you post kiryu’s twitter here…I’m glad he’s playing AE. I think he will start getting recognition soon enough

also hoping - TC works

??? (tsukimiya) on Twitter

also Cl.Mk->FF chain… its much better than C.MP since the pushback is less so we can punish alot of other stuff… the only thing is its a 1f link… but now that its 2f its gonna be really easy to do…

Cl.Mk->TC will also work now because it has much lesser push back than CL.MP…

I dont think he posted anything new, he went to sleep. A-CHO or w/e was supposed to upload vids today, guess we gotta wait for tomorrow.

Good fix…Hope that Cl.Hk works consistently as a punish now…

Guys, an arcade near me (CTF) i supposedly getting this game tomorrow. I will try to see if Guy will prove to me that he is a worthy adversary of my mains collection

I would like to have guy as my secondary, so I would be happy to post here.

I will post here to learn Guy’s basic playstyle.

ctf is gona get it from tomorrow to next week. nothing is certain yet. and im def gona be on that shit :slight_smile:

Kiryu posted some new info on his twitter. He mentions something is +6 but I cant tell what from google translate

Edit: google translate is shit, but yahoo translate might make things more clear

I know a little japanese, and I think it says “close Medium Kick’s (frame) advantage is probably +6”.
A kanji for time was there so it’s literally “time advantage”, I’m fairly sure he means frame advantage.
Edit: On hit* (??? is hitto, and I think that’s what he’s trying to say)

-plans a trip to NYC.-

This should be interesting. I’m pretty worried guy’s going to come out of this worse for the wear. That said a 3 frame clk is realllllly nice.

I don’t think so, we may have to change up our bnb in some situations but if the works as advertised its all good.