Makes me want to rip my fucking face off and feed it to a pack of wolverines because that is more enjoyful than getting assraped by the AI in this game.

WTF is up with the AI in this game? I can’t even get passed the first fight.

it’s been 2 hours now and i’m still losing to t-hawk.


So what’s the point of this thread exactly

why are you playing vs the CPU?

You’re getting ass raped by the User Interface?

User interface is top tier if you cant read


Sorry I needed somewhere to vent. I can’t believe how fucking hard the AI is in this game.

What version of the game are you playing? The American arcade version’s AI is a bastard, the Japanese version tends to be easier.


You should try out the Japanese version, American version is almost impossible if you don’t know what patterns the AI uses.

Don’t play the AI in super turbo. Very bad idea.

ST AI reads your inputs and reacts accordingly. Best thing to do is play very defensively (no jumping forward) and wait for an opportunity to punish their offensive attempts/jump-ins.

LOL, I have the same problem with HD remix, even on easy it’s absolutely ridiculous difficulty!! It’s a struggle to get by anyone and I have yet to actually finish a game.

Beating American ST on the hardest difficulty is probably my greatest gaming achievement.

Thinking about the Guile / Bison fights will probably make me curl up into the fetal position.

You know you might try the 15th anniversay version, then you might find yourself a bit more capable of beathing ssf2t.

Put simply, this game actually does cheat. I have had zangief bite-hold me and do 75 percent damage. No human I have played has done such a thing. In addition to this, it will read your data and your moves and use the perfect counter almost every time. I’ve only beaten the game so far with Vega, and that’s using continues.

Ann. edition is still hard. If you’re going against t hawk, wait for him to dive or spire and anti air him. Fei long plays like a wicked good human player without the chicken wings, so abuse his frame traps and make him jump so you can anti air him. Blanka is a pain, per usual, and you have to anti air him all the time and make him jump, as well as counter his rolling attacks with fireballs etc. Ken is flowcharty until he gets you in the corner, so flowchart him back and abuse him offensively before he does it to you. Gief is super good at pulling off grabs. do not get in range and knock him down every chance you get. Chun is the annoying chun I used to be back in hyper fighting-lots of wall jumps and randomness- anti air her and make her pay for fireball use, watch out for her super. Rog is standard rog fair, keep him away, anti air vega, and straight rush bison. Cammy is stupidly good for no reason, no whiffed anything or fireballs from close range, she’ll throw you. Block her spiral aroows and punish them. Sagat is the same as ever, jump over fireballs, block dp, punish, repeat, throw oocaisionally and mic it up, beat him down when close. Dee jay loves fireballin’ so you need to get in pretty close on him too.

the comp sucks


to OP play Japanese version of ST. playing other version’s are cheap as fuck…matter of fact why the hell are you playing the CPU in the first place? dude WTF! get on GGPO!

well, getting on GGPO and getting raped by pros would be an even more frustrating thing. Seriously ssf2t is not newbie friendly, i would think he go to play ssf2 with low difficulty setting and if it feels too slow, then play sfa2 first.

lol pros? I could go and rape those guys right now and I don’t even play the fucking game anymore. there are like 3 or 4 “pros” present there.