just use guile and throw out low strongs and forwards until the cpu jumps in,flash kick,rinse and repeat.

Sort of true, but then he can ask questions and learn from it. The AI simply cheats or does stupid things to hand you the win. With Vega one can kill more than half of the cast with slides on their wake-up.

The ST AI is a reminiscent product of the western developer and arcade operator view that the player on a cabinet is an enemy, a profiteer what scams the arcade saloon by inserting a coin and not dying immediately after that. You will find a bunch of arcade and console games* that are fine in Japan but retardedly harder elsewhere, not alone having content removed by stupid reasons, such as crosses removed from Castlevania games and the pentagram on the final stage of SNES Prince of Persia erased. If the operators knew shit about games, they would realize fighting games give the most money when people are challenging each other, thus making the game easy enough so that a challenger has a good chance of, when entering the saloon, finding another person on the machine would be a good thing.

I concur with the suggestion that you try the Japanese version. It is much easier and does not have the huge damage penalty the World and US ones do (for the player, the CPU does more damage, of course).

*here the objective is to prevent the player from completing the game in a day or weekend while renting it, forcing him to buy a copy.

then get on and prove it. talk is cheap.

I don’t have to prove it, most of the regulars suck.

saying you’ll rape a bunch of players and then not being willing to play said players says something.

and just who the fuck are you? don’t have to prove shit to you, take it or leave it. ST regulars on GGPO suck period, I’m not even saying this for an ego boost or anything they’re just bad

hi, I’m fulaani.

but it doesn’t matter who I am. you publicly said you’d rape the ggpo regulars. don’t cry when someone asks you for proof of your claim.

^ :chat:

yup, running your mouth, you are.

alright, I’ll do you this favor. give me the names of 3 regulars that aren’t light years ahead of the rest of the ST players. I’ll play them if I see them.

Nice to see that fighting games have the same regular trolls as all the other games out there. I thought I was back in the Combat Arms forums again for a second.

^ hope you’re not calling me the troll. i honestly believe the ST regulars are bad. the only regulars I respect are the Karnov and VS ones
edit: that’s not to say that all the unmentioned ones are bad, but I’m most familiar with those two out of all the rest. no idea what the hell Garou on GGPO is like for instance

Whether or not you’re here to troll, regardless, it’s always a better idea to keep your prideful remarks to yourself. You’d be better liked that way, no matter how much more skilled you may be compared to the rest of the players.

It takes real manliness to be humble. IMO.

depends on your region, can’t play everyone due to lag.

shut up. so much that’s fucked up about your post that that’s really all I can say to you. sorry

east coast. but I’ve played people from Japan before without much lag.