SRK weekly SFV League 2.0

Weekly Schedule and Tournaments

Match ups will be generated on Monday, The mod for your division will announce match ups in your divisional discord chat room. At this time both parties will then be able to see who they are facing. Players will then set up their own matches for the week. Agreed upon match times must be posted in the discord division room and If one of the players does not show up on the agreed upon time, (10 minute limit after the agreed time) the match is forfeited and the points are awarded to the other player. If there are multiple no shows, matches can be arranged between those in the same division.

There will be three weeks of match ups, with the forth week being a tournament week.

The tournament will be for the top 6 scorers from the division only, with the top two players receiving a bye. This may be expanded at a later date. You will have all week to schedule and play your matches however keep in mind all matches in the tourney need to be played, no show will count as a forfeit and the showing player will advance. All tourney links will be posted in the tourney post below. All tournaments are single elimination until further notice
Match Format**

The weekly and tournament match format is the same and is as follows. One first to 3 per match up. Winner is character locked, loser can change. Stage is to be random selected as well.


Discord will be used as a mobile way to link up with your opponent. The server where you can find your league is:

Player Responsibilities

As a player, your only responsibilities are to agree upon a time with your opponent, show up for your match, and record your match results in the discord server. You can also report your CFN match ID if you want it to have a chance to be featured in the seasonal highlight reel. This is completely optional however.

This thread is only to be used to deliver information from the mods, please use the discord room for your communication needs.

Divisional Breakdown:

@Plaid_Unicorn (mod)

@Zoglug (mod)

@Flashy Nights

East 1
@driftlogic (mod)
@Trouble Brewing
@Rioting Soul

East 2
@Greenwood (mod)

If you are not on this list and wish to participate please go to:

Post your SRK name and region so we can properly place you. Apologize for anyone I mentioned, from this point forward it will be a lot easier to keep track of everyone dropping out and joining.

Tournament links:

Hall of Champions:

Weekly MU:

Week of March April 4th,

@Angerus vs @ArtVandelay
@UtilityKeys vs @Froztey
@rXp vs @Sel_Feena
@Wargame vs @Markouu
@kylebr vs @";Hyun Sai"
@MentalMantel vs @James2814
@Juicinator vs @Karr80
@xenwall vs @DMan
@tyflosion vs @DarthSkaroouth:

East 1:**
@-Cross- Vs @driftlogic
@Rioting Soul Vs @drunkards_walk
@melflomil Vs @“Trouble Brewing”
@Norse_Fury Vs @ElectroManiac
@J_ism Vs @LordWilliam1234
@Rugalitarian vs @NiiGHttMaR3

East 2:
@M_Ridley vs @Raz0r
@AndyKoopa vs. @purbeast
@jasonC vs. @FcknDrrn
@Skiegh vs. @Bigkilla
@TheCrimsonPugilist vs @HammY

@";Flashy Nights" vs @enigma311
@JokeeBoi vs @WickedSwami
@Videad vs @Zephryse
@";The Martian" vs @paolo11
@holbroal vs @marcp20
@chadouken! vs @Volcanick

This post will be updated every Monday with the weeks fixtures

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@d3v can this be stick’ed and replace the other thread?

I might be doing it wrong, but I can’t find any matchup information either here on SRK or on Discord for the West, and it’s Tuesday already. Can someone help me find out who I’m supposed to battle, because the Discord forum is completely dead for the West.

We are going to take a week off, let the tourneys run their course…

It’s my fault, I was at final round I ment to have this post up before I left, I’m not going to force the mods to get a list together when I still have to figure out who still is in and who is out.

Sorry about the mix up guys.

Sign ups will be posted here when the old bracket finishes?

I’m going out of town this afternoon. Will be back on Monday. If Cross and I can’t catch up before I go, hopefully the losers bracket can get some work done.

Yo I have to drop out of the league @Plaid_Unicorn

I signed up for Discord but no clue as to how to use it. I’ll fiddle with it once we start up again.

I got rocked so far so I think I’ll be switching up characters. Zangief can only do so much in this game.

Alright everyone; East 1 matchups have been posted. Follow the Discord link and look for the text channel titled “east-1-matchups” to find your opponent and begin setting up your match times.

Looking forward to leveling up with everyone!

The South Matchups are posted for 3/28:

The West Matchups are posted for 3/28

If anyone is on this list that no longer wishes to participate, please let me know.

How do you work discord? I have an account but I don’t see anything

if you click on one of the links it should take you to the SRK server which has all the rooms on the right hand side. Click on the triple line on the upper right hand corner of the app to bring up the rooms.

I’m still not seeing the MUs

In the discord server under east 1 matchups is where you will find your MU

Still aint working so who ever has a match against me just send me mail on SRK